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21 inch Solid Steel Expandable Baton - Get One Today!

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The 21 INCH STEEL COLLAPSIBLE BATON is one handy powerful weapon. Just grab a hold of the rubberized handle and give it a good flick of the wrist. The baton expands to 21 inches of self defense, for a longer reach. Then slam it down on to a hard surface to close

Comes with a nice heavy duty nylon holster, for easy carrying and storing. It will also fit nicely into your back pocket for an even quicker self defense tool. Closed length is 8 1/4"

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Are Steel Batons Legal?

You may have just stopped at your first Gun Show and Knife Show, or saw your friend with a really mean looking Steel Baton and you of course, want one too! Well you should certainly check with your local and state restrictions, before you find yourself in a bad situation with the law. You will have many decisions to make, prior to your purchase.

What Is A Steel Baton?

Most people that purchase a Steel Baton, prefer an expandable or collapsible type, to make it a less cumbersome self protection device. It is a series of three long sections of steel, each a bit thicker than the next, that will expand to interlock, upon a quick thrust of the arm and wrist, to form one long, solid Steel Stick. They will also have a button type end, or some other sort of protrusion, to make your strike more effective. A Steel Baton will have a nice comfortable rubber handle grip and usually a good holster, so you can carry it on your belt. It can be closed by holding the Baton in a vertical position and striking down on a solid surface, like concrete. The interlocking steel shafts will retract back to their original size and be ready to store back in its’ holster. The best Collapsible Steel Baton will be made of solid steel. You may be able to purchase a hollow Steel Baton cheaper, but you do get what you pay for. It can bend on its first impact, rendering the tool useless.

How Do You Use A Baton?

After deploying your Telescoping Steel Baton, be prepared to use it, and use it wisely, else you may find your assailant becomes angry and will want to cause you further pain. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, grasp the rubber handle of the Baton and use your whole upper body to gain a long sweeping arc with the Baton, much like a batter, and swing down hard on the area you are targeting. Stay 1 to 2 feet from your attacker, to maintain the best leverage.

What Areas Should I Target With A Steel Baton?

The best places to strike an assailant that is threatening you are the bony parts of an attacker's body, including the fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, shins, ribs, collarbone and head. The Baton can also be used to block an attack or advancement of an attacker.

What Are The Advantages Of A Steel Baton?

1. Most people only think of the baton as a baseball bat like tool, but it can be used in a vertical fashion too, as a Kubaton, or pressure point defense. You can also tie a rope around the attackers wrist, once you have subdued them, wrap the cord around the Baton, twist it, and create a tight restraining device until the police arrive.

2. The greatest advantage of a Baton, over many other self defense products, is that you can stop and attacker from a distance. It can extend your arm reach considerably, in a close contact fight. Most attackers will retreat, just at the sound of the Steel Baton being extended, knowing how much a strike can cause serious injury and pain.

3. The small compact size of a holstered Collapsible Steel Baton, makes it easy to carry, so it is less cumbersome and quick to deploy.

4. The Baton will never run out of electricity or be low on batteries, because you failed to charge them.

5. It can be used to knock away an attackers weapon from his hand, like a knife, with one quick sweep, while still maintaining a larger distance between you and him

6. It is portable and can stash away easily in a your vehicle, to have on hand, under your seat or next to your car door.

7. It can also be used as a survival tool, in case of emergencies. It will quickly act as a glass breaker, to extricate yourself from your vehicle, in case of an accident, or help someone else who may need assistance breaking out of their own car.

8. The are able to be used in confined areas, like your house, without the cross contamination of pepper sprays. And they never run out of spray, or aerosol, like an expired can of spray can.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Steel Baton?

1. When used as a device to prod, or poke at a suspect, it may collapse, if it has not been fully deployed and locked into place.

2. Most Collapsible Steel Batons have the majority of the weight in the handle area, since that is the widest part, and the striking area is thinner, thus giving a less forceful blow than a fixed long Baton, much like a bat.

3. If stealth is needed, the Expandable Baton may rattle in the chamber a bit, when closed, revealing your position. In this case, it would be best to have your Baton extended, before approaching a perpetrator.

What Size Steel Baton Is Best?

They come in 16, 21, or 26 inches, so you can choose the one that is the best collapsible steel baton for your height and weight. Even though you may think that longer is better, you may want to consider whether you can yield something that is that long. A smaller person, may be better well suited to using a 16 or 21 inch Baton, for greater control. A longer 26 inch Baton is definitely more effective, but is harder to handle.

Are Telescoping Steel Batons Legal In My State?

So yes, we are now on to the legalities of whether you can carry your Collapsible Steel Baton in your state. these states all have enacted some type of legislation concerning carrying Steel Batons:

* California
* Connecticut
* Massachusetts
* Michigan
* Pennsylvania
* New York State
* Tennessee
* Texas
* Washington DC

Most of these states will consider a Steel Baton as a dangerous weapon and carry different laws and restrictions. Many states have loose laws, that do not really address Steel Batons in particular, but consider your intent to use it as a safety tool, or as a weapon to commit a crime. As in some states, like North Carolina, they will allow you to carry, as long as it is not concealed. And in many states, it is legal to own a Steel Baton, and keep it on your person, as long as it is restricted to your own personal property, like your home.

Batons are legal for law enforcement and military personal. Most areas will not allow you to carry them on school grounds or government office buildings.

I would strongly urge you to check with your local and state regulations, before you carry a Steel Baton on your person. It is a very effective survival or emergency tool in any self protection situation.

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