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Police Strength Spray

If your looking for Pepper Spray that the police use, then try these Mace Police Strength Sprays. Hang from your key chain or on your purse strap. They are a nice small size, but contain plenty of juice to put an attacker to his knees.

You can even get the Mace Police Strength with OC and Tear Gas combined! The combination is double trouble, causing extreme burning and coughing to the victim. An easy to use flip top, makes access to the spray nozzle simple, yet keeps it covered and secure to prevent accidental discharge.

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How Big Is The Can? Will It Fit In My Pocket?

Both of these Mace Police Strength pepper sprays measure about 3 inches long and will fit easily into your pocket or purse. They do come with a belt clip and key chain holder as well, for your convenience.

Is There An Antidote For Pepper Spray, In Case Someone Gets Sprayed Accidentally?

There is no antidote after being sprayed with pepper spray. The best way to nullify the effects is to thoroughly wash your eyes out in a steady stream of cold water. Do not rub your eyes or scratch at your skin, as this will only increase the burning sensation in the affected areas. Carefully remove any clothing that has become infected with spray and rinse them as well, then wash your clothes in warm soapy water. If there is UV dye involved, it may not come out of the clothing though, and might leave a permanent mark.

Would This Product Be Recommended For Traveling In An RV?

This pepper spray that police use is one of the strongest and hottest sprays on the market. Plus, it will spray 8 to 10 feet, with approximately 10 one second bursts. These are perfect self defense items to carry in an RV, your vehicle, or on your person. It is nice to be able to shoot your attacker from a greater distance, and keep him farther away from you and your family, or to defend your camp, in case you encounter a vicious wild animal, while you are camping.

Are These Mace Pepper Sprays Refillable?

No, you cannot refill these sprays. You will have to replace the whole unit after the canister has been depleted or expired. Luckily they are relatively inexpensive to replace, so you do not have to incur a large cost at replacement.

What Is The Percentage Of OC In These Pepper Sprays?

The Mace brand pepper sprays that police use, contain 10% oleo resin capsicum. Our Mace Model Tear Gas, also combines CN tear gas with the OC and contains a UV marking dye to aid in identifying your assailant. The combination of the two powerful ingredients makes this a very strong deterrent for any intruder.

When Sprayed, Does This Come Out As A Mist Or A Stream?

These Mace Police Strength Self Defense Sprays expel in a good strong, stream, with a range of up to 10 feet. A mist would not be able to reach that far, and would be more likely to blow back into your face, causing you to receive the effects of the pepper spray also.

Do You Ship Abroad?

We are sorry, but we cannot ship internationally. We only ship to the lower 48 states. We also cannot ship to states that have pepper spray restrictions in place. Check your local and state laws, before ordering pepper spray, or other self defense products.

Will This Work On Loose Dogs In My Neighborhood?

While any brand of pepper spray will indeed work on a loose dog in your neighborhood, the pepper spray that police use is a harsh spray against an animal. You could find yourself in trouble with law enforcement over animal cruelty charges. Mace makes a spray that is specially formulated to repel dogs, without harming them unduly, called Mace Canine Repellent. You can also purhase an Electronic Dog Repellent, which emits a high pitched sound, that is undetectable by humans, but audible to dogs. Remember, we want to repel the dogs, not harm them unnecessarily!