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Dummy Cameras

If you are looking for a cheap option to protect your home from burglars, try dummy video cameras.These very realistic looking fake cameras are easy to install, and can scare off would be thieves.

Most intruders will not take the time to look close enough to determine if they are real or not. Simply hang a few cameras under your eaves, viewable from the road side, and burglars will head down the road to a house that looks a little less protected.

Add these dummy cams to an already existing camera system, to enhance and have it appear as if you have extra coverage, or install them as a stand alone device to thwart off would be thieves.

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What Kind Of Batteries Do These Dummy Cameras Use?

The dummy video cameras will all use AA batteries, making it simple to replace when needed. The solar version will not need replacement, just install it on the outside of your over hanging eave and let the sun charge it up for you.

How Long Do The Batteries Last?

The batteries in these fake cameras use very little draw, much like your smoke detector batteries, which only need replacement every 6 months, to ensure they will continue to work properly. All the cameras can either be twisted around, or turned off its screw to easily access the battery chamber, for simple replacement.

Is It Possible To Open The Case And Put Something In It?

The units are not designed as a dummy safe area, but to be used as a fake camera only. The battery compartment is only large enough to hold the AA batteries needed to operated the device. If you need some sort of stash can or hidden key holder, we do carry them also here.

Does The Camera Blink Constantly?

Depending on which model you choose. Some of our cameras will have a constant blink, while others are motion activated and will only blink when it detects movement. We also carry a motion activated model that will swivel back and forth, upon detecting movement in the viewing area. Choose which one that works best for your space and your budget needs

How Long Will These Cameras Record?

These dummy video cameras are just that......a dummy....a fake camera, that looks realistic, but really do not record any footage. They are meant to deter would be theives from entering your property and stealing your hare earned possesions. You can use them to augment an already existing profesional camera system, to make it appear as if you have extra coverage, or use as a stand alone device to thwart off would be intruders. No thief wants to be caught on camera, so most will not take the time to look to ensure they are real or fake. Most will just carry on down the road and look for a less protected home to rob.

Are These Dummy Cameras Waterproof?

While you should not totally immerse these dummy video cameras in a bucket of water, they will withstand operating under normal outdoor conditions. It is recommened to spray a little silicone or vaseline on the battery ends, to keep from regular dew and moisture from corroding the battery connections. You might also spray the top of the solar camera lens with silicone to ensure water repels off, instead of collecting and entering the unit itself, as you should do with any outdoor solar operated lights or equipment around you have installed in your yard.

Will The Red LED Light, Light The Area?

There is only one small red LED light on these fake cameras, so it will not light up the entire area. They are just bright enough to be seen from the road, to thwart of thieves, but not too bright as to be disturbing for you or your neighbors.

What Are The Bodies Of These Cameras Made Of?

The fake cameras are all made of plastic and painted to look realistic looking, especially from a distance. Hang them from your eaves, or in a corner of your porch, for a very lifelike looking security camera.