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Essential Fire Starting Tool - Value

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Start a fire in any situation with this handy survival tool

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This handy emergency flint striker could be just the thing that could save your life, if you ever were lost or stranded, and needed a nice hot fire to cook under, or to keep warm.


It is also a handy tool to keep around for your every day fire starting needs, or for camp fires. Who wants to bother with wet tinder, or worrying about wet matches, or lighters that have run out of butane?


One side of the emergency flint striker holds dry tinder. Turn the device around, twist open the two sides, and you will find a sharp steel blade, and a piece of flint. Place the flint and steel blade, close to your dry tinder, and strike the blade quickly along the flint rod. The sparks will ignite the tinder, and soon you will have a blazing fire.


Included is a built in compass on the end plus an emergency whistle built into the adjustable nylon cord, that can be worn around your neck.


Get up to 8,000 strikes.


Both ends of the emergency flint striker contain Morse code instructions, plus alpine rescue signals.



  • Flint Fire Starter
  • Built-in compass
  • Adjustable nylon cord with emergency whistle
  • Dry tinder storage area
  • Flint will strike up to 8,000 times
  • S.O.S. and Alpine Rescue Morse code signals printed on the sides
  • Printed hand signal instructions embossed on the sides
  • Lightweight and easy to carry for campers, hikers, walkers, bicyclists, or automobiles.


Why Do You Need A Fire Starter?


Everyone has had the problem of wet matches, or worse, the match strike area has gotten damp and will never work again. Have you tried to rub two sticks together to start a fire? Now that could take hours and certainly cause raw palms! These easy to use fire building devices have made the task much simpler and could certainly save your life, if you were ever stuck in an emergency situation.


How To Make A Fire


First, locate a good safe area to build your fire pit. Find a spot a few yards away from other trees, or overhanging branches. Sweep away all dry grass and dry leaves away from the fire pit area.


Bring your wood, or other fuel source close to the fire area, so you do not have to carry the heavy logs a far distance, but keep them far enough away, so as to not ignite them accidentally. Keep several jugs of water nearby, to douse any stray embers that may get out of hand quickly.


Only light a fire, when it is not too windy, so the embers do not stray and cause a forest fire. Lit embers can remain hot and carry for over a mile on a windy day. Try and build your fire so the wind blows behind it, away from you and your dwelling, and away from the woods.


After you have selected and cleared the area around the fire site you have selected, you will now need to dig a small pit, larger than the intended fire, to keep the hot coals and flames away from any grass or dry leaves near by.


You could also build a pit, by mounding sand or dirt, higher than the intended fire, to elevate the flames above any surrounding grass or dry leaves.


Since wood is the most common fuel source to burn at a back yard, or camp fire, we will focus on this. Gather kindling, such as dry dead leaves, pine needles, and small twigs. You will also need larger twigs and branches, to add to the kindling, as your fire gets started. It will require larger and larger pieces of wood, in order to sustain heat. The small twigs will burn quickly and need to be replaced constantly, so you want a larger fuel source handy.


Keep in mind the items in your backpack. A simple item like greasy potato chips, will make a great fire starting source. Use your head. Think out side the box, if you are in an emergency situation.


Place your emergency flint striker close to the dry tinder. Scrape the flint bar with the steel knife, in a quick downward motion, so as to create small hot flakes, that will ignite your kindling.


The amount of force and the speed of the strike, along with the angle of your knife blade, will determine the amount of and heat of the sparks created.


Use a smooth downward and away motion to create sparks. Do not stab or slash at the flint. You could also run the flint over the knife, instead, if it is easier.


Your kindling may light immediately and you can just add more dry kindling and build your fire larger. But if it smokes and goes out quickly, you can gently blow on the kindling, until the embers turn into flames and light your twigs.


A fire needs maintenance in order to burn properly. Once the fire has been established, monitor it closely, so it does not become too large and get out of control. Poke at the logs occasionally, turning them and providing air underneath. Fires need air to breathe and give out heat.


Before you retire for the night, make sure you fully douse your fire with water. Stir the ashes, add more water, and make sure all embers have cooled. Fires can easily reignite at night, when the wind blows on wood that still has any hot embers remaining.


Whether you just want to spend an enjoyable evening with a campfire, under the stars, or find yourself in an emergency situation, you need the skills to start a hot fire, not only for cooking, but as a heat source as well. Using an emergency flint striker will ensure you always have dry tinder, a dry “match” at hand, plus an emergency whistle to signal your location, a compass to find your way, and a Morse code guide attached. This one small device could one day save your life.


Can This Really Start A Fire?


Yes, These emergency flint strikers are a perfect fire starting device, for every day, or in the event of a survival situation. They are light weight and easy to carry, or hang around your neck. If you do any outdoor camping or hiking activities, this is an essential tool to bring with you.


Will This Fire Starter Light Newspaper?


You can light dry newspapers, dryer lint, specially sprayed dry tinder, greasy potato chips or dry cotton. As long as the tinder is dry, the emergency flint striker will light it. Just create the sparks and watch your fire take off.


Does It Matter How You Strike It?


It will take a little practice, but simply place your tinder close to the emergency flint striker. Position your flint rod at a slight angle, use the steel knife to quickly slide along the flint rod, creating sparks, which will indeed catch your dry tinder on fire. You do not want to stab, or slash at the flint, with the knife, just a smooth striking action, which creates sparks.


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