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Since pink is a favorite color for the women, we have dedicated a special selection of tasers for ladies.These non-lethal weapons make a great gift for your loved ones. You cannot go wrong with pink, or self protection when it comes to ladies!

The PINK RECHARGEABLE RUNT is the perfect size for pocket or purse.The best feature of this taser for ladies is the wrist disable pin. The unit will deliver 20 Million Volts of stunning power, with the pin inserted. But is an attacker takes it out of your hands, the pin will pull out and render the device useless.This prevents your assailant from using the weapon back against you, if he should get a hold of it.

Another great feature of this great taser for ladies, is the attached charger prongs. Simply slide the prongs out and plug in to any standard household wall outlet. No more losing the charging cords!

Includes a Nylon Holster. Matching Leatherette Holster sold separately

Also available in: Red, Black, Purple, Blue, and Green


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The PINK LIPSTICK STUN GUN is another great addition to the family of Pink tasers for ladies. Simply pull this little surprise out of your purse and deliver 3 Million Volts of stunning shock to your attacker. It also features a nice 80 Lumen LED flashlight, so you can use it to light your path as well.

You will find this covert looking non-lethal weapon can fool anyone. Surprise is your best form of defense. Don't let them see it coming and shock your attacker, before he realizes that you have a weapon in your hand.

Also available in: Red, Black, Gold, and Purple

The slim design has a pink smooth rubberized armor coating makes it a favorite for the ladies as it's easy to get a firm grip on and small enough to conceal anywhere. The safety switch must be in the "stun" position and trigger pressed before the stun gun will operate, avoiding any accidental discharges. Although this model is slim enough to carry in your pocket or purse, a holster with a belt loop is also included for your convenience.

Now, if your looking for something with a little more shocking power, you need to try the PINK STUNMASTER 12 MILLION VOLT STUN BATON! What a great way to scare off a would be attacker. If the look and the zap doesn't scare them off, go ahead and let them grab ahold of the end of this electronic self defense weapon. There is a metal strip the runs along the sides of the baton, so if someone should try to take it from you, just unload the 12 Million Volts shock and see how fast they retreat! 

This Baton also serves has a nice bright LED flashlight, with 3 multi functions to light your way. High Beam, Low Beam and Strobe Light to disorient and temporarily blind your attacker. It also features a wrist disable pin, so if it ever does get taken from your hands, the pin will pull out and render the device useless. This keeps your attacker from using the Stun Baton back against you.

Includes Wrist Strap with Disable Pin, Charger Cord and Nylon Holster.

Also available in Purple and Black.


If you are searching for a palm size Stun Gun with a lot of electric shock power, try this taser for ladies. The PINK TRIGGER 18 MILLION VOLT STUN GUN will put any attacker down with one good 4,8 Miliamp jolt. All you have to do is squeeze the sides of this easy to use self defense stun device and you can zap your intruder in seconds.

The Trigger also features the wrist strap, with a disable pin, so the unit will be rendered useless, if your attacker tries to take it from you and zap you back.

You will also find a nice bright 100 Lumen LED flashlight attached, making this a good stun gun flashlight combo, for a more versatile and useful tool to carry. The recharger prongs are already attached, so there are no charging cords to lose.

Also available in: Red, Purple, Green, Blue, and Black


Smaller yet, is The PINK LIL GUY 12 MILLION VOLT STUN GUN. This little pocket size Stun Gun is just the perfect taser for ladies. Small and lightweight, yet full of 4.4 miliamps of shocking power. It stashes away easily into a purse or pocket.

The Lil Guy features a nice rubberized coating for a good firm grip, plus a 100 Lumen LED Flashlight to light your way. Charging prongs are attached, so you do not have to worry about looking for your charger cords. Comes with a sturdy black Nylon Holster, but you can purchase a Matching Leatherette Holster separately.

Also Available in: Black, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Snake Skin, Animal Print, and Flower Design


Lastly is The PINK SLIDER STUN GUN. This is the smallest Stun Gun around and looks just like a Flash drive. You will fool your attacker, when you pull out this mini size shocking device. Simply slide the button on top forward and deliver 10 Million Volts of stun power, with 4.9 Miliamps. It may be small, but this little shocker will certainly do the trick. Carry it easily in your pocket or purse.

Includes a nice bright 80 Lumen LED Flashlight as well, so you can see where you are going. It is recharged using a usb port, or plug into any standard household outlet. Charge from your computer, or use your cell phone charger cord. Makes a great taser for ladies!

Comes complete with charging cord, charger and wrist strap.

Also available in: Silver, Gold, Black, and Blue


Can a Stun Gun purchased in the USA (110 v) be charged in Europe (220v)?

Since these are sold only in the USA, they are configured for 110 volt charging only. It is not recommended that they be charged on the European electric system.

Would a Stun Gun be appropriate for a 17 year old daughter?

First make sure to check with local and state regulations in your area, to be sure it is not against the law for a minor to carry  the Stun Gun. Then ensure that she knows how to operate the Stun Gun safely and correctly. You will feel better sending your young daughter off on her own, knowing she is able to protect herself, in case she encounters a serious or dangerous situation

Do You Have The Stun Gun On Or Off, When Charging It?

It is best to turn the unit off to charge it. Not only will it charge faster, but you will not damage the device, or accidentally discharge the electric shock while you are plugging or unplugging it.

How Long Do You Have To Plug A Stun Gun In To Charge It?

After you first purchase your new Stun Gun, plug it in for several hours to gain a full charge. It will come with a partial charge, but will need to be fully charged to give the most amperage and the most zapping ability. Thereafter, you should charge your device for about 1/2 hour, approximately once a month. It will hold its charge for up to 3 months if it is not in use, but if you keep it charged monthly, you will always have good shocking power and a nice bright flashlight as well.

Will A Stun Gun Leave Marks, If Applied To The Skin?

Yes, you will see two clear marks from the Stun Gun, if it has been used properly. You want to make as much contact as possible, for as long as possible, if the situation will warrant it. Drain the device on your attacker if you have to. The idea is to stun your intruder and get away to seek further help. The marks will disipate after 1 to 2 days, so there is no worry of any permanent damage.

Can You Use The Flashlight By Itself On A Stun Gun?

Yes, you certainly can use the Stun Gun as a Flashlight only. This works out well, since as you are using the flashlight to see what you are doing, if an attacker should come upon you, you have the weapon right in your hand, and only have to push up on the button and zap them immediately. You cannot get any other weapon out any faster, than one seated right in the palm of your hand!