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The X2 TASER is designed to strike from a distance. Stop your attackers just like the police do, with this high powered taser. It includes an attached, back up cartridge, so no reloading is required.

The X2 Taser Package includes:

  • Two Live Cartridges
  • Performance power magazine (PPM - this is not a rechargeable battery)
  • Conductive Practice Target
  • Sturdy Carrier
  • Instruction Manual


  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (if lost or dropped during an attack)

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Police use the X2 Taser, why shouldn't you? Now you can purchase a civilian strength Taser and shock an attacker from a distance. The X2 Taser holds two live cartridges, which will automatically reload within 20 seconds. The Taser can then be engaged as an ordinary contact, stun gun device and shock your attacker by touching the electric probes directly to their body.
A Taser will conduct its energy through a half inch of fabric, by shooting its electronic wire hooks, enclosed in the coiled cartridge packs on to the skin or attach to the attackers clothing. Use the guided laser to increase your accuracy and ensure a direct hit. Your X2 Taser will shoot up to a distance of 15 feet, so you have plenty of space between you and your attacker.
Because the X2 Taser is semi automatic and holds a second cartridge ready to discharge, it is the preferred non-lethal weapon on choice for law enforcement personnel, military and security forces.
The X2 Taser has a Central Information Display (CID) which will indicate the power level of your battery, what type of coil cartridge the unit is armed with and will conduct a self-diagnosis, and repair itself at regular intervals, to ensure it is ready to fire at any given moment.
The Pulse Calibration System will recalibrate approximately 20 times each second to readjust and provide the exact amount of electrical current needed to drop your assailant to the ground. With this technological Conduced Electronic Weapon (CEW), the shooter is ensured that the proper amount of shock power will be applied, even through thick clothing, which will reduce the effectiveness. The new technology of the X2 Taser is considered 40% safer than previous CEW taser products.

To ensure the highest implementation of your X2 Taser, the Performance Power Magazine is included, which moderates power consumption and will account for up to 500 firings. Better than any previous models!

The X2 Taser is used much like an ordinary handheld pistol. You hold the grip, point and shoot, using the finger trigger. You have a safety locking mechanism and a sight used to aim at your target, plus a laser for added accuracy.

The X2 Taser provides variable voltage charge, with a peak of 2000 volts. The electric current will last approximately 5 seconds at a time, with every activation to ensure the highest stun possible. It will disrupt the sensory and muscular nerves of your intended target in a safe non-lethal manor, to temporarily disable your attacker and provide time to escape and seek help.

You can also purchase a video camera to attach to your X2 Taser, to record your activity, which will help in the case of court proceedings. It can be used to record and play back your firings, to help improve your aim while practicing target shooting. We also have specially desigined targets which will allow the coiled wire hooks to grab fabric and stick to your bulls eye.

Check with your local city and state laws and regulations before you purchase your new X2 Taser package. You also must be at least 18 years of age in order to purchase a stun gun or taser.

What Are The Dimensions Of The X2 Taser?

The X2 Defender measures 7.8" L x 1.7" W x 4.2" H and weighs in at 1.0 lbs (454 grams), with a two full battery cartridges. The optimal operating temperature is between –4 °F [–20 °C] to 122 °F [50 °C]

How Long Does The Battery Last?

The Performance Power Magazine included with your X2 Taser will fire up to 500 times. It will engage in 5 second bursts to ensure the most shocking power, plus attain the 500 firings it was designed for.

What Is The Firing Range?

While the police strength X2 Taser will fire up to 35 feet, your civilian strength Taser can shoot its electric wire barbs for a distance of up to 15 feet. Though most law enforcement personnel will shoot a target between 15 to 20 feet, since the electric shock will lose its amperage and strength as it travels farther down the wires, to the barbed hooks.

Will This Work With Rechargeable Batteries?

There are no rechargeable batteries that will work with a taser. You must use the Performance Power Magazine that comes with your Taser Package. Once you have used it for approximately for 500 firings, it will need to be replaced with a new battery pack, which can be purchased here at Sands Safety Store.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Purchase A Taser?

Like all stun guns you must be at least 18 years old to purchase a taser. But also check with your local and state laws and regulations regarding the use and carrying of a taser or any non-lethal self defense device.

Can It Be Used By Left Handed People, Or Is It Designed For Right Handed People?

The X2 Taser package can be used by right or left handed people. There is an ambidextrous safety switch on the unit, to prevent any accidental discharge, much like an ordinary handheld pistol. You can also purchase a right, or left handed Blackhawk holster to easily carry your X2 Defender Taser.

Is It Waterproof?

Yes, you will find the X2 Taser is resistant to rain and humidity. Though, as in any electronic device, it is not recommended to allow the unit to fall into a pool of water. If an accident happens and it should drop into the water, towel dry the unit off and wait to use it until you are sure it has completely dried.

Is There A Lifetime Warranty?

Yes. Not only will Taser International guarantee their taser products for a lifetime, they will also replace the device, if you should accidentally drop or lose it in the event of an attack.

How Does The Laser Work?

The laser on your X2 Taser has dual LED lights, which will indicate where the coiled, barbed probes will strike and stick to your intended target.