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SafeFamilyLife Kits

Have you ever had to send your child off to college?


Then you know what that scary, sick in the stomach feeling is, when you drop your son or daughter off at the campus and have to close the door and leave them there. It is worse than the first day of kindergarten!


Send them off with confidence. Purchase a good self defense safety kit and ease your mind, and theirs, as they start out on their new journey, in this unpredictable world. You will find educational material on keeping safe, as well as a variety of necessary self defense items for your young adult.


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Do you worry about your daughter on her own now?


You can help your newly independent daughter learn about safety and self defense, with one of our Safe Family Life Kits For Women. Included are safety videos, self defense educational booklets, tips for dating and various self defense products, like pepper spray, a diversion safe to hide her valuables, and personal alarms to alert others that she is in danger.


With crimes against woman at an all time high, you want to be sure your daughter is protected from rapists, thieves, burglars and personal property damage. Give her the best defense you can and ease your mind, as well, that she will be educated and alert to potential dangers.


Are You Worried About Your Safety Around Your Apartment?


Well, you are in luck. We carry a Safe Family Life Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit, that will teach you safe techniques in and around your apartment, to keep you and your family from harm. There are instructional manuals and DVDs included, on safety, what to do in case of a home invasion, how to protect against burglaries and how to stay safe in your apartment complex.


You will also find Pepper Spray, Door Alarms, a Diversion Safe, and much more is included in your Apartment Survival Kit. Always be prepared and ready for any emergency situation that may arise. These kits make great gifts too. Do you know a young person just starting out on their journey in life? Most of the time, they end up in some sort of apartment situation. Give them the tools they may need to stay protected and keep them from harm. Order one today!


Do You Know A Young New Driver?


Perhaps this is a good time to introduce your new driver to some great safety material, that not only may educate them about personal protection while driving, but it may save their life as well. Included in the Safe Family Life Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit, are an Auto Emergency Tool, Flashlight, Pepper Sprays, Nap Alarm and a Diversion Safe. Keep them protected on the road.


There are also 5 Safety Reports included, as well, with important information on preventing car jacking and car burglaries, prevention and management of auto emergencies, parking lot safety, and what to do if you are stopped by a police officer.


Additionally, there is an instructional DVD included, on the use and care of the products contained in the safety kit.


This is another great gift for new drivers, or experienced drivers alike. We can all use safety tips and safe products to keep us from harm, as we travel in these strange and dangerous times.