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Personal Safety Lights

What are Shoe Safety Lights and how can they help runners?

Well, if you are a runner, or like to walk at night, you realize how dangerous it can be. You can simply clip on a Shoe Safety Light to the heel of your sneaker and be seen for up to ½ mile. They can be set for a steady glow, or blink mode. I would highly recommend them for any night time activities that are anywhere near a road. People walking their dogs, or bicycling or walking for exercise have all experienced some sort of close call, at some point. As night time falls early during the winter hours, don’t let the sun going down ruin your daily walk or exercise.

4,000 pedestrians are killed from vehicle related injuries each year in the United States alone. Many joggers and walkers are forced to use the shoulder of a road, where the speed limit is 25 to 45 mph. Being struck by a vehicle traveling at 25 mph is equivalent to falling off a 2 story building. At 45 mph impact is same as falling off a 6 story building. Most accidents happen after dark, and with jogging on roadways in the same direction as vehicles.

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Some tips for Jogging or Walking Safety:

*Wear Reflective Clothing

*Always run against traffic

*Be alert to vehicles crossing over into the wrong lane

*Groups of joggers or walkers should remain in single file

*Be aware and recognize you can be struck from behind AND by oncoming vehicles

*Always run or walk with identification and your cellphone

*Wear bright, fluorescent clothing

*If you listen to music, keep volume low to be able to hear surrounding traffic and noise, or keep one ear open

*Intersections are most dangerous. Look in all directions before crossing. Wait for green light or crossing signal

*Run on the sidewalk whenever possible, it will separate you from vehicles

*Avoid running on roads during rush hour.. Usually between 6 to 9 in the morning or evenings.

*If you must run on a shoulder, run against traffic. Be aware of all surrounding traffic, from in front and behind.

*Make yourself as visible as possible.

*Try to find safe well lit jogging paths, instead of the road, if possible.

*Take a buddy for added safety.

*Keep a Stun Gun or Pepper Spray handy on your person for emergencies

*Wear Safe Shoe Lights

Shoe Safety Lights come in 6 different bright LED colors to match your preference. All are water resistant and will clip easily on most walking or running shoes. They can even be worn on your kids shoes as well. Some people also like to attach the lights to their wrist or use as an arm band, to make themselves even more visible.Safety Steps Shoe Safety Lights are lightweight, easy to attach and will stay illuminated for up to 60 hours on flash mode, or 35 on steady mode. Just push the button and the light is on or off. The batteries are easy to change. Simply open the battery compartment and slide out the battery holder, remove the old batteries and replace with 2 new CR2016 batteries, then just slide back in and close the compartment. You are ready to go!

These lights are not only great for people who jog, but also for walking your dog at night, biking and campers too. If you are a runner or walker on a regular basis, you certainly have encountered running along a local road with a very narrow shoulder. You surely have met some close calls with vehicles. You should do everything you can to make yourself as visible as possible. The Safe Steps Clip On Shoe Safety Lights will help tremendously to ensure you are seen.

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Can A Flashlight Be Used As A Safety Weapon?

You bet it can? Especially if you have a super bright light, like the 1000 Lumen LED Zoom Light. Use it as an ordinary flashlight to light your path, then if you find yourself confronting a dangerous individual or animal, simply shine the light directly at their eyes. It will definitely cause temporary blindness and you can get away quickly. It also can be zoomed down to a narrow beam, so you can use it to pinpoint a more direct light to something that is farther away and see it a bit more clearly. If after you have temporarily blinded your attacker, you can still also use this heavy duty flashlight as a baton and hit them over the head with it! You do whatever it takes to escape the situation.

Next, these extra bright Zoom Lights can also be set to a strobe mode too. It's a great safety feature that will help to alert traffic or others of your presense. Many hunters, hikers, even farmers like the super bright light to illuminate the area when they are out, since it gets quite dark out in the country at night. It gives them a lot more to see, in case any unwanted critters come along. Just shine the light in the animals' eyes, and it will slow them down too.