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  • How To Throw Ninja Stars

    Throwing Stars, Shurikens, Ninja Stars.......All are the same and not as easy to throw as they look. Sure, they have 3 or 4 pointed sides that can be hurled at an object and assumedly it sticks, but they are much like horse shoes, or darts. It takes a steady hand, a sure flick of the wrist, arc of the arm, and a good eye to become proficient in the art of throwing Ninja Stars.

    Let's get started by ensuring they are even legal for you to be carrying them in your state or local area. Check with all laws first, whether you can carry or possess these types of self defense tools.

    Second, let's keep in mind that Ninja Stars are toys. I would highly recommend adult supervision for any one handling Throwing Stars that are under the age of 18. They are considered a weapon, much like any sharp tool. Not only can youngsters cut themselves, but they may hurl them at unwanted subjects, like animals, other children, or trees. Yes, trees should not be used as targets, as they could permanently damage the tree or become lodged in the bark and difficult to remove.

    Which leads me to my next step in preparing to throw your first Ninja Star. You will need to fashion a target of some sort to practice with. I would start with a framed board made from pine wood. Pine is great because it is a fairly soft wood, so the stars will stick better, but not become so lodged that they are too difficult pull back out.

    You may also cardboard or a foam board, though they won't last very long. Spray paint a target on the front, or purchase paper targets at your local sports store.

    Okay, so now we have our first set of new Ninja Stars, we have a target ready and they are okay to possess in your state. Let's get throwing!

    Carefully remove your star from it's safety pouch. Inspect all sides to ensure they are not bent and are sharp. Hold the star on the sides, between your index finger and thumb. The edge is extremely sharp, so never run your finger or skin along the blade. It is probably best to wear a pair of leather gloves, especially while you are first learning throwing techniques.

    The easiest and quickest way to learn and practice throwing Ninja Stars is to start with the over head throw. Grip the star as shown, extend your arm back, much like you are about to throw a baseball, but with a small flick of your wrist, like darts. Extend your arm back and arc it forward, bringing the star and your hand into a straight motion, releasing it as you reach an almost parallel position. Release too soon and the star goes flying through the air aimlessly. Release too late, and it will embed itself into the dirt or at your feet. It takes plenty of practice and patience to become accurate in your throwing abilities.

    You may also like to try more advanced, or different throwing techniques as you get more comfortable with handling Ninja Stars.

    Try holding the device in your hand and flinging in a side way motion. Either have the star in your hand and extend your arm partway out, then fling the star parallel to the ground as you bring your arm back in toward your abdomen area. You may also hold the star near your torso and fling the star outward, much like a frisbee.

    Throwing stars come in many different shapes and sizes. You will want to find one that not only appeals to you in looks, but is functional and fits comfortably in your hand. Give one a try today and have fun practicing.

  • What Is On A Credit Card Multi Tool?

    I certainly wish I had one of these gadgets handy in my purse this weekend. Normally if I bring cooler of drinks, I grab cans with pull tab openers. This time, I wasn't thinking and had brought along bottled drinks, with the metal caps that required a bottle opener.

    I searched everywhere, but I had nothing handy to open those bottles without breaking them. I finally had to search and beg anyone around I could find to open the bottle of soda. This got quite annoying quickly, but I dealt with it, until I could get to a store and i found a keychain type that I can toss in my glove compartment.

    The Credit Card Multi Tool has 11 functions and is made from solid steel, so it is durable and can be hung from a magnet. I will def be grabbing one of those for my next trip and keeping it handy. You never know when you need a quick screw driver, can opener or measuring tool.

    So what are all the functions of this handy tool?

    • Can Opener
    • Knife Edge
    • Slotted/Flathead Screwdriver
    • Ruler
    • Bottle Cap Opener
    • 4 Position Wrench
    • Wing nut Wrench
    • Saw Blade
    • Direction Ancillary Indicator
    • 2 Position Wrench
    • Key chain/Lanyard Hole
    • Instruction tool guide
    • Plastic holder

    Just think how such a silly small tool can not only be handy when you are away from home and have no tool box nearby, but it can also save your life someday. Picture all the movies where a plane crashed, or a boat was ship wrecked and people were stuck on some deserted island, cave or ravine. You would need to cut vines for rope, cut small limbs for a fire or fashion a survival tool.

    They are small and lightweight, making them a great tool for hikers and campers, plus they make a nice every day tool to carry in your wallet. Why not keep one on hand?

  • What Is A Kubotan?

    A Kubotan is the only self defense weapon that can be carried in any state, or any building, except for an airport. A well made Kubotan tool will be manufactured of solid steel. You can find cheaper versions, but why would you want a plastic, hollow, aluminum or a wood self defense device, when you can have something a little more stout and assured it won't bend or break?

    Most Kubotans are about 5 to 6 inches long and about the width of a marker pen. Some are more pointed than others, but they all can be used to stab an attacker, or used as a glass breaker. Most will have ribbed sides to gain a better grip while striking.

