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Pet Safety Lights

It is a dangerous world out there at night not only for you, but your pet as well. You do everything you can to make yourself as visible as possible, why not make your dog safer too? Add a Pet Blinkie to his leash or collar and make your pet easier to spot in the dark.


These clip on dog collar lights are easy to attach and remove to any leash, collar or harness. The bright flashing LED lights are waterproof and can help your pet to be seen from up to ½ mile away. They come in 3 blinking colors: Blue/White, Pink/Jade, Red/White/Blue


Give you and your pets a little extra protection when you are on your evening walk or run. Your dog will look pretty cool too!


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Are These Pet Blinkies Water Proof?

Yes, these clip on dog collar lights are water proof. They are made to sustain a dogs normal acitivities, like splashing in puddles, running around in the rain and jumping in the creek! You probably only need to attach the Pet Blinkie when you are ready to take your evening walk, to make you and your pet more visible at night. They easily clip on and off any leash, collar or harness.

What Is The Battery Life?

You can expect at least 20 to 30 hours of battery life, if you use it continuously. You will get a longer battery lifespan, by using them for shorter durations at a time.

Can You Select The Color, Or Does It Just Flash All Three?

You can choose which color Pet Blinkie you would like. They are available in a Blue and White combination, Pink and Jade, or a Red, White and Blue and alternate with flashing colors, very similar to the way a police light does.

Is The Battery Replaceable?

The Pet Blinkie requires three AG3 batteries, which can be ordered here at sandssafetystore.com. They are easy to remove and replace, by simply untwisting the cap, removing the three batteries from their plastic sleeve, and dropping three batteries back in. Screw the end back on, and you are all ready to walk your pet safely at night.

How Do You Turn It On?

You turn the head clockwise for on and counter clockwise for off. It is a simple design, to make it easy to operate. You don't want to be fumbling around with your clip on dog collar light, just turn it on and head out the door for your evening walk.