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Door and Window Alarms

Whether your in the comfort of your own bedroom or sleeping in a plush hotel room, you need to stay alert and make sure you are protected from intruders at all times. You can purchase an inexpensive do it yourself window or door alarm to alert you of someone invading your living space. Simply attach one side of the door alert to the frame of your door and the other side to the door itself. If the magnetic connection is separated, an alarm will sound, alerting you to an intruder entering your home.

You can also use a Door Stop Alarm that will wedge under your door upon entry and sound a loud 120 db alarm, if an uninvited intruder should try to enter your home, or hotel door.

Check out the large variety of security alarms to keep you safe here.

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Are These Alarms UL Approved?

All of our door, window and lock alarms all run on batteries, so they do not need to meet UL electrical approval. Simply attach the unit to the wall and turn them on. Check and replace the batteries as needed. They should last up to one year, but it is recommended to test the units at least once every 6 months, much as you would test your smoke detectors

Is There An Adjustment Button For The Volume On These Alarms?

These units are designed to emit a loud decible alarm, so they can be heard from long distances and to be sure to awaken you if you are asleep. There are no sound adjustment buttons on these devices.

Is There A Switch To Turn These Alarms Off?

Some of our alarms, like the Door Jamb, which will go off when a door is opened on to it, will have an on/off switch, while others, like the Door Alarm will simply shut off when you close the door. The Alarm Locks will stop sounding off, when you turn the key and open and close the latch on the device. Each security unit is designed different, for your unique needs. Choose the one that works best for you

Will These Alarms Tie Into A Wireless System, Or Do They Work Separately?

All of these Door and Window Alarms are stand alone models that simply run off batteries, with no wiring needed. They will emit aloud decible alarm to alert you of an intruder and scare away any would be thieves. Burglars do not like noise, lights, or barking dogs, so you need to utilize as many of these noisy items as possible in and around your home.

Are The Batteries Included?

Yes, all of our Door and Window alarms, as well as our Alarm Locks, are all equipped with batteries, which will last up to one year before needing replacement.

How Long Does The Alarm Go Off?

The alarm will sound until you either turn it off, or close the door to reconnect the magnetic connection, or the batteries go dead. Each alarm has a unique alert, so you need to choose the one that works best for you