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High Definition Surveillance Systems

Every one should have at least one good high resolution indoor/outdoor security camera installed at their home or business, particularly facing the front door. Most burglars will knock or ring the door bell first, to ensure that they are indeed entering an empty residence. Burglars do not like surprises, any more than you do. This is the best time to get a nice clear picture of them, that can then be used as an identifying tool, and as evidence in court.

Give yourself and your family piece of mind, by purchasing a good quality unit and add as many cameras as possible, to monitor as much of your property as you can.

Bullet cameras will give you a good "money shot" of your intruder, that will provide plenty of detail and a good close up picture.

A Dome camera will give you a larger, wide angle view, which can aid in identifying the make and model of the get away car, plus determine which route the burglar chose to escape.

Don't forget the value of a good dash cam to protect you in your car, from law suits, or as evidence against people that have hit your vehicle. They are also great for when you are parked and away from your car, to film the action while you are shopping. The rear view attachable dash cam will also keep an eye on what is going on behind you too! Use it as a back up tool on large vehicles, like your RV.


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Can Any Extra Cameras Be Added To These Systems?

These high resolution indoor/outdoor security camera systems are designed to hold the cameras that are supplied. The 16 camera unit holds 16 connecting ports and the 8 camera unit holds 8 connecting ports only, so you will not tind any additional space to add any extra cameras to these systems.

Do These Camera Systems Come With 100 Feet Of Wire For Each Camera?

Each camera will include 100 feet of wire. One end is connected to the recording unit, while the other end will be connected to the viewing camera itself. Additional wire can be purchased separately, for longer to reach areas.

How Do You Save Or Download A Video Clip To Provide It To The Police?

Simply install a USB recording device, like a portable thumb drive, or SID card. Then select the channel or camera that you wish to save and click on the back up button. You will be able to save as much or as little footage that you desire.

Do They Record 24/7 ?

All of our high resolution indoor/outdoor security camera systems will record all day and all night, as long as they are powered. They all use high definition 1080P recording resolution for a good clear image. The camera systems can also be set for motion recording only, to save on unwanted empty recorded footage, making it easier to find the film that you are most concerned with.

Is Internet Required To Operate Or View These Security Systems?

You do not need any wifi or internet services to use these high definition security camera systems. Simply hang your cameras where you require them, run the included wiring to the recording unit, then hook it to your computer or TV monitor and you are ready to view footage.