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The BEST LIPSTICK STUN GUN on the market! Get yours today. These small, compact designed electric shock devices are not only a powerful self defense tool, but they come in a beautiful rhinestone studded case as well. You will fool anyone with these concealed non-lethat weapons. They look just like a tube of lipstick. Fool your friends too!

  • 3 Million Volts
  • 4.2 Miliamps
  • Bright 80 Lumen Flashlight
  • Sturdy Aircraft Aluminum With Rhinestone Decoration
  • Built In Rechargeable Battery And Separate Charging Cord Included

Measures 5" x 1"

5 Colors To Choose From: Black, Pink, Red, Gold, and Purple


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5 Item(s)

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Do You Need To Attach A Safety Pin Before Activating The Lipstick Stun Gun?

No, this is the best Lipstick Stun Gun. Simply charge it up for about 1/2 hour and it will be ready for use.There is no safety pin needed.

How Far Away From Your Attacker Can You Be? Or Do You Have To Touch The Attacker With The Device To Deliver The Shock?

You will have to touch your attacker with the Lipstick Stun Gun, in order to transmit an electric shock to him. Remember though, It will penetrate through 1/2 inch of clothing, so it doesn't have to be direct skin contact.

Will The Top Pop Off In My Pocket Or Purse And Accidentally Stun, Or Drain The Flashlight?

No. The top to your Lipstick Stun Gun firmly closes in to place. The chances are slim that the top will pop off and push on the units buttons.

Does It Smell When Used?

No, it does not. You will hear a fairly loud electric zap noise, and see a spark of light, but it will not emit any odors

How Many Volts Does The Lipstick Stun Gun have?

You will find 3 million volts of stunning power and 4.2 miliamps in these great concealed non-lethal weapons. You will find plenty of jolt in these small devices

Will 3 Million Volts Stop A Grown Man?

As little as 100,000 volts will stop most grown men easily. Remember the attacker always have the element of surprise so you should always have it ready win feeling uncomfortable are in a dark parking lot. It's always best to carry something that protects you from a distance and something that will protect you close up. So I suggest carrying a pepper spray and use it as a long range deterrent. If the attacker is still coming at you, stun him with your stun gun.The combination will certainly make him incapacitated long enough for you to get away. 

Will The Shock Travel Through An Attacker And Come Back To Shock The User?

A stun gun only disables the muscle group that it is used on and does not travel through the body. In other words, if you stun someone in the thigh, it will only affect the thigh area. Get them in the arm and it will only disable that arm. The electronic shock will not come back and affect you too.

Will The Lipstick Stun Gun Work To Scare Off An Attacking Dog?

You will find most dogs will jump back even at the crackle of a stun gun. It will work against them too though, when you touch them and release the stunning power. But please, DO NOT use it on an animal, just to see what they will do, or to see how the unit will work.

Is The Rechargeable Battery Included, Or Where Can One Be Purchased?

The rechargeable battery is already installed. and the Lipstick Stun Gun includes a charging cord that will plug into any standard household outlet

This is the best Lipstick Stun Gun around. It is small and lightweight, plus convenient to carry in your purse. Just pull it out and your attacker will think that it is an ordinary tube of lipstick. Pop off the top and you are ready to stun anyone, or use the nice bright flashlight attached. It is a must have, self defense tool for all the ladies!