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The element of surprise is your best defense in an emergency situation. Why not carry a pen or comb with a knife concealed inside. Just pull it apart and you have a great self protection weapon, right at hand.

You can also carry a small knife concealed in a nice leather pouch, right on your neck, under your shirt or jacket. Fold a knife up and stick it in your wallet!

The uses are endless. You may not feel the need to carry knives just for self defense. How many times have you found yourself rooting through your purse or car looking for any sharp object to cut a tag off a new piece of clothing, or cut a sliver out of your finger?

Knives have endless uses, but concealed knives can serve even more purposes. Write, comb your hair, and have a nice sharp tool at hand.

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One of the easiest self defense items to carry is a concealed knife. When an intruder approaches and threatens you, just pretend to be searching your purse for your wallet and pull out a pen, or comb instead. Then quickly pull the knife apart from the unit and slash before they realize you have a hidden weapon in your hand.

You may not always need a knife for self defense, but in todays world, it sure just may end up saving your life.

Carrying a concealed knife might be just for convenience. You can only put so many things in your every day bag or pocket. With a sharp blade hidden inside a pen, comb, wallet, or hanging from your neck, you can save room, plus keep a handy tool with you.

Pen knives write like an ordinary ink pen, yet when you pull it apart, you will find a sharp double edged steel blade inside. They come in a variety of colors and look like a professional business type pen, so you can bring it to the office without your coworkers realizing you have a hdden knife inside.

The Credit Card Folding Knife is small and only 1/8"  thin, yet holds up to thousands of repeated openings and closings. It is lightweight and easily slides into your wallet or side compartment of your purse or bag. The blade is made of surgically sharp durable steel, and includes a small saw blade edge along the side, turning it into a multi-purpose handy tool to carry.

Hang a small 440 steel knife from a lanyard around your neck, or use the nylon rope included to hang from your belt loop or backpack. The blade is 1 1/2", with a steel finger loop design, so it can be retrieved and used easily. It is lightweight and small, so it won't add extra weight or bulk to your bag.

A Knife Brush, or Knife Comb make a super easy way to carry and conceal a knife, inside an ordinary personal grooming device. No one will suspect you have a weapon on hand, in case of an emergency situation. The steel knife comb blade is 3.5" long, while the heavy duty plastic brush knife is 4.25' in length. Both are 6.5 inches in overall length, which will easily fit in any purse, back pack, pocket, car or rv. Grab one of these disguised, secret weapons today!