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Get The Temperature And Watch Your House

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It looks and works just like an ordinary thermometer, but actually has a hidden camera installed. Keep an eye on your packages or would be burglars, with this motion sensitive camera, with dvr.

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Hang this working Hidden Thermometer Camera on your porch, and record high quality images of thieves stealing your packages, or would be burglars in your home. Use the video as evidence in court.

Records video in 720 x 480 resolution, with time and date of recording, for use as proof in the event of theft. Set up in motion detection mode, to save battery time and storage space, to start recording, only when movement has been sensed. After battery is fully charged, you will have 20 days available in standby mode, or 4 hours of continuous recording, with the 16GB micro SD card. Set up instructions are included. 

Features: 720 x 480 video resolution, 1280 x 1024 photo resolution, motion detect distance about 20 feet, battery life 4 hours, charging time 2 hours, works with Windows and Mac OS, 16GB memory. 

 Includes: thermometer camera, USB cable, user manual, 16GB micro SD card.

Will This Hidden Thermometer Camera Actually Tell The Temperature?

Yes. When you buy this hidden thermometer camera, you not only get great footage of your thief in action, but you will also be able to see what the actual temperature is outside. It is a wonderful tool to catch porch pirates, stealing parcels off your door step.

Can You Record Sound?

These wireless hidden cameras do not record sound, but will get nice footage of your intruder in the act.

How Close Do You Have To Be To Detect Motion?

These thermometer spy cameras can record up to 20 feet, so it will view across most porches, or next to an average front or back door. They also work great in an enclosed sunroom, or garage. Just set it up and wait for new footage daily.

Can These Hidden Cameras Be Used In Foreign Countries?

When you buy hidden thermometer cameras, you can take them any where. Why not set one up in your hotel room, or on your veranda. You can never be too safe, and certainly need to feel secure when you travel. They plug in and recharge from any USB port, so you could easily charge directly off your laptop, or from your cell phone charger.

Does This Hidden Camera Have A Motion Sensor Mode?

You can set these thermometer spy cameras to run a full 4 hours on steady mode, or set the device on motion sensor mode for 4 hours of only footage that includes movement, eliminating unwanted dead screen. A fully charged battery will last 20 days, and recharge in a short time, to enable as much continuous coverage as possible

Can You Connect To The Camera From Anywhere?

No. Buy the hidden thermometer camera and record images and video from up to 20 feet away. Then download the information to your computer or other viewing device. You will then be able to watch and save your recordings for future use.

How Long Does It Take To Charge The Camera?

It only takes 2 hours to fully charge your battery in the wireless hidden thermometer camera. Then you will have up to 20 days of battery life, before it will need recharging. Simply plug it in to a USB port and charge it up whenever it is convenient for you.

Does This Camera Have Night Vision?

There is not an IR installed in this hidden thermometer camera, but the view is less than 20 feet, so you will still get good footage of a perpetrator on your porch or stoop. 

Can You See The Lens On This Hidden Camera?

No, that is the idea behind hidden cameras. The lens is well enclosed in a discreet area, so it will be very difficult to detect. The average person will have no idea they are being recorded, unless they walk right up to the unit and search it thoroughly. Burglars just want to get in and get out. They do not take the time to search very hard for hidden cameras. They may observe a full camera system and decide to move on to the next house, so it is also a good idea to install a full fledged high definition security system, to thwart off more would be thieves.

Do I need WiFi In Order To Use This Camera?

There is no WiFi connection needed. You simply set up the system, hang it on a wall and record your video. Then, take the unit off the wall, hook your USB cable to it and download the information on to your computer, or other viewing device.  Charge it up and rehang it back on the wall for more future footage.

Can I Connect This Camera With An NVR System?

This device is designed to be used with a 16GB micro SD card. Simply Buy the Hidden Thermometer Camera, turn it on and record your video. Then take it down, plug into the USB wire that is included with the unit, and view your footage. Charge the camera up and hang it back up on the wall, to catch your thief in action. You might also find this a good monitoring device for spying on your teenagers. You will get a good view of them coming and going, along with their friends!

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