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Child Trackers

If you have ever had that sick feeling of losing your child for a few seconds in a busy department store, than you can surely understand the need for these wireless child trackers. Simply attach the wrist band to your curious child, adjust the settings to the parameters your choice, add the other end to your key chain, and let your child wander safely. If he ever disappears under the coat rack, or slips around the corner, you can push the remote button on your key chain and a loud alarm will sound on his wrist band, alerting you to his location. If your child strays too far from the parameter you have set, again, the alarm will sound and you can track him down, without him getting out of the range you have set.

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Another great feature of this safety device, is the beeper attached to your childs wrist band. If he should find himself lost and gets scared, he can also push the button on the strap attached to him and alert you as to his presence.

There are many other ways these handy wireless Child Trackers can be used. Many of our elderly parents with dementia or altzheimers have a tendency to wander also. If you are one of their primary caretakers, you know how hard it is to keep track of your patient, while still tending to all of your household chores. People with this devastating disease are like a little 2 year old. You must keep a constant eye them, to keep them out of harms way. One second you look away, and they have slipped out of your sight.

It can also be helpful for the elderly, as an emergency button that they can push, to alert you that they are in trouble, while they may be resting in their room. Perhaps they have fallen out of bed, or are having trouble breathing. It is so hard to monitor your elderly parent, while going about your every day activities. Keep your mom or dad safe, and ease your peace of mind.

You may even want to attach your wireless Child Tracker to your key chain or other valuables, so you don't lose them. How many times have you searched the house for those elusive keys, or the TV remote control?!

Attach a wireless Child Tracker to your purse. If a thief snatches your bag and runs, you can set off your remote alarm and alert everyone who stole your purse.

The uses are endless. Try and think outside the box here. These trackers do not have to be used only as a child safety device. Check them out today

What Is The Range On This?

You will be able to set the wireless child tracker range from 10 to 100 feet and use an app on your android or iphone to monitor the device. The Child Guard Panda wrist tracker has a range from 6 to 30 feet and can be monitored with the attached key chain holder and alarm. The receiving range can be slightly less if used through walls or large objects.

What Is The Size Range Of These Devices?

These Child Trackers are sized to fit a small toddler, on up to an average size adult wrist, making it quite versatile. You can also remove the wireless child tracker from the wrist strap and attach to other objects or your own larger wrist strap, if needed

How Loud Is The Alarm?

Your new wireless Child Tracker will emit a easy to hear, loud 70 decible alarm to alert you of your missing child or item. You should have no trouble hearing this loud alarm from the set range of 10 and 100 feet.