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The Zap Brand Stun Guns are the best tasers for sale on the market. All are unique electric shock weapons. Who would think twice, that the little old man that they were about to attack, has a Stun Gun embedded right in the rubber tip of the cane he is using?! The 1 Million Volt Stun Walking Cane gives the elderly a wonderful way to defend themselves from a safer distance. Simply touch the walking end of the cane to an assailant, push the shock button, located conveniently by your thumb on the handle, and deliver 4.6 milliamps to stop anyone in their tracks.

The nice feature of this great stun device, is the wire electrodes that are wrapped around the bottom end of the cane. These too are electrically charged, so if an attacker tries to take the cane from you, they will get more than a handful of shocking power! You will also find the cane has a nice bright, built in flashlight, making the stun cane even more useful.

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The ZAP HIKE N STRIKE STUN WALKING CANE is another well disguised shock weapon. It looks just like an ordinary hiking stick, but get too close and you will find yourself the victim of a 950,000 jolt of electric shock with 4.6 milliamps! The Hike n Strike is set at 29" closed, but can be extended up to 56" overall, for for taller walkers.

You will also find a nice bright LED flashlight built in, to light your way, and removable reflective strip, to make yourself more visible at night. Try one today!

The ZAP DOUBLE TROUBLE STUN GUN has two electrodes attached to this non lethal, self defense weapon. Not only does it spew 1.2 million volts of stunning energy, but it does it from two contact points, so you get twice the power at once.

It is shaped to fit comfortably in your hand, with a contour, rubberized grip. It's the best taser for sale for joggers and walkers alike.

The ZAP KNUCKLE BLASTER STUN GUN is another great hand held stun gun that is perfect for running and walking. Your fingers slide into the slotted openings and enclose around the rubberized base, making it easy to carry while on the go. The last thing a long distance runner wants to do, is to have to carry something in their hand.

There is an easy to use switch, right at your finger tips, to shock your intruder with 950,000 volts, or use it as a punching device and gain even more leverage against them. This is one of our most popular stun guns for joggers and walkers.

If your looking for something even more intimidating, try the ZAP BLAST KNUCKLE EXTREME STUN GUN. This mighty powerful non-lethal weapon has the same wrap around finger design and 950,000 volts of power, but it also includes 4 sharp spike electrodes on the end. Use the Knuckle Blast Extreme Electrodes as a DNA collector, to use as evidence, should it be needed, or just cause some serious damage to your aggressor, by socking them with the spikes!

Is This Item Legal?

You will need to check with your state and local laws before purchasing a new stun gun or taser. Even Pepper Sprays have some restrictions in some areas. But they are legal to carry in most states and municipalities. Any law will tell you though, that it is illegal to use a stun gun in the course of a criminal act. Say for instance, you cannot rob a bank, or menace another person, using the stun gun as a weapon. It is meant for self protection purposes only.

How Do You Know If The Batteries Are Dead? Is There An Indicator Light?

You will not find any indicator light on the stun gun, telling you that the battery is going dead. You can zap it in the air for one second and hear how strong the sound is, as an indicator that it is time to charge it up. The best suggestion is to keep it charged for about 1/2 hour, once a month. That way, you will always be ensured that it is ready to fire and get the best amperage and voltage possible, when you have to use it against your attacker.

What Kind Of Warranty Is Offered On These Stun Guns?

Most of the Zap products offer a one or two year warranty. Check with items individually as you order them.

Is The Zap Stun Gun Cane and Walking Stick Universal For Both Hands?

You will find that right and left handed people can use these items comfortably by both. The shock button is on the top, right in the middle of the handle, so it is easy to operate by anyone.

Do These Stun Guns Work On Wild Animals?

Wild animals will also flee at the noise of a stun gun firing. If you encounter any wild animals at night, first try and blind them with the bright light, then zap the device in their direction. The sound alone, should scare them off, but if they still insist on coming closer, just go ahead and touch them with the zapper and watch them retreat, or drop stunned in their tracks. Stun Guns work on animals, the same as on humans. They deplete the muscle group of energy and cause it to twitch and disfunction.

Be careful out there on your hikes, and remember to carry a good long streaming can of pepper spray too. You can keep those pesky wild animals far away with one good blast of hot oleo resin capsicum pepper spray!

Can The Electrodes Be Spray Painted To Conceal Them More?

They can be painted with spray paint and still function. You may see a speck of paint come off when you discharge the unit, but most of the paint will remain though.

How Sturdy Is The Zap Walking Cane?

I will support the weight of a 250 pound man. It is lightweight and comfortable to carry and use. It is also convenient and easy to change the length, to adjust for wearing different shoes heights.

Is The Charger Included?

Yes, all the stun guns in this catalog include a charger and cord, if needed. All products have a slight charge upon opening, and will be need to be fully charged for several hours before use. After that, they will only require a 1/2 hour charge, about once a month, to maintain a good light and the most powerful shock available.

Can These Stun Guns Be Shipped Out Of The Country?

Unfortunately, as with pepper sprays, and many other self defense products, stun guns can only be purchased and shipped here in the United States.

If You Discharge The Stun Gun, How Long Is It Before It Can Be Discharged Again?

A stun gun can be discharged time and time again, provided it is fully charged to begin with. No hesitation. It will discharge just as quickly as you can hit the button, over and over again. It is best to only zap the stun gun in the air in one second bursts, so you do not damage the equipment. But if you are actually using the device on an attacker, hold it to their body as long as possible, to give the best jolt you can.

A one half second touch of a stun gun, will cause your attacker to jump back in surprise. A full one second burst will cause the muscle group to twitch, and a three second burst will deplete the muscles of energy and cause your attackter to drop to the ground. Use surprise as your best defense, then zap away for the longest time you are able. Next, run and seek help. The idea here is to get away from the situation, not kill the perpetrator