    The other end will have a loop to attach to your keys, which too can be used to swing at an attacker, striking them in the face, nose or eyes. This is one of the most versatile personal protection weapon available, and it looks like a simple decoration hanging from your keychain, purse or belt loop.

    The pointed end can be used to press into the fleshy parts of your attackers body, or can be used as a stabbing device, particularly if aimed at the face or eyes.

    The ribbed sides are for a firmer grip, but can also be used to press into the bony sections of your intruders wrist, face, spine or even the shins.

    Takayuki Kubota is the man responsible for developing this versatile and concealable self defense weapon, in the late 1960s. He based his metal version on his father Denijiro, who invented a bamboo weapon called a Hashi Stick.

    Today, you can find many other versions of the Kubotan, with the addition of an enclosed knife, a pen inside, spikes, flashlight, or glass breaker. They now come in a variety of shapes and colors to enhance your fashion gear and tastes.

    Order one today and see for yourself just how handy this simple tool can be.

  • What Is A Tactical Pen?

    Tactical pens come in many different designs, all made for self defense or for escaping in an emergency situation. All Tactical pens are just that........A writing utensil, but they all also have added features to make them useful in various situations. Lets explore the advantages of a Tactical pen vs an ordinary writing pen, for personal protection purposes.

    Most Tactical pens will have ribbed sides, which will improve your grip and can be used as a kubaton tool, to stab at your attacker, or be used on pressure points of your attacker.

    You will also find a glass breaker tool on the end of most tactical pens, which can be used to puncture the window out of your vehicle, should you become entrapped from some unseen accident or weather event. You might think you would never end up in such a situation, but have you ever considered that if you had such a pen on your person, you may actually save someone else who has fallen into an urgent need?

    Many tactical pens will have a small flashlight on the end, which can obviously make it a more versatile and useful tool to keep in your pocket or purse. Always have a light at hand, in case you need one at night. Not only will it light your way, but it can be used to shine the light in an attackers eyes to temporarily blind them at night, giving you time to escape.

    They also have tactical pens with a DNA collector end. Do you ever watch TV shows like Forensic Files or CSI? If you are attacked, you can scratch the pen along your intruders skin and take a little DNA to your police. They can analyze it and use it to help identify your attacker in the future.

    Now the difference between using a tactical pen, as opposed to just striking your attacker with an ordinary writing pen, is that a tactical pen is made from high grade aircraft aluminum, which will not snap or break upon impact. A plastic writing pen could snap in half and you would then have not only a shorter self defense weapon, but you may end up cutting yourself in the hand! You have also lost your tactical advantage, since your attacker is now aware you have a weapon in your hand and is probably angry and looking to do even more harm.

    Give one a try today. You will be convinced that an writing pen, turned into a high quality self protection tool, is way better than a simple writing utensil.


  • How To Maintain Your Stun Gun

    So you have just purchased your new stun gun and toss it in your purse or pocket, without thought as to how to keep that new non-lethal self defense tool working properly.

    First off, inspect the pointed prongs on the zapping end of your new stun gun. Make sure they are not bent and the electricity arcs between the points, causing a loud buzzing noise, which indicates it is charged and ready.

    Keep your stun gun in the nylon holster that is provided, or go fancy and store it in a matching leatherette holster, for the best safe keeping and to prevent damage to the electric prongs.

    Never zap you stun gun for longer than one second bursts, while you are testing or demonstrating the unit. Stunning the device in the air for longer than one second at a time, will damage it and render it useless. A stun gun is designed to be used against the skin surface, and penetrating the muscle area, not to be fired into the air.  You may hold the device until it has drained of energy against the body of a perpetrator, without damage to the stun gun, since it will be firmly held and the prongs will not be exposed to the air.

    Fully charge your new stun gun for several hours upon purchase, then keep your unit charged, by plugging it in for approximately 1/2 hour, once per month. This way, you will always have a good strong flashlight and your stun gun will have the full amperage available to zap your assailant with the most power available.

    Never expose your unit to water. It is after all an electronic device and it can indeed short out, if it is dropped into a pool of water, or stored under very humid conditions.

    Try to keep your stun gun from excessive heat or cold. Again, it is full of electrical wiring and metal parts, which can heat up and cause a shortage. Keeping your stun gun in severe cold conditions will discharge the unit quicker and require extra charging times.

    Keep your stun gun clean by wiping with a rag and soap and water. Do not immerse the device in water, just wipe clean. Inspect and wipe the prongs, to ensure they are free from dust, threads and other pocket or purse dust.

    Keep stun guns away from children! Not only is it dangerous, but those little hands can damage the device in seconds.

    I hope these simple tips help you keep and maintain your new stun gun for many years to come.

  • How To Prevent Dog Bites

    So, while I was picking up several cats that were escaping their death sentence from our local high kill shelter and taking them to a nearby foster, I came across a flyer on the prevention of dog bites, which I will share with you here.

