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Bear Repellents

Bear sightings in rural and suburban areas are on the rise. As we build closer and closer to their natural habitats, plus the ease of access to food, bears are becoming a nuisance in our neighborhoods. Most of the time, they are harmless, but they are still scary, nonetheless.

Black bears are the most commonly sighted bear in populated areas. They are foraging for food in your garbage cans and back yards, as well as store dumpsters. You can reduce the chance of an encounter with a bear in your back yard, by keeping your trash cans secure and out of sight, like stored in a closed garage.

You should keep a large can of Bear Spray handy, just in case a bear feels threatened, and decides to attack. Bear Spray will send a stream of hot pepper fog up to 20 feet away, giving you as much room as possible, between you and your scary bear.

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Does The Bear Spray Come With A Holster?

A holster is not included with the Bear Spray, but a nylon holster with a belt loop, can be purchased separately.

Can Bear Spray Be Shipped To My State?

We can ship Bear Spray to any state in the lower 48. It cannot be shipped by air, so only ground transport is available. In general, Bear Deterrent is an EPA registered pesticide, which according to the label can only be used for that intended purpose and can be shipped.
However, it is not legal as a defense spray for anything other than a bear. Any other use would be illegal because of its size and label restriction.
Some states do have a limit as to the size of a can of pepper spray you can carry, but bear spray is not considered a use as a personal self defense product
Laws can vary from each state, county, and/or city. You should check with your local law enforcement agency for clarification

How Long Does It Last When Not Used?

A can of Bear Spray will expire from 2 to 5 years from purchase date. Most cans of spray will be clearly labeled with the expiration date stamped on the bottom

Can Bear Spray Be Used Against Dogs?

While it certainly will work to repel a vicious dog, according to the manufacturer instructions, this item should never be used against any animal other than bears. Use against other animals can have unpredictable and possibly dangerous results.So it would be best to only use on bears, but if a dog is attacking you and it is the only defense available, it certainly will work to repel them. Be aware that it may result in cruelty against animal charges though, if used improperly.

Check with your state and local laws before use.

Can Bear Spray Be Stored In My Car?

You should not store any aerosol can in your vehicle, which sustains a huge variety of temperature fluctuations. There are restrictins on the canister and the temperature range states "above 120 degrees to below 32 degrees." The canister also states "Do not store in hot vehicle or direct sunlight."