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Pepper Gel

Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel sticks to your skin and leaves an identifying dye, to help catch your perpetrator, should they get away. A Pepper Spray Gel has the same hot oleo resin capsicum that the Pepper Spray Stream and Foggers contain, only with the gel, there is a more control to the targeted area. Plus you don't have to worry about breathing in the extra fume residue that occurs when you spray streams or foggers.

The Wildfire 2 oz and 4 oz containers, come with a convenient, easy to use flip top, which can be deployed one handed. Just flip up the top quickly with your thumb, then push down on the nozzle to dispel the contents easily, to the intended target.The larger 9 oz size canister has a Pistol Grip top, making it easier to dispense a larger amount of pepper gel, quicker and with more control.

These Wildfire Pepper Spray Gels are perfect for indoor use, cars and campers, since the spray does not float into the air, plus you will have better aim.

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Can Pepper Gel Be Shipped Outside Of The United States?

No, unfortunately we do not ship internationally, we only ship to the lower 48 states.

Is This Gel Good Protection Against An Attacking Dog?

While the Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel will work effectively against animals, you should never use a Gel type spray on them. Unlike regular Stream Sprays and Foggers, the Gel will stick to their fur and be much more difficult to remove, harming the dog needlessly. This would be considered animal cruelty and could surely land you in a lot of trouble with law enforcement.

Also, the Wildfire brand contains 18% hot pepper spray, making it the hottest pepper spray on the market. A dog could be seriously harmed by that kind of spray. It is recommended that you only use approved Dog Repellent Sprays, which are a bit milder, but achieve the same result......scare the dog off, but certainly do not harm them.

How Easy Does The Flip Top Pop Open?

While you may be concerned that the top will pop open when you are carrying a pepper spray, you will find that the covering is quite secure. In order to access the spray button, you must stick your thumb under the plastic cap and push up, then find the dispenser nozzle and push down on it, making it virtually impossible for the spray to dispel accidentally.

Will A Child Be Able To Activate These Pepper Gels?

As with any self defense product, you will need to keep all pepper sprays away from small children. While it is fairly difficult and does require a strong finger maneuver to remove the flip top, children always some how, seem to figure things out, and could injest the gel, causing great harm to them. Please keep your Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel out of the hands of small children.

What Is The OC Percentage?

Our Wildfire Pepper Spray Gels all contain 18% hot oleo resin capsicum, making it the hottest on the market. Fox Labs has rated Wildfire brand the hottest and fastest acting sprays, with 3 Scoville Heat Units. Wildfire brand is made with a finer grain, making it work faster than other brands.

How Long Does This Incapacitate A Human Intruder?

The effects of a shot of pepper spray will last anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours. It depends on how much of the spray was breathed in, how much sticks to their skin and how much got in their eyes. A Pepper Gel will stick to an attackers longer, since it is in a gel form, it is a bit harder to wash off. Any form of pepper spray is formulated from the oils of the hot pepper plant, so it will be difficult to remove all of the residue, even with hot soapy water.

You should have plenty of time to escape the situation and seek help, after you have sprayed your attacker. All our pepper spray products contain a dye in them, that will stay on your perpetrator for several days, making it easier to identify them, should they get away.

Does Pepper Gel Expire?

Yes, as with pepper spray streams and foggers, the gel will still be hot and cause harm, if it comes in contact with skin, but the aerosol can leak out over time, due to temperature changes and changes in altitudes. Always perform a regular check about every 6 months to see if your canister is still functioning properly. Most Pepper Sprays have a shelf life of approximately 2 years.

Is Pepper Gel Better Than A Taser?

As with any self defense tool, you need to weigh what you want the device to do for you. Are you looking for something that you can spray from a distance? Do you want the flashlight feature that is included on most stun guns? Are you looking for a inexpensive self protection, because a Taser can become quite costly, with the price of replacement cartridges. Pepper Sprays will run you under $10 and last for 2 years. It is relatively easy to replace a pepper spray and certainly cheaper.