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Motion Activated Alarms

If your looking to inexpensively protect your home, try a simple battery operated motion sensor alarm to scare of potential intruders and alert you to their presence in and around your living space.

Portable motion sensor alerts are perfect for apartments, garages, sheds and your recreational vehicle. You can even get a bit more sophisticated and add a voice monitoring system, which can alert you to the exact location of the area that your intruder has entered.

Simply prerecord the unit with your voice, of the area that it will watch, like your driveway, or your gateway. Then, when someone enters that space, your unit will sound off and tell you that someone has entered that particular controlled area.

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Can These Alarms Be Placed Outside?

Many of these battery operated motion sensor alarms are designed to be installed outside, some are only for inside use. Most will still work if they are kept under cover, like under a porch roof, which will keep them dry and out of the elements. Check the details of the exact product in question before purchasing.

Can You Adjust The Volume On These Motion Activated Alarms?

These alarms do not have a volume switch to control the sound of the alert. They all will emit a loud decibel sound to notify you of an intruder and to scare off invaders. Burglars don't like noise, lights, or dogs, so you need to make as much noise as possible to thwart them off of your property

How Do You Adjust The Alarm So It Doesn't Keep Going Off?

Hang your motion detector alarm as high as possible, so that it doesn't sense small animals and leaf movements. You can also adjust the angle of these units to point in the best direction possible, without false alarms. Keep moving and adjusting, until you find the optimal position for your sensor.

Can A Motion Sensor Alarm Be Used At Night?

Most of our battery operated motion sensor alarms are equipped with PIR (passive Infra-red motion detector), so it can be utilized during the night and during the day time. Intruders prefer night time invasions, since they are less likely to be seen, so you want to be sure that they are detected and scared off. With the rise in parcel thefts from your front porch, you may want to install a loud motion detector alert, or a camera to alert you and your neighbors of the thief, plus get a good picture of them too, which can be used as evidence in court.

How Long Do The Batteries Last?

The batteries use very little draw, so they will last up to one year without needing replacement. It is suggested that you test the unit regularly to ensure it is working properly and will alert you to an intruder in your living space.