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Buy Pepper Shot Rose Rhinestone Stream

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Pepper Shot 1/2 oz with Pink Rhinestone Leatherette Holster has a Quick Release Key Chain and Identifying Dye. 10 % Pepper Spray rated at 2 Million Scoville Heat Units

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PEPPER SHOT ½ OZ with RHINESTONE LEATHERETTE HOLSTER - Comes with a locking actuator and Quick Release Key Chain, for quick handling. Hang from your purse strap or belt loop. Just one quick pull and it’s ready to use.

Don’t let the small size of this effective spray fool you. It contains 6 to 10 one-second bursts for a range of 6 to 8 feet. This 10 % pepper spray is rated at 2 million Scoville Heat Units and it is made of a very fine grain, making it much more effective than most other pepper sprays, which are made of a coarser grain. Pepper Shot makes it difficult to breath, by swelling the mucus membranes, causes the eyes to sting and close by swelling of the veins in the eyes. It also can cause temporary pain for approximately 45 minutes, but no permanent damage.

5 Beautiful colors to choose: Black, Pink, Blue, Red or Purple

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