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An Out The Front Knife is just that. It has an automated blade that extends on a spring with a push of a button, straight out the length of the knife handle. They open much quicker than ordinary spring assisted folding knives.

When you need a good fast opening knife and don't want to fiddle with locking mechanisms, thumb levers or push buttons, then an OTF Knife is perfect for you. Your blade is out and ready to use with an easy one handed motion, from your pocket to extended in your hand.

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A good pocket knife is essential to carry. You want something that is light in weight, yet sturdy for every day use. You want a good edge point in case you need to remove a sliver, yet strong enough to poke and pry open hard surfaces. The pin that holds the blade tang to the handle must be secure and strong enough to hold up to numerous tasks, enabling it to be used much like a fixed blade knife.

An Out The Front Knife would be considered a switch blade by current definitions, much like the knives you see in 1950's movies. OTF Knives are still popular today, even though they have been banned in many states. They can be a formidable weapon in the event of self defense use. The knife opens swiftly by your thumb, with a simple automated slide button located along the side, so it can be engaged and used faster than an ordinary folded spring assisted knife.

The knives are approximately 8 inches in length when fully extended, and contain a 3 1/8" blade, making it small and compact, yet fit nicely in your hand.

Be sure to check your local and state laws to ensure an Out The Front knife is legal to carry. Many states restrict their use, so it is best to learn what restrictions are in place, before you find yourself in trouble with the law.

Automatic push button open knives are as quick and effective as an out the front knife, only they are able to fold and the knife springs out from the side, instead of shooting straight vertically out the tip. You may find push button automatic knives will be legal in areas where a straight out the front knife is not.

Fully extended, the length of the push button automatic side opening knife is 8 inches, with a 3 1/2" blade, making it legal to carry on your person.

Nothing beats the feel of a quick opening knife blade. You may find yourself needing a fast opening blade to defend yourself against a vicious animal, or attacker. Perhaps you may even find yourself in a survival situation and need to cut a rope, or seat belt quickly. Keep your knife edge sharp and clean at all times, and your knife will last years to come.

Does The Blade Retract With The Button?

The Out The Front knives do retract by sliding the button on the side in a backward motion. Push forward to engage the blade and slide back to retract. The Push Button Automatic knives will fold and close after you push down on the extending button. This will lock the knife closed, so it doesn't accidentally spring open, causing you to cut yourself, or harm others.

Is This A Stiletto?

No. The blade on the OTF knives are thin. One is double edged, the other single edged, but are not considered a standard traditional stiletto knife. The side opening assisted blades do indeed spring open, but the knives are much thicker than a stiletto.

Can These Knives Be Shipped To Canada?

Because of international laws and shipping regulations, we only ship to the continental United States. Many countries and states will not allow any automatic or assisted opening knives. Be sure to check with your local city and state laws before ordering or carrying any knife or weapon.

Do These Knives Come With A Sheath?

The Out The Front Automatic Knives include a heavy duty nylon sheath to store and carry your knife with ease. The Folding Push Button Automatic Knives do not include a sheath, but will fit comfortably in your pocket, or can be carried on your waistband or belt, with the attached belt clip.

Are These Knives Single Action?

These knives will fall under the assisted opening category. The spring will assist opening, by depressing the button on the side, or sliding the button forward, as is the case with the out the front knives. Just press the button and the spring will automatically work to extend and retract the blade. The blade then will lock into place and be ready for use. To close the knife, simply depress the button and fold the knife shut, or slide the retracting button on the out the front knives. They are designed for simple and quick maneuvering, so your knife is ready at a single touch.