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The TALON STUN GUN is designed to fit easily in your hand, so you do not have to worry about dropping this handy 18 Million Volt Stun Gun, while jogging or walking. It carries 18 Million Volts of stunning power, with 4,7 milliamps, depending on the charge of the batteries. Bright 120 Lumen LED flashlight. Nice rubberized coating to ensure a good grip.  Included is a durable nylon holster, and charging cord.

The hand held shape is the best stun gun for runners, since it fits snuggly in your fist. It is simple to discharge, just by squeezing your hand, while the shock button is engaged. The sound of the electricity alone can be enough to scare off any would be attacker or vicious animal.


Measurers 3 ¼” x 3 1/8” x 1”


Available in 2 colors Black and Pink


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If your looking for the best stun gun for runners, then look no further. This small, easy to carry 18,000,000 volt shocking device is perfect to hold in your hand, while you are jogging or on a walk. It slides over your hand, and stays securely in your fist, so you don't have to hold on to it, like other handheld stun guns require.

The Talon is also very easy to engage in the shock mode. Simply push the stun button forward, into the on position. Slide your fingers around the Talon self protection device and hold firmly. Squeeze the unit in your hand, which will enact the electric shock button, located on the palm portion of the device. Then send 4.7 milliamps of power to your intended target, and watch them drop to the ground.

Does The Flashlight Remain Lit When The Shock Is Activated?

No. Almost all stun gun buttons will need to be switched from the flashlight mode, to the shock mode, in order for the electric zolt to be activated. To achieve the highest amperage possible towards your intended target, you need all of the stored energy of your charged unit sent to the zapping portion of your stun gun. If the light button is in the On position, it would drain away from the stun power needed to take down your attacker.

After Using The Stun Once, How Long Does It Take Before It Can Be Used For A Second Stun?

You can push the shock button again and again, until the battery goes dead. A fully charged stun gun will zap many, many times before the battery drains. The flashlight will remain lit for hours on a single charge, or can be used for 3 months, when only turned on for short intervals at a time. If the stun gun has been used on an intruder, it can be held for several seconds, until the battery drains. Stun one muscle group, then place it on another area of their body and zap a second muscle group. Do whatever it takes to get away, and slow down your attacker. It only takes 3 seconds for the stun gun to deplete the muscle of energy, and render their arm or leg useless.

If You Zap An Attacker With His Arms You, Will You Get Zapped Too?

You will not feel any effects of a stun gun, unless you are directly touched with the probes, directly to your own skin. The electric shock from a stun gun does not travel through a body, nor from one body to another. It doesn't matter if you are standing in a pool of water, or holding your attacker. The jolt will only work on the muscle group that you have touched. In other words, if you hit an them in the arm, only the arm will be affected. If you strike a leg, only the leg will become disabled. The best place to strike your assailant is on the face, neck, chest or groin. That will ensure the quickest results, dropping them to the ground in seconds, giving you plenty of time to get away and seek help.

How Long Does The Charge Last Before It Needs To Be Recharged?

All of our stun guns will hold their charge for up to 3 months, when only used occasionally, or sitting idle. It is best to recharge your stun gun for 1/2 hour, once a month, to ensure you always have a fully charged and ready self protection device, plus you will also always have a nice bright 120 Lumen LED flashlight, at hand. Simply attach the charging cord, which is included, into the bottom portion of the Talon Stun Gun, then plug the other end into any ordinary household outlet. The Talon is the best stun gun for runners, or walkers, since it recharges quickly and will be readily available for your next adventure.

Does It Shoot, Or Do You Have To Make Contact With This Stun Gun?

The Talon is like all stun guns. It is not a Taser, which shoot 15 feet of conductive wire, with probes, toward your intended target. Then when the taser is engaged, an electric shock is sent across the wire, stopping your attacker in his tracks. A stun gun will need to be pressed to the body area, in order for the unit to be effective. A stun gun will penetrate 1/2 inch of clothing, so the shock can be felt, and will work, even though it has not been in direct contact with skin.

Is This Talon Strong Enough To Be Used As A Brass Knuckle?

While the Talon is the best stun gun for runners, because of its unique hand held, brass knuckle like design, it is not intended as a striking self defense tool. It may cause harm, if used in such manner, but you may damage the electric shock prongs, or break the heavy duty plastic, which encapsulates the unit. With that being said, you should use any means possible to escape an attacker, and if that entails striking him with your fist wrapped around your Talon Stun Gun, then by all means use it in this manner!