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TRIGGER STUN GUNS by Safety Technology are one of the best and easiest to use electronic shock devices you will find on the market. Just squeeze the sides of this compact, hand held unit and you will discharge 18 Million Volts of power into your assailant. They feature a rechargeable stun gun flashlight combo, making it a great versatile self defense tool for everyday use. Always have some sort of weapon at hand when you are on your daily routine.

They come in 7 beautiful colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Green, and Zebra Print for your wild side!


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Does The Trigger Stun Gun Come With A Case?

Yes! You will find a nice Nylon Mesh Holster included with your new Trigger Stun Gun. This will enable you more versatility in carrying your new stun gun, plus protect the electronic components from damage.

Is There A Safety On/Off Switch On The Stun Gun?

You will find 2 buttons by the thumb area. Slmply slide the button from the off position forward to use the 100 Lumen Flashlight, Then, by sliding forward further, you can then push the Red stun button and release the electronic charge to your victim.

How Long Do These Stun Guns Work For?

All of the Safety Technology Stun Guns are equiped with a FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY, so there is no worries if the stun gun fails to operate properly. Simply return the unit, with an expanation of the problem and it will be repaired or another one will be shipped back to you, usually within one week.

How Does The Safety Disabler Pin Work?

Just insert the Disabler Pin into the unit, wrap the nylon cord around your wrist and you are ready to go. If you are in an urgent situation and an attacker tries to pull the stun gun away from you, the pin will release and render the unit useless. The flashlight will still luminate, without the pin attached.

What Is More Important, The Amps Or The Volts In A Stun Gun?

When purchasing a Stun Gun, many companies will advertise large amounts of voltage as the selling point. Do not be fooled by these tactics. Yes, the voltage is certainly important and it does sound impressive, but the amperage is what gives your Stun Gun its' power. Choose a Stun Gun with 4 miliamps or higher. You will not find any higher than 4.9 miliamps, since anything over that will just fry the equipment. The Trigger has both a high voltage amount, with 18,000,000 volts, plus a high 4.8 miliamps. You can't find a much higher combination, making this one small powerful self defense product!

How Long Does A Stun Gun Battery Last?

The Trigger is a great rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight Combo. Simply slide open the attached charging prongs and insert into any standart household outlet. The unit will probably require a longer start up charge for the first time, but thereafter, I would recommend plugging it in for 1/2 hour, approximately once a month. This will ensure that you always have a good 100 Lumen Light when you need it, plus a ready to use, strong zapper, in case your feel threatened. The unit will hold its' charge for up to 3 months if sitting idle, but it will require a longer recharge time, and may not have as effective of a stun power that you will require, in case of an emergency.