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Pool Alarms

What Is The Easiest And Cheapest Way To Save The Life Of A Child?

Purchase a Pool Alarm! These easy to install pool alarms just hang off the side of your pool and will alert you when a amall child or pet has fallen into your pool.

Even though you may have installed a locking fence around your pool, it only takes one second for your little one or pet to disappear and drown. It only takes two minutes for a toddler to drown in a pool. That isn't much time, so you need to take every precaution possible.

Why not add a little more protection and install one of these inexpensive pool alarms to your pool today. Keep it on, even after it has been winterized to ensure safety year round.

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SWIMMING POOL SECURITY SYSTEM – The Safe Family Life Inground Pool Alarm System is an electronic pool monitoring device that sits on your pool deck and sounds an alarm if children or pets fall into the unsupervised pool. No responsible pool owner should be without one! It is lightweight, simple to operate and easy to install. Up to 400 foot wireless range! Can be used on Above ground pools too



Simply set the main unit on the edge of your pool

Drill 2 holes for mounting

Screw down the unit

Adjust the water sensor tube to the correct level

Place the alarm unit in your house, up to 400 feet away

Add 6 D size batteries (not included), which should last approximately one year

Turn on the units and test



Long range remote receiver, with 12 volt power cord, that can be mounted up to 400 feet away

9 volt battery backup

Audible and Visual low battery indicator

Automatically sounds and alarm, within 3 to 13 seconds of an object falling into the pool

Loud 85db Alarm

Settings for Sleep Mode, Swim Mode and Mute

Automatically returns to Sleep Mode after 100 minutes of inactivity

Alarm will sound if tampered with




Pool Alarm Unit

Wireless Base Receiver

12 Volt Power Cord For Receiver

Instruction Manual


Do You Need A Pool Alarm?

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), “Every day, about ten people die from unintentional drowning. Of these, two are children aged 14 or younger. Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the United States.”

From 2005-2014, there were an average of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings (non-boating related) annually in the United States—about ten deaths per day. About one in five people who die from drowning are children aged 14 and younger. For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency care for nonfatal submersion injuries.

In California, drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children aged 1 to 4. A child can die in just 2 inches of water. Most of these children were out of sight for only 5 minutes.

These are scary statistics and should be reason alone to purchase the best inground pool alarm system you can find.

How Does A Pool Alarm Work?

After you have completed a day of fun in the pool, it’s time for your Swimming Pool Safety System to go to work. It will automatically turn on after 100 minutes of inactivity and stay on, until it has been manually turned back off to the Swim Mode. Even if someone tries to tamper with the unit, an alarm will sound, alerting you that someone is in the pool area, giving you further peace of mind.

The sensor is placed in the pool and will monitor any large splashes or ripples that occur while it is on duty. The sensor can be adjusted to accommodate for wind and bad weather. The alarm will sound at the unit on the pool, as well as the receiver unit located in your house. It is a good idea to notify your neighbors of the sound, so they too can be on alert, if they hear the siren go off and perhaps save the life of a small child or pet.

Is A Pool Alarm Required By Law?

You should definitely check with your state and local ordinances before placing a pool on your property. You may also find it prudent to check, even if you have owned a pool for years. The laws may have been updated and you may find yourself in a liability issue. States like California, Connecticut, New York and Tennessee have already enacted statewide laws considering pool alarms and many others are sure to follow suit, as this is a very important safety device that no pool owner really should be without.

I Supervise My Children, Why Do I Need A Swimming Pool Alarm System?

Unfortunately, we can not possibly keep that vigilant of an eye on our children at all times. Little ones stray off quickly. Parents get distracted by their other children or pets. It only takes a second for your little one to fall into the pool. They may have been chasing after their ball, or running after the dog. Most parents report never hearing a sound when their child has fallen into the pool. It is not necessarily about good parenting practices, but good safety practices.

A pool alarm also will keep neighborhood children from entering your swimming area unannounced. Even though young teens have been taught not to trespass on other peoples property, the temptation can prove too great on a sweltering hot summer day, and they know you are off on vacation and probably would never notice. You certainly do not want to come home to find some unfortunate accident has occurred while you were away.

Other Advantages To Installing A Swimming Pool Alarm System

* Save on your homeowners insurance. Many companies will give a discount if a Pool Security System is in place. Check with your insurance carrier and see if you qualify for extra savings, by installing this simple safety device on your pool.

* Easy to Install. Pool Alarms have become such an easy to install DIY project, you can have it complete in just a few minutes. It only takes a few screws and batteries. Nothing could be easier.

The best protection poolside, is a responsible, attentive adult supervising the activities going on in the area. Unfortunately, that cannot be achieved 24 hours a day, so we need alternative methods to help guard against accidents, or unwanted activity in our yards. In addition to a fixed pool alarm, you might also consider adding an alarmed door gate. You could use a simple Magnetic Door Alarm. One side holds a magnet that you affix to one side of the gate wall, while you attach the alarm side to the main door itself. Every time the gate is opened, an alarm will sound, alerting you that someone has entered the pool area.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips:

     -Supervise children at all times

     -Never allow anyone to swim alone.

     -Never leave a child alone near a pool, even for a second to answer the phone

     -Always remove the entire solar cover, before swimming in your pool

     -Remember alcohol and pool water do not mix

     -Have your pool area fenced and the gate locked, to prevent unauthorized entry

     -Install a gate lock and alarm

     -Lock and secure any doors from the house that allow entry to the pool area

     -Make sure your children attend swimming lessons

     -Do not swim during storms

     -Do not allow bottles, glass or other sharp objects near the pool area

     -Use common sense, remain alert and always maintain caution, in and around a pool area


A swimming pool is a wonderful and fun addition to any home. There is nothing finer than taking a nice cool dip on a hot and sunny summer day. Let’s make sure you and your loved ones stay safe this year and in future years, with a simple to install Inground Pool Alarm System.

You alone are responsible for not only the safety around your pool area, but for the fun too. Safety is your number one priority. As long as you stay safe, you will always have the fun. You will always have to be vigilant with a pool, but you can use a good Pool Security System to help keep an extra eye on your swimming area too.