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Coca-Cola Stash Container - Buy Now

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Buy can safes to hide your valuables in plain site. Easy removable twist top, with weighted can, for the look and feel of a real can of Coca Cola

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You can call them whatever you like, diversion safes, stash cans, hidden safes……..but they all serve the same purpose, they hide your valuables from thieves. They are fully weighted to feel like a full can of soda, with an easy to remove twist top.


Interior Safe Dimensions: 1" x 3" 7/8


Buy can safes, and hide them in plain site, right in you cupboard. You can fit a small roll of cash, or hide your extra pairs of earrings, inside. The uses are endless. Even your prescription drugs will fit easily into these hidden compartments.


Unfortunately, it isn’t just a burglar that you have to beware of nowadays. You may have your teenagers friends all coming and going throughout your house. A caregiver for you elderly parent, may have free rein in your home, or even your babysitter.


You certainly do not want to live in fear of losing not only your valuables, but items, like your prescription drugs, over the counter cough and cold remedies, or even simple things, like your spare car keys, or shed keys, can be hot, sought after commodities.


A burglar will spend and average time of 8 minutes invading your home. They will usually head straight for your bedroom, searching for easy to grab and expensive items, like your jewelry box, guns in your bedside table, or under your bed. They search in your top dresser drawer, looking for cash, jewels or guns.


Next, they head for your bathroom, searching your vanity for prescription drugs.


They will grab anything that is easy, quick, expensive and easy to resell, pawn or trade, usually for drugs. Thieves are desperate, so they will take whatever they can, and get out quickly.


If you buy can safes, you can make it much more difficult for thieves to steal from you and slow down their journey throughout your home.


Another great use for these stash cans, is on the beach. When you dash off to go swimming, you leave your blanket and bags all vulnerable to theft. The first obvious place for a thief to look, is in the pockets of your beach bag.


Why not place your keys and money in a soda can diversion safe and place it in your cooler, or in your food bag, along with your other food items, and let it just blend in with the rest of your goodies. No one would think to look in there.


Another great place to use a soda can diversion safe is in your vehicle. Whether you own a recreational vehicle, or an automobile, you can buy can safes, place your valuables inside and toss the can in your trunk, or even right in the cup holder. No one will realize that it isn’t just an ordinary can, hiding your money or keys, right in plain sight.


Are Can Diversion Safes Fireproof?


Just like a regular soda can, these diversion can safes are simply made from aluminum, then filled with a heavy plastic liner, to give it the look and feel of an ordinary soda can, but provide a safe clean area to place your items to store. The heat from a fire would definitely penetrate the aluminum and melt the plastic liner, so it would be best, if you buy can safes, to place them in the refrigerator, which will insulate your can safe against the intense heat.


Is A Diversion Stash Can Smell Proof?


You can buy can safes to hide your goods, but do keep in mind, they are not water proof, or air proof. If you place an item that has an odor into the safe, the odor will be emitted out of the can. In other words, if you are prone to try and hide drugs, or dried leafed plants, they are prone to being detected by search dogs, or an ordinary human nose!


How Heavy Is A Diversion Safe Soda Can?


All of our diversion safes will have the look, size, shape and weight of a normal can of soda. This only makes it more realistic and harder to detect.


Can A Can Safe Be Placed In The Freezer?


You may indeed put stash can diversion safes in the freezer, which will not harm the can in any way, but since most people do not freeze sodas, it probably isn’t the best hiding spot. There is no liquid of any kind used in the making of these handy hidden containers, so nothing will freeze or expand in the can.


Is A Coca Cola Diversion Safe Can Large Enough To Hold A Hotel Door Key?


You will not be able to fit a normal credit card size hotel door key, into the opening of these stash cans, but you may be able to buy a larger container, like the Morton Salt Diversion Safe, that will indeed hold larger items, like a hotel card door opener. The opening is slightly larger than the actual safe itself. There is a weighted plastic liner, that is wrapped in the stamped aluminum wrapper, to make it look and feel just like an average full soda can.


What Are The Dimensions Of These Fake Soda Can Safes?


There is a 1 inch diameter area to place your valuables, plus 3 7/8 inch depth. There is plenty of room for a small rolled up wad of cash, small pieces of jewelry, a large set of car keys, prescription drugs, or a small baggy of dried herbs.


Will A Coke Diversion Safe Hold Liquid?


While you could certainly put liquid into these soda can safes, but it is recommended that you do not. It would be difficult to pour back out of the container, let alone drink out of it. The outer can looks real, but inside, there is a weighted plastic liner, which is fairly bulky in nature. The cans are not water proof, so any liquid in the can, could easily spill out, or become contaminated by items entering it, like sand, dirt, germs, or other liquids.


Can These Soda Can Safes Be Put In A Cooler?


While it will not damage the containers in any way to be chilled, you may reconsider placing them in a cooler full of ice. The ice will melt, and soon your can could be floating in water, which may leak into the can and possibly damage your contents. It is fine, if you use frozen gel packs, or frozen water bottles to chill your refreshments in your cooler.

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