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Dog Repellents

If you have ever been on a casual walk around your neighborhood, or local trail, you may have encountered that one dog, that feels the need to over protect his territory, and may scare you, preventing you from your daily excersize.

Or perhaps you are on vacation and in an unfamiliar area, walking your little pooch, when all of a sudden a vicious dog comes racing out and you nearly lose your precious baby.

This is why you should carry a Dog Repellant. Whether you prefer to carry a simple noise repellant, or a harsher Dog Repellent Spray, you can find a variety of self protection and animal deterrents here.

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Will The Electronic Dog Repellent Stop My Dog From Barking?

The Electronic Dog Repellent is designed as a means to stop an attacking dog, but it can be used as a training tool as well. The high pitched ultra sound cannot be heard by human ears, so you may only want to press the repellent button for a second or two, firmly use the phrase "No Barking", and repeat as necessary. Hopefully, your dog will catch on quickly and stop his annoying bark.

Will The Electronic Dog Repellent Work Through A Wood Fence?

You will need a direct line of sight for the ultra sound repellent to work on the animal that is offending you. If barking is an issue on the other side of the fence, just place your device over the top of the fenced area and depress the button for a second or two, to stop the offending noise.

Will The Electronic Dog Repellent Harm A Dogs Hearing?

The manufacturer assures that these electronic dog repellents do not harm a dogs hearing, but we recommend you only depress the ultra sound button for a second or two to stop the animal, without any undue stress. The idea is to stop the animal, and get away. It is designed as a safe, non evasive repellent, not to be used to cause harm. If used in any other way, you could find yourself dealing with animal cruelty charges. This is not a toy!

Will A Human Hear Any Noise?

An electronic dog repellent can only be heard by animals, so it is imperative that the device is not over used, with pets nearby. Just press the button for one to two seconds and you will see the desired effect.....your vicious or barking animal will retreat and stop the unwanted behavior.

Does The Mace Canine Spray Contain A Dye In It?

Dog Repellent Spray does not contain any identifying dye, that might be harmful to the offending animal. The idea is to scare the dog off, not to harm them.

Can Canine Repellent Spray Be Shipped To New York State?

You are able to purchase and ship Canine Spray to New York State, since it contains a much smaller concentration of oleo resin capsicum and it is marketed as an animal repellent. If you do use the spray in the event of a committing a crime, it will be considered a felony though. Pepper Sprays and Canine Sprays are only to be used in self defense and as a deterrent against attacks.