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Stun Batons

If you are looking for something that is a bit more heavy duty, is a bit more intimidating and has a longer reach, than you need to grab a hold of one of our Stun Master Batons! We have several types of high voltage taser batons to choose from, depending on whether you would like it to be more functional with a flashlight attached, or just a lean mean self defense tool.

Our Batons are all made of solid, high quality, aircraft aluminum and constructed to withstand a severe blow. All feature a high voltage stun ability, plus high amperage too. Don't be caught without a good Stun Gun Baton Combo in your vehicle.


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The STUN MASTER BAD ASS 20 MILLION VOLT BATON FLASHLIGHT is one of the biggest and best high voltage taser baton you will find. This baton is called a Bad Ass for a reason! It delivers 4.9 miliamps of shocking power.....the highest amperage you can find! (Any more than 5 milliamps will fry the components). You can use the pointed end for more damaging results, as a stabbing device. Club your attacker, swinging the Bad Ass as a baton, or temporarily blind them with the bright 120 Lumen LED Flashlight, that also has a dimmer setting, for standard use and a strobe setting to further disorientate your invader.


The STUN MASTER 15 MILLION VOLT MINI BADASS FLASHLIGHT STUN GUN is certainly not mini by any means! It is simply a smaller version of the larger 20 Million Volt Bad Ass Baton. It measures 9 3/8” x 1 7/8”, so it is plenty large enough to carry in your car and be used as a baton, stabbing device, or blinding flashlight, by shining it's 120 Lumen LED light in your intruders face. Featuring 4.7 milliamps of stunning shock, it too is in a class of the highest voltage taser baton flashlight combinations that you seek.


The STUN MASTER 12 MILLION VOLT STUN BATON is also a handy high voltage taser baton to carry around. This Baton features metal strips on the sides of the striking end of the unit, so if an attacker tries to take it from you, simply hit the stun button and give them a good 12 million jolt, with 4.6 milliamps of power, right in the hand! The unit can also be rendered useless, with the disable pin and wrist strap included, so your attacker cannot stun you back, should he ever take it from you.

Available in 3 colors: Black, Pink, and Purple


Does the safety pin have to be inserted in order to charge the stun baton?

It will make no difference whether the pin is inserted or not, to charge any of our stun guns, that require a disable pin to work, here at www.sandssafetystore.com. Simply plug your unit into any standard household 120 v outlet and recharge the device for approximately 1/2 hour, about once a month, to maintain a good strong shock.

Is There A Shock If The Metal Strips Running Down The Sides Of The Stun Baton Comes In Contact With a Person?

Yes, anyone you touch with the baton, while you are engaging the stun button, will feel the electric shock. It will not shock anybody, as long as the red light on the handle is not lit and ready to fire. You can also zap the taser in the air in one second bursts, as a warning to would be intruders, that you are armed and mean business!

Is There A Function To Operate The Flashlight Separate From The Volts?

You can use the flashlight on any stun gun separate from the shock feature, which is what makes these non-lethal weapons so useful. Turn the switch, by your thumb up one time, and you will have a nice bright LED light to see what you are doing. The stun feature must then be activated by either pushing the button forward farther, until a red light comes on, indicating it is ready to shock, and then pressing down on the actual stun button next to it. It is all done in one easy maneuver. Other stun guns, like these high voltage taser batons, have a shock button that is located on the underside, by your index finger as you are holding it. Again, it is simple to engage and just needs a little practice, like any self defense product you use. Know how it works, keep it clean, inspect it often and be ready to use it if needed.

Can A Stun Gun Be Used On Animals, Like Cats and Dogs?

While it is not recommended that you use a stun gun on animals, they certainly are effective. Just like humans, the shock will affect their muscles and cause them to be incapacitated for several minutes. The best method to scare off small animals with a stun gun, is to zap the device several times in the air. Not only will the sound get their attention, but animals can feel the electric charge in the air and will be scared off too.

Check with your local state laws before utilizing a stun gun against any animal though, since it can be considered animal cruelty.

Can These Stun Batons Be Used To Deliver A Solid Strike To Someone?

It can certainly be used to deliver a strike as well. They are made with durable, high quality aircraft aluminum.....strong enough to take a good blow and deliver a good hit! Adding the stun feature, just gives more versatility to an already useful self protection tool.

Can The Stun Gun Be Operated While The Flashlight Is On?

A stun gun needs all the power it can get to send as much shock to your attacker, so the light will need to turn off, in order to stun them. It only takes a second or two, and you can then turn your flashlight back on to flee the area. You will still be able to see though, because the electric zap will also light up, as well as be heard.

How Often Does The Batteries Need To Be Charged?

Stun guns will hold their charge for up to 3 months, if it sits idle. It is best to give it an initial charge of several hours, then keep it recharged every month, by plugging it in to for about 1/2 hour. This will ensure that you always have a good shocker and always have a nice bright light