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Throwing Stars

Ninja Throwing Stars are effective tools, used to deflect and surprise your attacker from a distance. The star is tossed quickly toward the exposed skin area of your enemy, grazing their skin and landing behind them. Your attacker then wonders where the scratch came from and is left disorientated. They also can be flung toward your intruder, and as they dodge the sharp star coming at them, you have time to reach for other means of self defense, giving you time to escape.

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Throwing Stars are known as Ninja stars, Shurikens, or Chinese stars (even though they have Japanese roots). They were originally used as a concealed weapon, to distract or as a nuisance to an attacker. They are thin pieces of steel, with razor sharp edges, so they can slice skin quickly as they fling past an enemies face or hands. They were also embedded in the ground and covered with leaves to slow attackers advance, or soaked in poison to kill at a glance.
Today, some of  these practices would be illegal, but they can still be used as a new skill to learn, and who knows, they just might save your life some day! They are lightweight and can be carried easily in a pouch in your bag or pocket. With a lot of practice, they can become a formidable hunting tool for small game.
Throwing stars come in many different shapes and sizes, with a variety of sharp points. It is best to practice with several different kinds of points, so you can become proficient in all types of throwing stars and decide which you like best for you.
You can fashion a simple target out of cardboard, styrofoam, corrugated cardboard, or best yet, a piece of pine plywood board. Never use trees as a target, as it may damage the tree, plus they may ricochet off the tree and strike bystanders.

Over Hand Throwing Star Techniques:

This is the most common technique and the easiest to master first.

  • Proper Hold - Hold your shuriken by the one blade, between your thumb and the side of your index finger. be careful handling, as the blades are extremely thin and sharp.
  • Arm Position - Straighten your arm out along side your body, parallel to the ground, with your hand holding your star in a perpendicular position. Bend your arm at the elbow, until the star reaches your ear level, keeping the underside of your arm straight and parallel to the ground.
  • Leg Position - Stand on your dominant leg, with your same side dominant arm, holding the shuriken. Position your other non-dominant leg slightly in front of you and shift your weight slightly to the front leg, as you swing your arm forward, all in one smooth movement.
  • Release - As you quickly cast your arm holding the steel throwing star, open your thumb and index finger with a fluid motion. Practice your timing. Release too soon, and the star will fling skyward and miss the target. Hang on too long, and the ninja star will fling into the ground, stopping well short of your target. Snap your wrist to give it a good spin. Keep your arm straight and do not cross your body as you cast your throwing star.

 Side Arm Throwing Star Techniques:

  • Hand Grip -Using your dominant throwing hand, hold your star in one hand with one point near your thumb and use your index finger to cradle the adjacent point, much like a frisbee. Hold the shuriken in a horizontal position, parallel to the ground, near your waist area.
  • Arm Position - Keep your non-dominant arm loosely to your side. Bring the arm with the throwing star to your waist area, holding the star parallel to the ground, with your index finger to the front, as if you are throwing a disk, or frisbee.
  • Leg Position - This time, you want to keep your dominant leg in the forward position, with your non-dominant leg behind you a little bit. This will allow you to work a rocking motion. As you fling your throwing arm forward, rock forward onto your dominant leg, and release your shuriken.
  • Release - This is more of a wrist action than the overhead technique. Give the star a quick fling with your wrist, as you cast it out of your hand, keeping it parallel to the ground. This will provide a good back spin and cause the throwing star to stick into its intended target.

With much practice, you can become an expert in this ancient Japanese art. Check with your local and state regulations, to be sure they are legal to carry or own Throwing Stars. They are illegal in California, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts and New York state. There are numerous restrictions on conceal or open carry in many other states.

Always wear proper safety gear, like eye protection and leather gloves. Be sure there are no others in your strike area, and stand behind you as you practice throwing. Be watchful of trees or other objects in the area, to avoid the star from striking a rock or tree, which may ricochet back and injure an unsuspecting victim. Keep a first aid kit handy, in case of accidental strikes.

Clean your throwing stars after each use. Wipe clean with a damp rag, to remove any dirt that may have accumulated, then wipe down the stainless steel star with oil, to ensure they remain rust free. Be sure the stars are clean and dry before storing in their nylon pouch. After handling, wipe off any finger prints, as the oils from your hands can also damage and discolor your stainless steel stars over time.

Enjoy your new throwing stars and practice regularly, then impress your friends with your new skills.