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Glass Breaker Self Defense Pen, With Flashlight - Lower Price

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Tactical Black Screw Cap, Glass Breaker Tip Pen with Flashlight Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2" Flashlight runs on 1 AAA battery not included.

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Are you are wondering what a tactical pen is used for? This is one simple and easy to use, everyday self defense tool, that everyone should carry.

One end has a pointed glass breaker, to help you escape from your auto, whether sinking in the water from a flood, or after a crash, that has left you trapped. The other end carries a bright LED light, which can be engaged by a simple twist motion. Use the light to see your way, or shine it in an attackers eyes, to temporarily blind them.

It is made with a strong black, ribbed aluminum frame, to maintain a good firm grip. Attached is a pocket clip for easy carrying.

While you could use any ordinary writing pen as a self defense device to thwart off an attacker, a tactical pen is much more versatile and efficient. A tactical pen body is made from high quality, durable and strong aluminum, which will not break, when used as a striking instrument. Most normal writing pens are made from hollow plastic or light weight material, twisting in the middle, which compromises them, upon impact.

A tactical pen is used for any close contact self defense need. You can keep it handy, clipped to your pocket, or purse. If you are approached by a suspicious character, it will be ready to grab, plus act as a covertly designed weapon, that your attacker will not expect, or see coming.

A tactical pen is designed to be used much like a Kubaton. Stab them with the pointy end. Use the pointed end to press on the fleshy parts of their body. Or use the bumps on the side of your pen to dig in to the bony body parts, like their wrist.

Using the glass breaker portion, you can free yourself from your car, if it should become submerged in water. Simply grab ahold of the pen, with a firm grip and smash at the window glass, with several quick, hard strokes. The glass will smash and break, enabling you to get to freedom and safety.

Attached, is a bright flashlight, which can be used to light your way, or you can shine the light in your attackers eyes, to temporarily blind them, so you have time to get away. The best part, is that these tactical pens include a real ink pen, which does indeed write, like an ordinary writing pen.

So there you have it. Now you know what a tactical pen is used for! Get one today!

What Kind Of Ink Refill Does This Tactical Pen Use?

Any standard ink refill, which can be purchased in your average drug store, or office supply store, will fit in these pens. They are easily replaced by pulling the pen apart in two. Remove the pen portion, by gently tugging on the end of the plastic ink holder. Slide in a fresh refill, close the pen back together and you are ready to jot down your next note.

Is This Too Bright To Use As A Penlight For Pupils?

The light on the end of the tactical pen light, is a 60 Lumens, so it would be much to bright to shine directly into someones eyes. Though, you can direct the flashlight toward the eyes of an attacker, to disorient and temporarily blind them, giving you time to escape and seek help.

Does This Tactical Pen Contain A Knife?

While there are tactical self defense pens that do indeed contain a knife, this particular model does not. It has a bright 60 Lumen light on one end, a glass breaker and pen on the other. The sides of the pen are ribbed for an easy grip and to act as a mini kubaton.

Does This Pen Eat Batteries?

The light attached to your tactical pen will use 3 AAA batteries, which will use very little energy draw, much like any other, ordinary small AAA flashlight. It is meant to be turned on, for short bursts, to light your way, to have a quick light handy to look for missing objects, or use as an emergency light, when you are in a pinch. It is not a power light, that will remain on for hours at a time.

How Do You Turn The Light On?

Just a simple twist of the upper body of the tactical pen, will engage the flashlight portion of these devices. Twist it back around, to turn it back off.

How Many Batteries Does This Tactical Pen Use?

You will need just one AAA battery to operate this tactical self defense pen. There will not be a battery included, so make sure you have an extra battery on hand, when you place your order.

Is The Beam On The Flashlight Adjustable?

The flashlight on this tactical pen has one setting. On or Off. There isn't any zoom feature, and there is no dimming switch, just a practical and bright 60 Lumen light, to light your path, and keep handy for a quick light, when one is needed.

Can This Tactical Pen Be Attached To A Key Chain?

While there is not a key chain ring attached to the pen itself, there is a large enough opening on the clip portion of the pen, in which you could hook to a key ring.

Is It Comfortable And Stay Attached In A Front Pocket?

Yes, the clip is very secure and will attach snugly to a front shirt pocket, as well as a thick, denim jeans pocket. It is comfortable and does not inhibit your movements in any way. It fits fully seated into the pocket area.

Does This Write Like A Regular Pen?

Yes. This is indeed a pen, with a regular ink nib and refillable quill. What a tactical pen is used for, is as an additional self defense tool, and as a handy flashlight, when you need one. The glass breaker on the end, just may save you or your loved ones life some day. No one can predict what sort of accident or situation they may find themselves entangled in. You should be prepared and have a large assortment of tools and ideas at hand, especially tools that are made for every day use.

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