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The 20 MILLION VOLT RUNT STUN GUN is the strongest stun gun in a nice compact size, which easily fits in your hand, pocket or purse. It dispurses 4.5 miliamps of electric shock power to an attacker. Plus it has a wrist disable pin, so it cannot be used against you, in case it is taken from your hand. It features a built-in charger prong, that can be plugged into any standard household outlet for easy recharging. Use the bright 120 LED Lumen Flashlight to light your path, or as a self defense tool, by shining the light into an attackers eyes at night and temporarily blinding them.

Rechargeable with built-in prongs

Rubberized coating for firm and comfortable grip

Bright 120 LED Lumen Flashlight

Wrist Strap with Disable Pin to render the unit useless if it is taken from your hands

Nylon Holster included at no extra charge. Matching leatherette holster can be purchased separately.

4 1/4" x 1" x 1 5/8'


Available  in 6 colors Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, and Pink


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Will The Charging Light Turn Green After Charging Is Complete?

No, it does not, but just plug it in for approximately one half hour, about once a month and you will always have a good charge.

Is There Any Chance That The Taser Will Go Off If You Put It In A Running Pouch Or Pocket?

The Runt is a great pocket size stun gun. You do not have to be afraid that you might stun yourself. It would take a lot of doing for that to happen. You must first set the flashlight switch two positions forward and then hit the stun button for it to discharge. Anything is possible but it would be a freak accident if it went off unintentionally.

Has anyone tested it on a human subject before?

Why yes it has been tested. It made the person jolt. It does not hurt the subject but it does jolt them and feel uncomfortable. A Stn Gun feels like an electric shock from an outlet. If you are stunned for 1/2 second, it will cause you to jump back. Hold for 1 second and you will feel your muscle twitch. Hold for 3 seconds and it will cause the muscle to be completely drained of energy and collapse. Law enforcement officers, as well as Corrections Officers are required to be tased, in order to be able to carry and use a stun gun to subdue an individual. So yes, they have been tested many times.

Does The Runt Stun Gun Have A Child Safety On It?

No. Though you can remove the disable pin to ensure the stun gun will not accidentally go off in the hands of a child, It would be recommended that you keep it away from children   

Does The Runt Stun Gun Have A Wrist Strap With Pin For Safety?

Yes, you will find an easy to use disable pin included with your new Runt Stun Gun. It must be plugged into the unit in order for to use the stun feature. You will still be able to use the 120 LED Lumen Flashlight though, without the pin attached.

Is There A Shock Level?

No.There is only one level. There is not a low power shock or high power shock. You would only want one setting to be able to knock a person down. You do not want to have to fumble with controls. Just flick the switch up and stun your attacker as quickly and for as long as possible. Surprise is your best defense. Then run for help. The idea is to get away here.


Does The Stun Gun Come Charged?

Yes, you will find your new Runt Stun Gun has a partial charge. You will need to plug it in for several hours for your initial charge, after that, just recharge it for approximately 1/2 hour, about once a month to maintain a good flashlight and a good electronic shock power. It will hold it's charge for up to 3 months, when sitting idle.

Is The Runt Small Enough To Fit In My Pocket?

You will find that The Runt Stun Gun makes a great pocket size stun gun. It is lightweight and fits easily in the palm of your hand, or slip into your pocket, to have on hand, when needed. It also comes with a nylon holster, to carry it on your belt, or you can purchase a matching leaterette holster separately