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The X26P TASER is the strongest taser on the market, available for civilian use. Shoot your intended target from up to 15 feet away, then use the stun feature in close quarters. Use the clear 3R laser on your X26P taser for better aim and clarity to shoot your target.

Record your firings of your X26P with a Taser Camera. Not only will it improve your aim, but it can be used as evidence in court, much like a dash cam does on your automobile. Protect yourself against lawsuits. It never hurts to be prepared

Special Right or Left handed, custom designed holsters are available to carry your X26P in style, plus have it ready for use quickly, when needed.

Extra specially created Targets, will help improve your aim.

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Many people prefer a bit more distance between them and their attacker, when using a non-lethal stun, self defense weapon. These X26P Taser brand tasers, with a laser, are the strongest and closest to police strength tasers available to civilians.The electric shock will penetrate through 1/2 inch of cloting, so it will be effective through jackets or sweat clothes.
There are 2 coiled, 15 foot, electric shock wires, used to stun your attacker, inside every refill cartridge. The replacement cartridges are easy to reload and can be fired in 5 second increments. The durable lithium battery for your X26P Taser is not rechargeable, but will provide 500 firings.
Large size, for a menacing look. Fits snuggly in its holster, yet easy to retrieve, when needed.
Can be used as a non-lethal contact weapon, providing 50,000 volts of stun gun power, if you miss your intended target.
Features a 3R laser and LED flashlight to ensure better aim of your intended target. 

Package contains:

  • One TASER X26P conducted electrical weapon
  • 2 TASER X26P Cartridges
  • Performance power magazine (PPM - this is not a rechargeable battery)
  • Right-handed Blackhawk holster
  • Conductive practice target


  • Height: 3.2 inches
  • Length (w/ Cartridge): 7.3 inches
  • Width: 1.3 inches
  • Weight (w/o Cartridge): 44 oz

Can Any One Buy A Taser?

A Taser package can be purchased by anyone, but you will be subject to a background check, in order to use it. You may want to check with your local and state laws, since a concealed carry permit may be required. Tasers are illegal to carry in many cities and states, so be sure to research the information, before purchase.

What Is The Shooing Distance?

A civilian strength taser includes 15 feet of electric shocking wire, to stun your target with. Police strength Tasers will hold up to 35 feet of wire, but the electric energy will diminish as it travels across the wires, and will not be as strong to stun the suspect, from that distance. Even with longer length of wire, the best distance to strike an attacker, with a taser, is around 15 to 20 feet.

Are The Batteres Rechargeable?

No. The battery pack that you receive with your Taser X26P will provide approximately 500 firings, for 5 seconds each, before it will need to be replaced. The batteries are not rechargeable.

Does It Come With A Battery?

Your Taser X26P arrives with one battery pack, which should provide 500 firings, when used in 5 second bursts. The battery pack is not rechargeable and will then need to be replaced.

How Many Cartridges Are Included?

Two wire coiled cartridges are included in the Taser X26P Package. Each cartridge will fire one time. Once the wire probes are released, they cannot be recoiled, or reused. Practice cartridges are available, so you do not waste the live wire cartridges, included.

Will the X26P Hold More Than One Cartridge At A Time?

While there are two wire cartridges are included with the X26P Taser, you will only be able to load one cartridge at a time and keep the second one as a spare.

Can This Be Shipped To Canada?

We cannot ship any tasers outside of the continental United States. We are also restricted from shipping the refill cartridges, nor any stun guns or pepper sprays.