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The SLIDER STUN GUN is the smallest stun gun available today. This 10 million volt shocker, with 4.9 milliamps will really knock a guy down, despite its' small size. Hang it on your keychain, or toss it in your pocket. No one will suspect you are armed and ready with this small covert looking device, concealed to look like a flash drive. It can be easily discharged in an emergency, just by sliding the button forward and delivering a mighty jolt. It comes with a nice 80 Lumen light, so not only is it a good electronic shock weapon, but it can light your way as well.

Recharging is easy too. The Slider can be plugged into your laptop using the USB port, or simply plug into any standard electric outlet, using the enclosed cord and prong attachment. Nothing could be smaller or simpler!

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Comes in 5 Beautiful colors :Blue, Black, Gold, Silver, and Pink



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Is The Slider Stun Gun Too Small To Knock A Man Down?

No, this mini stun gun may not look like much, but it packs 10 Million Volts, plus 4.9 Miliamps of power, into an attacker. In addidion, it will go through 1/2 inch of clothing, so it will penetrate a jacket or sweatshirt too.

How Long Do I Need To Charge My Stun Gun?

Upon first purchasing your new stun gun, I would suggest your initial charge should be several hours. After that, I would recommend keeping your unit charged about once a month, for appoximately 1/2 hour. It will hold the charge up to 3 months, but this way, you can be assured that you always have a good flashlight and a good zapper ready.

What Do I Do If I Lose The Charger Cord?

That is simple. You can either contact us here at www.sandssafetystore.com and we will order you a replacement cord, or you can simply use any standard phone charging cord that fits.

How Long Will My Slider Stun Gun Last?

You are given a LIFETIME WARRANTY, so there is no worry about something not functioning on your new stun gun. Simply contact us, and we will have arrange to have a replacement sent out to you immediately, or yours will be repaired and returned.

Where Is The Best Place To Strike An Attacker?

Aim for the face, neck, chest or groin. Don't worry if you have bad aim or cannot reach these prime areas. A strike in the arm or leg will also cause your attacker to jump back. You can then strike again, retrieve another self defense weapon to assist you, or run for a safer place.

How Big Is The Slider?

The Slider Stun Gun measures 3 1/2" x 1" x 1/2". It is the smallest stun gun you will find. It fits easily into any pocket, on a keychain or in a purse. It is one of the most versatile mini stun guns you will find. Plus they are very inexpensive.