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Mace® Large Animal Repellent Spray Mist - Compare!

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Fast acting Mace® brand Bear Pepper Spray comes in a giant size 260 gram can and will deplete the contents in a mere 5.4 seconds

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MACE BRAND BEAR PEPPER SPRAY FOGGER - Extra large 260 gram container of hot Oleoresin Capsicum to thwart off any oncoming bear, or other large animal in the wild. Each canister will empty its contents in 5.4 seconds, making it the fastest, and most effective bear spray on the market.

The effects of Pepper spray to bears, is the same as humans. The animal will experience a burning skin sensation, watering, burning eyes, and a hard time breathing. The effectswill last approximately 45 minutes and are non lethal and perfectly safe for the animal, but allows you time to escape, as the bear pauses and retreats.

Carry a can with you on any camping or hiking trip. With the increased sightings of bears in urban areas, you may even consider keeping a can ready at home.

Large 9 oz can sprays up to 30 ft.

Measures 8 x 3/4 x 2

Nylon Belt Holster sold separately


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