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Key Chain

Whether you are looking for Pepper Shot brand 10 % Pepper Sprays, or The Wildfire brand 18% Pepper Sprays, we have many key chain sized types to choose from. Get a no frills simply colored Spray incased in a hard plastic holder, or get a little fancier and try a pretty, rhinestone leatherette holster for your pepper spray needs. If your feeling a bit wilder, we also have animal print leatherette holsters too.

Take a look here and see what suits your needs.


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Do These Pepper Sprays Come In Stream, Gel, Or Fog?

These small key chain pepper sprays all come in stream form. We do carry pepper gel and a pepper fog sprayer, in a larger 2 oz, 4 oz, or 9 oz size can. The idea of this size is to make it easy and convenient to carry on your purse or in your pocket. A stream sprayer is much easier to control and sprays farther than the gels or foggers.

Is There A Safety Mechanism To Protect My Toddler From Accidental Exposure?

The locking mechanism must be turned to the center position, in order for it to fire, but in the hands of a toddler, it could be manipulated and possibly sprayed. They would have to push down hard on the sprayer, but it definitely could be possible to do. Small children get into everything and are quite curious and seem to figure anything out. It would be recommended that you keep your purse and any self defense items out of their reach.

Is There A Lock Or Mechanism That Will Keep The Spray From Going Off In My Pack, Or Purse?

Again, you have to twist the top of the sprayer into position, and push down firmly, in order for the spray to come out. It should not go off in your purse, especially if it is enclosed in one of our beautiful leatherette holsters. It is best to hang these sprays from the key chain, on your purse strap or off your belt loop. That way, it will always be handy, in case of an emergency.

Can You Replace The Spray When It Runs Out?

If you have used all of the spray in these small key chain pepper sprays, you will have to replace the entire container, as they are not refillable. The plastic injected pepper sprays are encased in the molded plastic casing. You will be able to reuse the leatherette holsters for a new can of spray thought. Most pepper sprays have a 2 year life span, so be sure to check the dates regularly. If your can does not include an expiration date, then it is recommended that you don a pair of rubber gloves, take it outside, extend your arm out, facing down wind and give it a quick one second burst. If the spray dribbles out, it is time to replace the product. If it still sprays out a good distance, then it still contains sufficient aerosol, and will work against a perpetrator. Don't forget to wear the rubber gloves though, because, it is not the hot pepper spray that goes bad, but the aerosol will eventually leak out, due to weather extremes or altitude changes. The pepper is still hot, and will burn!

If I Test Spray The Pepper Spray, Will It Lose Its Charge Over Time?

Pepper Spray is just like any liquid that is contained in an aerosol can. The air in the can is under pressure and it will cause the liquid inside to be sprayed out, once the sprayer button is depressed. It will only lose its "charge" over time, through changing altitudes and extreme hot and cold temperature changes, just like the tires on your car. The air contracts and expands, and so may become released slowly over time. Just check your spray every six months or so, to ensure that it is still working properly.

Is Pepper Spray Ultra Violet?

No, our sprays do not have any ultra violet coloring in them, but we do have a special identifying dye, that will be released upon spraying a person. The dye will remain on your attacker for several days, to make it easier to find them and identify them.

How Many Ounces Do These Pepper Sprays Contain?

These small key chain pepper sprays all contain 1/2 ounce of hot pepper spray, making for a compact and easy to carry self defense weapon, especially for the ladies. We carry larger sizes for your vehicle or outdoor use, as well.

Can These Pepper Sprays Be Left In The Car?

While you can leave pepper spray in the car, these small key chain size pepper sprays are meant to be carried on your person. Sometimes, it may be necessary though to leave them in the car, when you are entering a government building or other restricted area. They will be perfectly safe in your car, but do remember to put it back on your purse or belt loop, upon returning. You always want to be armed and protected at all times, since you never know when an urgent situation will arise.

What Are The Ingredients In Pepper Spray?

Our Pepper Sprays are made from the hot pepper plant. The juice is extracted, oils and dyes are added and the result is hot oleo resin capsicum. The sprays cause a burning feeling to the skin, burning and watering eyes, and coughing and the inability to breathe properly after inhalation. These are all temporary conditions that will dissipate after a few hours, giving you time to get away and find safety from your attacker.

Will Pepper Spray Work On Dogs?

Yes, dogs will be repelled by a good douse of pepper spray. They too, will experience burning skin, burning and watering eyes and coughing. It is best to try other means first, to deter a dog, but if they are attacking, by all means, spray them if you must. Be careful though, because it may be considered inhumane treatment of an animal, and you may find yourself in some trouble with the law. Only use pepper spray on a dog, as a last resort.

How Far Away Will A Pepper Spray Accurately?

These small key chain pepper sprays have a distance of 6 to 8 feet. They shoot pretty much like a water gun, to give you an idea of how they work. Extend your arm out to full length, if possible, to get the best aim. With pepper spray though, you do not have to be exactly accurate. Just point it towards your assilants face. The spray is full of hot oleo resin capsicum, so even if he is close to it, the residual fumes will certainly have an affect, as he approaches.