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Audio Recorders

Do You Need To Record Your Classroom Lectures?

This is the easiest way to remember and record your teacher or professor, for easy playback when you are studying. You can take notes, but the best way to learn and remember is to hear it repeated back. So pay attention to the teacher now, and take notes at home!

Do You Have Trouble Remembering What Your Doctor Said After Your Appointment?

Take this good digital voice recording device in to your examing room, so you can record what your doctor has said to you, then play it back at home. You get nervous or feel rushed in the doctors office, so it is easy to forget all that he instructed you to do. By recording your visit, you take the pressure off trying to remember everything he is saying, and you can spend more time just concentrating on the visit.

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Can You Repeat The Same Recording Over And Over?

You can listen and repeat the same recording time and time again. This will make it easier if you are taking notes, or need to use the recording as evidence in a court situation. Juts rewind and hit the repeat button. You can also save the recording for repeated use at a later time.

How Long Can You Record With A Voice Recorder?

A good digital voice recorder should be able to record for many hours at a time for it to be useful. If you are trying to record college lectures, you will need a long battery life, as well as a full days worth of saved recording. This Audio Recorder can run for a full 17 hours of battery life and hold 864 hours of taped audio.

Will The Audio Recording Device Make Sound When It Is Turned On?

Audio recorders are super quiet, so you won't even know it it on. Simply push the record button and let it do its job. You can place it on your desk, set it on the examining room table, or put it in your pocket.