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Steel Batons

A solid Steel Expandable Baton can be very menacing tool for self defense. Just the sight of this baton in your hand, will send your attacker running.

Keep one in your car, next to your seat, or in your home. They can be retrieved and expanded to its full length, with a simple flick of the arm and wrist. Use it as a tire thumper to check the air in your wheels. You can also carry one in the holster, that is included with your telescopic steel baton.

Steel Expandable Batons can be purchased in 16. 21, and 26" lengths, with a nice rubberized coating for a good hand grip and a heavy duty, nylon belt holster for easy storage and carrying.

To make your steel baton even more useful, you can screw on a bright LED Flashlight attachment, or a Glass Breaker attachment.

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Expandable Steel Batons have been around for years. They are one of the simplest self defense tools you can find, and sometimes simple is the best.
With the telsecopic design, you can carry this effective non-lethal individual protection weapon, easier, on your person, or store it in small spaces in your car or home. Then just pull it out of its heavy duty, nylon sheath, give it a quick flick of your wrist and arm, and you have a solid steel self defense weapon at the ready.
The parts of the baton will expand and interlock with each other, creating a 16, 21, or 26" solid steel pipe, that will certainly intimidate any attacker. After use, just slam the baton straight down on a hard surface, and the pieces will reassemble themselves, into a compact size, and fit back into its heavy duty, nylon sheath. With the interlocking feature of your steel baton, you will be able to jab and poke with the tool, without it collapsing and folding back up.
You can never have too many self defense tools in your arsenal of non-lethal weapons to protect you and your family. Police carry a wide assortment of devices to bring down a criminal. Why shouldn't you? Today there are more violent acts on innocent victims than ever. You need to be prepared for any emergency that may arise, and a telescopic baton is one simple and effective way to help protect yourself.
Steel Batons are basic and relatively easy to use, but you should be trained in the use of any weapon that you choose to defend you, your loved ones, and your property.

Here are some basic tips:

  • Aim for your attackers weapon first, to try and disarm them.
  • Use the baton to to block your attacker from striking you. Use your whole body to strike, not just your arm. You want to create the strongest and most effective strike possible, especially on your first blow, when you will still have some distance between you and your attacker. The idea is to stun him enough, to slow him down and seek help.
  • The best area to strike an attacker, with your steel baton, is the bone. Aim for the wrists, hands, knees, shins, or head. By targeting them here, you can potentially break a bone quickly and stop them in their tracks. If you strike them in a muscle area, like the torso area, the muscles will soften the blow, and will not be as effective.
  • Attend a self defense class in your area, to learn how to properly hold and strike any assailant, with all of your non-lethal weapons.
  • Practice opening and closing your steel baton. Practice striking it on a pillow, to get the feel of its power and control.
  • Like any weapon, only pull out your steel baton, if you are prepared to use it and have learned how to properly operate it.
  • Remember, a steel baton is not a toy. Only use it if you are being attacked by someone, or a vicious animal
  • Be sure to check you local, city and state laws, to be sure there are no restrictions on the use, possesion or owning any self defense weapon.

Can These Steel Batons Break?

It is virtually impossible to break an expandable solid steel baton. The three sections will interlock with each other, after it is extracted, with one quick flick of your arm and wrist. It will then become one whole, solid steel rod, with a rubberized handle grip, which will enable you to open and strike with ease. Collapsing the baton is just as easy. It can be folded back into a compact unit, by grasping the device and striking down on a hard surface.
The steel baton is not hollow, so it will not bend or break on impact.

Is There A Magnet, Or Spring Clip To Hold The Sections In Place?

The solid steel sections of the baton will interlock together, upon opening and hold the pieces tightly in place. You will be able to jab or stab at your attacker, without worry of the device collapsing. To retract the baton, simply grasp the handle, and slam the tip down on a hard surface, like concrete. If it doesn't completely close the first time, strike it on the concrete again, until it folds back into its original compact form.

Can These Be Shipped Anywhere?

If there are certain state and local restrictions in your area, we cannot ship a steel baton to you. Check first, before you order, to see if there are any laws that will prevent you from carrying this effective, non-lethal weapon.