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Fixed Blade

A good tactical steel blade fixed knife is essential for hunting, camping and hiking. Hang a smaller discreet knife in a sheath from your neck for safety and a handy weapon in case of an emergency.

A fixed blade is sturdier and more durable than folding knives for obvious reasons. The blades have a full tang, so are less likely to break when used for more durable tasks, like digging and prying out a rock, or when cutting through a piece of thick tough material, like tree limb.

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When you are looking for a fixed blade knife, you need to take many factors into consideration. Are you going to mainly use the knife for simple camping and survival? Or are you planning on using your knife for tasks which require more durability and strength, like hunting and field dressing? Do you want a small concealed blade, which can be hung from your neck or key chain? These are all things that need to be considered before you purchase your next knife for personal protection or every day use.
Most knives come with in a sheath for easier carrying. Another consideration is whether you prefer a leather sheath or durable nylon, which can be much lighter and easier to maintain. Many of our knives have the added feature of a durable paracord wrapped handle, making it a great multi purpose survival tool, as well.
Look for a blade with a good serrated edge if think you may need to saw through thick and tough items, like tree limbs, or bones from a deer dressing in the field. You will consider a smooth sharp edge, or slightly small serrated edge, if you are camping, since it will cut through items like rope, or meat easier.
A small sheathed knife hanging from your neck is such a handy tool, and so easy to carry. Just reach up and you have a great, simple self defense item within reach, or a quick letter opener. You never know when you need a knife. Wouldn't it be nice to have one at hand all the time?!

Can These Knives Be Used Right Or Left Handed?

All of our knives whether it is a durable fixed steel hunting blade, survival knife, or smaller hanging neck size knife, you will find they can all be used by left or right handers alike. There is no indentation or curved manufacture that will make it more comfortable for any one person to use.

Can These Knives Be Sharpened?

All of our knives are made from heavy duty 440 stainless steel, or 3CR13 steel, which is stronger than ordinary stainless steel blades. All of them will come finely sharpened, and can be honed over and over again, to ensure the best cutting blade possible.

Do These Knives Come With A Sheath?

All of our fixed blade steel knives do indeed include a durable sheath. Some are made from durable Kydex thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials, leather, heavy duty nylon. or sturdy plastic. Each knife fits snugly into the sheath that was especially made for that specific blade type and size.