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Blow Guns and Accessories

Long before we had shot guns and rifles, there once was a time when only crude hunting instruments were available. The blow gun was used for hunting small game and birds, plus, it made a handy self defense tool as well. They were mostly used in the South and Central American areas, and in many Asian countries. Blow guns are still used today, as a small game weapon, or as a novelty item to shoot paint balls and practice darts.

It certainly never hurts to learn how to properly operate and practice with even the most rudimentary hunting tool. You never know when you may become the next victim of a plane crash or your boat top sides and you end up on some deserted island. Unfortunately, not all of us are the professor from Gulligans Island, or have been the latest star on Survivor! You should prepare yourself to survive any emergency or environment that you may find yourself suddently thrust into.

At the very least, you can become an expert at shooting paint balls or darts at a target. Impress your friends! Check them out today. We carry some of the best blow guns available.

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Can A Blow Gun Kill Small Game?

With a lot of practice and careful aim, you will be able to hunt small game, as well as birds. The best blow gun darts can penetrate 1/4 inch plywood, and fire over 250 feet at a velocity of over 350 feet per second. But please, only shoot game as a means for food. We don't want to kill small animals just for practice. That is what a target board, or aluminum cans are for!

What Are The Darts Made Of?

The dart shaft is steel. The flight end of the dart is made of plastic.

Are Dart Guns Legal In My State?

Most states will allow the use of a Dart Gun, but you will need to check with your local and state laws to ensure there are no restrictions or ordinances.

Does It Come With A Site?

Yes, there is a site located on the end of the Blow Dart, to aid in a better aim. Using a bulls eye target will help you to see where your darts are actually landing and teach you to aim better accordingly.

How Far Does A Blow Gun Shoot?

Well, that all depends on your lung capacity and how much air you can expell. Most people can shoot over 250 feet. You will lose some accuracy, the further out the target is. You will have to practice with your blow gun to accurately shoot at different lengths.

Can The Blow Gun Shoot Paint Balls?

There is a paint ball attachment available, so you can convert your Blow Dart Gun into a Paint Ball Blow Gun, We also carry a Paint Ball Magazine Holder, so you can carry a larger amount of balls, without having to continuously reload. Each magazine will hold up to 20 balls at a time.

Are The Blow Guns One Piece, Or Can They Be Separated?

The smaller sized Blow Guns will be packaged as one piece, but the larger 48 inch, 60 inch, and 72 inch blow guns do come in 2 pieces, to make toting easier and prevent breakage and bending. The best blow guns will be made from seamless aircraft aluminum, to ensure a lightweight and durable tool.

Can The Darts Be Reused?

You will be able to reuse the darts many times. Bring along a pair of pliers to remove the darts from the target, in one smooth straight motion. They can be slightly difficult to remove, depending on how deep they have penetrated the targeted object, like a piece of 1/4 inch plywood.

How Many Darts Come With It?

Each Dart Gun will include 12 metal darts. You may purchase additional 100 to 250 darts here at a relatively low cost.

What mm Is The Bore On The Dart Guns?

All of the Blow Darts here will be manufactured with a .40 caliber bore. You will be able to shoot small pellets, marbles and paint balls with this size bore.

Are The Darts Very Sharp?

The darts are shaved to a sharp needlelike point. You must be careful when handling and are certainly not recommended for use by children, unless supervised by a responsible adult. The darts are capable of penetrating a 1/4 inch piece of plywood, so, like any weapon, care must be taken at all times. You will find these are some of the best blow gun darts available.