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130db Multi Purpose Door and Personal Alert - Lower Cost

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Loud 130db Portable Alarm for personal carry use, or as an alert against theft and unlawful entry.

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This great multipurpose personal alarm can be used to alert those around you that you are in distress, or to ward off would be thieves.


  • Persoanal Alarm - carry in your pocket, or hand. If you are approached by an unsavory character, you can simply pull the alert pin, activating the 130 db siren and blinking light to attract attention to passersby, plus scare off your attacker.
  • Purse or Bag Theft Alarm - Carry the alarm in your purse, computer bag, or backpack. Wrap the attached cord around your wrist. If someone tries to steal your bag, the siren will sound, scaring off your thief, plus alert you to their actions.
  • Laptop Alarm - Place the door clip attachment under your laptop. If someone attempts to steal your property, the siren will sound off, alerting you to a thief. Place under any object you are concerned might be easily stolen.
  • Door and Window Alarm - Use the door alarm attachment to secure your entryway from intruders. If the door or window is opened, the pin will drop and create a loud 130 db alarm to awaken you, alerting you the door has been tampered with, plus scare off your invader. Use at home, or in hotels and college dorms. Even place one in your car or RV

Requires one 9 volt battery (Not Included)

Measures: 3" x 2" x 1"

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