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New MULTIGUARD STUN GUN - This stun gun with flashlight and siren combo, features 20 Million Volts of electric shocking power, and the highest amperage you can get in a stun gun. 4.9 milliamps! Plus, a loud alarm to scare off your attacker and alert those nearby. The super bright 120 Lumen flashlight will stay lit, when the siren feature is engaged. Nice rubberized coating to ensure a good grip in your hand. Built in two prong charger and heavy duty nylon holster included.


120 LED Lumen Flashlight

20 Million Volts with 4.9 Milliamps of Shocking Power

Loud Siren to Scare Off Attackers

Rubberized Coating For a Good Grip

Rechargeable 2 Prong Charger Attached. Plug Right Into Any Ordinary Household Outlet. No More Charging Cords!

Heavy Duty Nylon Holster Included

Measures 5 ¼” x 1 ¾” x 7/8”


Available In 7 Colors:  Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Zebra


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7 Item(s)

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What Is The Range For This Stun Gun?

This stun gun with flashlight and siren will need to come in contact with your assailant, to be effective. There are no electric wires that shoot out, as a Taser would do. You must touch the two pointed probes, to the skin of your intended target, then engage the shock button to release the charge. It will penetrate through 1/2 inch of clothing, so actual skin contact is not necessary.

Does The Holster Keep It From Turning On, Or Is It Just To Carry And Store In?

The holster that is included with your multiguard stun gun is made of a heavy durable nylon fabric, that would make it hard to engage the buttons on your new self defense device. The light/siren switch, needs to slide forward in order to operated. The shock switch slides forward, as well, then you must push down on the stun button, with the red ready light lit, to create 20,000,000 volts of stunning electricity, with 4.9 milliamps of power. It would be difficult to accidentally set off the unit, while in its holster, or while in your purse or pocket. The holster is designed to protect and hold your self protection tool, securely and keep from damage.

How Often Does It Need To Be Charged?

While the multiguard stun gun with flashlight and siren will hold its charge for up to 3 months, it is best to keep it charged on a regular basis. Recharge it for approximately for 1/2 hour, once a month, to ensure a fully charged self defense stunning tool. You will then, always have a nice bright 120 Lumen LED flashlight, which will light your way, or shine in your intruders eyes, to temporarily blind them.

How Long Can I Discharge This Stun Gun?

If you are using the stun gun as a self defense tool against an attacker, you can hold the device on them until the battery goes dead, which could certainly take a minute or two to fully drain it of all its shocking power. This is why it is important to keep the unit fully charged, at a times, so it is ready and totally effective against your intruder.
If you are just testing the device in the air, you should only discharge it in small 1 second bursts, in order to keep from damaging the shocking electrodes. They are designed to be used by touching your intended target. When zapping in the air, you will hear a loud popping noise, as well as see the electric arcs between the pointed probes, attached to the end of the unit. A stun gun will not make any noise, when in contact with the body, but will still be giving a strong dose of shocking electricity, depleting the muscle group that you have struck, causing it to become disabled and dropping them to the floor.
The noise of a crackling stun gun and the visual sight of the electric arcs alone, may be enough to scare off an attacker, or vicious animal. Any one that has been tased, will not want to be stunned again!

What Are The Amps? Are The Amps More Important Than The Voltage?

1 amp can kill you. 100 Million volt stun guns sound powerful and impressive. It gets quite confusing when shopping for a good stun gun. The amperage is definitely more important than the voltage. The highest amperage you can get in a stun gun is 4.9 milliamps. It will not matter what the impressive sounding voltage is. It is the amperage that will get you. Our minimum amperage stun gun here at Sands Safety Store is 4.2 milliamps.

While stun gun sellers try to tout the huge voltage of their products, you will find they may only contain 1 to 3 milliamps of power. No matter what the voltage of these devices are, you will have to hold it twice as long on your intended target, in order to disable the muscle group, rendering it useless and drop your assailant to the floor.

Does This Unit Come With Instructions?

There are detailed instructions included with all of our stun gun products. These are basic directions on proper charging, operation, and the best places to strike your attacker. There are also use and care instructions, as well as warnings and the lifetime warranty information. There should be enough charge on your new self protection tool right out of the box, so you will be fully equipped and ready to shock any type of assailant.
For the quickest and most effective result, aim for the face, neck, chest or groin. You can still shock and temporarily disable your attacker, by touching them in the arm or leg, but it will only render that particular muscle group useless. The charge will not travel through the body. So, in other words, if you strike an arm, the arm is disabled. If you strike a leg, the leg is disabled. If you strike the torso area, you will acheive the quickest and most effective result, and your attacker will be writhing on the ground in seconds.
The effect of the non lethal, electric shock can last for several minutes, and still be felt for a day later, but it is temporary, and will give you plenty of time to get away and seek help.
Be empowered. Get a non-lethal self defense product today