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Li'l Guy

The STUN MASTER RECHARGEABLE LIL GUY STUN GUN is the perfect size for your pocket or purse. It features 12 Million Volts with 4.4 miliamps of stopping power. With a nice bright 120 LED Lumen Flashlight, you will always have a self defense weapon right in the palm of your hand, as you light your path. Also included at no extra charge, is a sturdy nylon holster. You will find a matching leatherette holster, that you can purchase at an additional charge below.

Check out these small, but mighty powerful, shocking self protection devices here.

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How Do These Lil Guy Stun Guns Charge?

Simply slide out the two prongs on the bottom of your Lil Guy Stun Gun and plug it into any standard wall outlet. Charge it up for several hours after you first purchase one, but thereafter, you will only need to recharge it for approximately 1/2 hour, about once a month. This will ensure that you always have a good working flashlight and a strong electronic shock whenever you need it.

How Do I Know The Stun Gun Is Charged?

After you plug your Stun Master Rechargeable Stun Gun into the outlet, a little red indicator light will appear that will show it is now being recharged. After about 1/2 hour, remove the device and engage the stun mechanism for one second. You will hear a strong, loud zap noise. If it sounds a bit weak, then plug it back in and let it charge longer. Usually one half hour is plenty of time, but if the unit has been idle for longer than 3 months, or been exposed to extreme heat and cold, it may take a longer to recharge.

About how big is the Lil Guy Stun Gun?

It measures 3 ¾” x 1 ½” x ¾”. Plenty small enough for tight denim jean pockets, your jacket pocket or a purse. You can even hang from your keychain, or wear on a belt. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Is The Lil Guy Powerful Enough To Stun A Full Grown Man?

Yes! The Lil Guy Stun Master Rechargeable Stun Gun may look small, but with 4.4 miliamps and 12 million volts of energy, it will certainly be enough to thwart off your attacker, or a vicious animal. A one half second jolt will make an assailant jump back in surprise. One full second will cause the muscle group to twitch, and a three second zap will cause the muscles to become depleted of energy and fail, thus knocking them down.

What Is The Best Place To Strike A Man With A Stun Gun?

Aim for the chest, groin, neck, face, or torso area. If you cannot reach these areas quickly, just get any part of their body. Even if you strike them in the arm, they will jump back and you can get them again, reach for another self defense tool in your arsenal, or run for help. The key here is surprise. The Lil Guy Stun Gun will penetrate through one half inch of clothing, so don't be worried about touching skin. It will stun, even through a bulky sweatshirt.

Is It Illegal To Carry A Stun Gun?

You will have to check with local and state ordinances. Many states have restrictions in place that make them completely illegal, while other states just govern their use and carrying methods, like open or conceal carry. You will find most state and city laws here on this site, but be sure to check on your local level too.