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Flashlight Stun Gun Combos can certainly be used for more than just lighting your path and shocking people. Shine the bright LED lamp right in your intruders eyes, to temporarily blind them, giving you a great tactical advantage. Even during the day, these flashlights are very blinding, if they are shone directly into someones face. You can even use them to stop an animal in its tracks too. Animals, like humans, will not be able to see for a few minutes and will stop in their tracks. Picture the proverbial deer in the headlights image.

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Some of our Flashlight Stun Guns even have a strobe setting to further disorientate an attacker. Think back to your younger days, when you entered the disco tech and there were all the strobe lights flashing in all different directions. If was mind numbing and easy to become distracted. The S.O.S setting is great to use as a warning beacon, if your vehicle should become disabled, along the side of the road.

Add the size and weight of some of the larger Stun Gun Baton Flashlights and you will also gain a clubbing device. Use whatever means you have available to escape your scary situation!

Will The Probes On A Stun Gun Go Through Clothing?

Stun guns do not have to make skin contact in order to shock a person. They can penetrate through up to 1/2 inch of clothing and can even be felt from about an inch away from the shocking probes themselves. Of course, you will not feel the electricity in your own hand, as you stun your perpetrator, since you are holding it by its rubber handle and your hand is well away and behind the metal probes. They have been tested on jeans, leather, thick down feather winter coats, as well as bulky sweatshirts. Rest assured, it will work!

Does A Stun Gun Shoot The Probes At A Target?

No, that would be considered a Taser. A stun gun is meant for close contact intervention. You will have to touch your assailant with the stun gun and activate the shocking probes to achieve the desired results....Your attacker drops to the floor, or jumps back in surprise and hurt.

A Taser holds a cartridge, with several metal coils inside that have two sharp, metal barbs attached. You are able to fire them up to 15 feet and the barbs will hook and stick to your invader. You can then fire the electric shock, which will travel quickly along the wire and stun them into submission. A Taser can also be used as a close contact stun gun, with the attached probes on the end of it.

Can You Fire A Stun Gun Multiple Times On A Single Charge?

You can activate the stun mechanism time and time again, over and over, until it is dead! Only use one second bursts, so as to not damage the electronics of the device, then just recharge it up for several hours, and it will be ready to fire over and over again. Normal stun guns should only need a charge about once a month, for approximately one half hour, but if it has been depleted, or newly purchased, it will require a few hours to become fully charged. The stun gun will then hold its charge for up to three months, if it is not in use for long periods.

Are They Made Of Metal Or Plastic?

These Flashlight Stun Gun Combos are made of high quality aircraft aluminum, to ensure a long lifespan. All are guaranteed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, so you never have to worry about purchasing junk and getting stuck with it. We will stand behind our products and replace any defective stun gun that you have purchased here on our site.

Does The Indicator Light Go Off When The Stun Gun Is Fully Charged?

No, most stun guns will have an indicator light to show that they are charging, but it will not go off, or change to green to indicate it it fully recharged. The light is merely to show that the plug is inserted into the outlet correctly and is currently recharging. It is best to leave it plugged in for about 1/2 hour, but if your stun gun has sat idle for more than 3 months, or if you have been using it frequently as a flashlight, then you may want to either charge it up for several hours. You will be able to tell the difference and hear a loud, distinct crackle, if it is fully charged.

Can A Stun Gun Be Used Against Vicious Dogs?

While you can use a stun gun against an attacking dog, it surely is not recommended. Usually the loud crackling sound will be enough to scare off most dogs, there are some that do not mind the noise. If you do find yourself in a situation, where a dog is latched on to your legs, then by all means, go ahead and zap them once, but please do not use the stun gun on animals, unless it is absolutly necessary. It may also be considered animal cruelty and you might land yourself in some trouble with the law, if you do so.

Is There A Safety Switch On These Stun Guns?

There are a variety of safety switches on many of our flashlight stun gun combos. Some specifically have an on/off button located on the bottom of the device, that must be manually turned on, in order for the stun portion to work. Others have a two button or slide button and zap button feature. You will have to look through and see which safety feature is right for you.

Do These Stun Guns Come With A Case?

Some of our stun guns come with a sturdy nylon holster, while others come with a belt clip. We have several models where you can purchase a matching, colored leatherette holster for it. See which best suits your needs.

Has Any One Used These Stun Guns On Themselves? Does It Hurt?

It's crazy, but people have indeed tried to stun themselves! And it certainly did hurt! If you feel the need to writhing around on the floor for a while, go ahead and try it yourself! Most Police and Corrections Officers have had to be stunned, with a stun gun, in order for them to be ceritified to use one on a suspect. If you are not sure what it would feel like, ask them. They will all surely say that they do not need any further training in that department!

Will The Shock Transfer To You, If The Assailant Is Holding You, And You Use It?

The electric shock only affects the muscle group that it comes in contact with, and will not travel through ones body and into another. Understanding how electricity works, the probes on the end of the stun gun are a closed and isolated circuit. There is no ground path. One probe sends the electricity, while the other probe receives it. The shock is distributed by whatever comes in contact between the tow probes. The same is true if either you or your attacker happened to be standing in a pool of water. The water will not affect the shock and make it transfer to you, or cause it to be extra powerful. Only the muscle group you touch will be depleted of energy and go limp.