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Cell Phone

Have you ever seen a fake iphone taser before? These great concealed weapons will fool anyone into thinking you are simply holding an ordinary cell phone. But release the 12 Million Votts shock, with 4.9 milliamps, and you will take them by surprise for sure!

This is the best way to fool your attacker and shock him, before he even realizes you have pulled a weapon out of your purse, or pocket. Surprise is your best defense in any situation. If you let them see a weapon coming, they will react and may try to take it from you, or strike it out of your hands. Simply take it out of your purse, like you are going to look at it, or make a call, and quickly zap your intruder.

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Does This Stun Gun Really Look Like A Cell Phone In Person?

This realistic looking, concealed stun gun, will fool anybody at first glance. It is the exact shape and size of most ordinary cell phones, plus it comes with a nice leather case to keep it in.The shocking prongs are small and located on the tip of the device, so you would have to look very closely to notice them.

Do The Cell Phone Stun Guns Come With A Remote Controller?

While a remote control would be an interesting feature on a stun gun, there really is no need for one, since you need for the prongs to touch your intruders body, in order for it to work properly. The only way a remote control would work, is if the attacker grabbed the device by the actual metal shocking prongs themselves.

Does A Cell Phone Taser Work Well?

12 Million Volts and 4.9 Milliamps is plenty to bring down an assailant. 4.9 Milliamps is the highest amperage you will find, since anything over that will just fry the equipment. Combined with the voltage, it is very powerful. Hold the device on your attacker for 1/2 second and he will jump back from the shock. Hold for 1 second, it will cause the muscle group to twitch. But if you can keep the contact for a full 3 seconds, it will deplete the muscle group of energy and they will fall down.

Does The Stun Gun Come With A Charger As Well?

All of our stun guns come with some sort of charging cord and plug in charger. A few, like The Runt and The Lil Guy, already have built in charger prongs attached. The Slider and The Stunmaster Charger can be charged from any USB port as well. The Stunmaster Covert can also be charged with a cigarette lighter adapter. Check out our whole line of stun guns and accessories here at www.sandssafetystore.com.

Is This A Real Cell Phone?

No, these are fake iphone tasers that are concealed to look just like a real cell phone. The idea here is to use the element of surprise, so as to not alert your would be attacker that you are armed, to gain tactical advantage. Surprise is your best friend in an attack. The stun gun does not take or receive any phone calls or text messages.

What Iphone Model Does It Fit?

These fake iphone tasers do not fit on any phone. They are a complete and separate unit that simply has the look, size, shape and feel of a real cell phone. It does not attach to anything. They are a free standing device that is meant to be used for self defense only.

What Kind Of Batteries Do These Use?

There is no need for battery replacement, as the units are completely rechargeable, with the charging cord provided. Simply plug the device into any standard household outlet and charge it up for about 1/2 hour, approximately once a month, to maintain a good bright light and full, strong shocking voltage.

Do You Use Only Once Then Have To Recharge Or Can You Zap Someone Twice?

You can zap a fully charged stun gun many, many times before it starts to lose it's charge. You can practice using the device, or even scare off a would be attacker, by simply pressing down on the stun button, in one second bursts. Try to only discharge only one second at a time, or you can damage the stun gun, by releasing the electronic energy for too long of a time at once. Just be sure to keep your stun gun fully charged, at all times, to get the most use out of it, in your time of need.

What Is The Tiny Light For Next To The Plug In Socket?

This would be the charging indicator light, that will come on when you plug it in, to indicate that the unit is charging properly. If you don't see a light, then it may not be receiving electricity and will not be charged up, when you take it out of the outlet. Check to make sure your household socket is working, then see if the stun gun charging prong is inserted securely and the charging light is on.

How Bright Is The Flashlight?

This fake iphone taser has an 80 Lumen LED Flashlight. Certainly bright enough to light your path, on a dark night!