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Security Scanners

Are you looking to take a little extra security in to your own hands? Perhaps you are having a party that might require your guests to feel safe, or a corporate meeting with all the big wigs and you need to ensure their security. Do you own a bar or a club that you want to make sure is safe and secure?

Perhaps you should consider your own small hand held metal detector for security.  They are useful for scanning IDs and for searching pockets, or purses. Check for stainless steel weapons, contraband and other metallic objects.

These hand held metal detectors can also be a useful household tool to check the walls and tight spaces for hidden items like metal pipes or studs, can also check wood for nails. One model even comes with a scraping blade to sift through soil. Look for metal treasures in your yard, or find your spent shell casings. There are a thousand uses for a metal scanner!

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Will These Scanners Detect Metal In Food?

Yes, metal scanners will indeed detect metal in food, as well as, they can be used to find studs and hidden wires and pipes behind walls.

Can A Metal Scanner Scan For Needles In Clothing?

It will certainly detect a needle in clothing, as well as a tack in a shoe. It will pickup a medium size safety pin and a small piece of a thin paper clip. And don't forget metal objects that your pet may have ingested. The uses for a scanner are limitless

Can The Audible Alert Be Disengaged So That Only The Vibration Alert Is Active?

You can use it in vibration alert only, vibration/sound and sound mode, depending on your needs

Will These Detectors Scan For Aluminum?

Yes, you can find aluminum cans and other aluminum materials with these Metal Detectors.

Can These Garrett Detectors Be Used To Detect Cell Phones And Other Small Electronic Devices?

Yes, since cell phones and electronic devices all contain copper and metal, they will be detected by a metal detector. This is a great way to keep youngsters from sneaking their cell phones, or tablet in to the class room or other restricted areas, like a testing room.

As A Veterinary, Can These Be Used To Check For Metal Objects In An Animals Stomach?

Sure, it will detect metals if the pieces are large enough and close enough. It has also been used to detect coins that penguins and waterfowl have swallowed.

Are These Detectors Water Proof?

No, these small hand held metal detectors are water resistant, but certainly should not be submerged in water.