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If you are looking for a unique and useful self defense tool, why not try your hand with a good stainless steel Butterfly Knife, otherwise known as a Balisong, Fan Knife or a Batangas Knife? They may look difficult to maneuver at first, but are actually quite simple and make for a great concealed weapon to surprise your attacker. You may also amaze your friends with your new skill!

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A Butterfly Knife is bassically a sharp blade that folds, much like a pocket knife, but instead of a single handle, it is surrounded by two handles that allow the user to twirl and perform tricks. Butterfly Knives are called Balisongs and are highly used in the Philippines, as a pocket utility knife and for personal protection.

Butterfly Knives come in many different shapes and sizes, but all operate in the same way. Hold one handle by the dull blade side, then swing and flip the other handle, opening, twirling and closing the handles over the blade. It is a great one handed tool, that can be pulled out of a pocket quickly and intimidate any attacker, or be used as a quick blade, for everyday use.

Many states and countries have restrictions on Butterfly Knives use and carry, so you will need to check your laws before purchasing or carrying any non-lethal weapon. Many states will take into consideration, if the tool is carried for utility purposes, but when used to commit a crime it will be considered a felony. It is best to know the laws of any state or region that you may be traveling to, or through when vacationing.

A Balisong has terms for all the parts of the stainless steel knife, which you will need to learn and know, in order to understand How To videos and books. Below is a comprehensive list of the basic parts.

Butterfly Knife Parts:

  • Edge -  The sharpened steel portion of one side of the blade.
  • Choli - The small unsharpened area on the sharpened edge side of the blade.
  • Kicker - An unsharpened area, just below the Choli, which prevents the Edge from touching the Handles, causing denting or damage to the blade.
  • Pivot Pins -  The pin that attaches the Handles to the Blade, which can be adjusted to loosen or tighten the ease and amount of swing.
  • Bite Handle - The Handle that normally holds the Latch and located on the sharpened Edge side of the device.
  • Latch - The lever that holds the knife handles together when the blade is folded, so it does not accidentally open and cut the user.
  • Swedge - The unsharpened flat side of the blade
  • Tang - The unsharpened. rounded knife bottom, where the Pivot Pins are attached.
  • Tang Pin - When closed, the pin holds the blade from touching the handles, causing rubbing and damage.
  • Safe Handle - The Handle that you hold in your hand for safe usage, while twirling your knife.