    Many people are afraid of dogs because they have had terrible experiences, usually from their childhood, which carries over into adult life. I am sure a dog bite, or attack can be very scary, but I can say I have never experienced. I am one of those people that all critters just seem to find me and come to me naturally. I have indeed encountered several dogs in my travels which even I will avoid, but it does take experience and knowledge to know which dogs are approachable and which should just be left alone.

    As a statistic, 4.5 million people will be bitten by a dog.  1 out of 5 will require medical attention. Most people bitten by a dog are children and occur during the daytime hours.

    Pet owners alone, can prevent most dog bites with proper training of their furry friends. Teach children how to properly interact with their dog, and how to interact with strange dogs, as well. Never leave a small child alone with a dog.

    Research dog breeds and see which dogs interact better with small children, before you bring a new pet home. Let your children interact and play with your chosen new dog, before bringing the pet home, to see how well every one gets along and whether the dog displays any aggressive behavior. Do remember that dogs are easily excited and nervous in a shelter environment, so do take that into consideration too.

    Once you choose your new pet and bring him home, let them roam around and get used to his new environment. It is all very overwhelming for your new guy and he may need a little time to adjust to the quiet home, as opposed to the constant barking and noise of a shelter. Plus, he may have been from a large litter of puppies and has now lost all his playmates.

    Now that he is home, he will need to learn to obey simple commands, learn how to walk on a leash and socialize with other dogs. And he needs to learn how to be loved by you and your sweet children!

    How You And Your Family Can Avoid Being Bitten:

    1. Be cautious around strange dogs
    2. Treat your dog with respect
    3. Never leave a child alone with any animal
    4. Watch for any potential danger signs
    5. Teach children to be gentle with pets. Do not pull on tails or ears, do not crawl on the dog, do not touch the dog when he is eating.
    6. Teach children to be cautious when approaching a strange dog. Do not reach out to pet the dog. Ask the owner first, then let the dog smell the back of their closed hand.
    7. Do not try to pet a dog through a fence or a dog on a chain.
    8. Do not pet a dog on their head.
    9. Do not run or ride bikes past a dog. They naturally like to chase and will only encourage them to run after you, if they ever get loose.
    10. If you are approached by a stray dog, keep your arms to your side. Stay still and let the dog sniff you, while you quietly talk to him and encourage friendly behavior. Do not look the dog directly in the eyes.
    11. Never disturb a dog that is eating or sleeping. If you are on a walk and observe a loose dog sleeping, make some noise as you approach, so you don't startle him and cause him to wake and attack.
    12. Never hug a dog or put your face in their face.
    13. If dogs are fighting, never pull them apart with your hands. Grab a hose and distract them with a good spray of water
    14. If you feel threatened by a dog, do not yell or scream. Simply tell them to go home, or give them a sit command in a firm voice. Do not run away. Slowly back away, keeping your eye on them, but do not look them directly in the eye.
    15. If you are indeed attacked, curl into a ball and protect your head and neck with your hands

    If you are bitten by a dog, wash the wound with antibacterial soap, then seek medical attention. Check for rabies vaccines, if possible. Keep your dog up to date on all vaccines.

    It is best to carry a Canine Pepper Spray while you are on your daily walks, in case you encounter a stray vicious dog, or any other wild animal. They are small and lightweight, and most can be easily carried on a key chain, or off your belt loop. Keep one on hand for emergencies.

    Adopt, Don't Shop!!! Save A Life. Go to your local shelter today. Shelter pets are the best!

  • How Long Does It Take For Pepper Spray To Wear Off?

    Oleoresin Capiscum (OC), more commonly called Pepper Spray, is derived from the fruit of the hot pepper plant. The oil is extracted and mixed with a solvent and bottled into an aerosol can.  While there are various strengths of pepper spray, they will all cause the same effects, in a very short amount of time.

    OC works by inflaming the mucus membranes of the eyes, throat, nose and lungs, as well as causing a burning sensation on the skin. Your eyes will immediately swell, water and close. Your throat will constrict and burn. Your will get a runny nose and as your lungs constrict, there will be difficulty breathing.

    The time it takes for these conditions to wear off will vary, depending on the strength of the pepper spray, and how much spray was ingested, but you can figure the effects will last from 20 to 90 minutes.

    The temporary blindness will last from 15 to 30 minutes. It will help to continually rinse your eyes with a water eye wash. Your skin will feel a burning sensation for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. A cool water wrap will help to diffuse the hot burning feel. The coughing and trouble breathing will last from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the strength of the OC and the amount of the spray that was breathed in.

    Pepper Spray is made from oils, so it can not be wiped off, and in fact, you may actually spread the oil further into the skin, by trying to wash it off. The best treatment is time. Encourage blinking of the eyes, to create more tears, which will aid in washing out the hot spray. Do not rub your eyes! It will only make them burn longer and spread the oil to the skin.

    Do not rub your skin! It will only spread the oils and prolong the burning sensation, plus spread to other parts of the body. Try to avoid touching the skin at all.

    Try to breath normally. Your first reaction to a dose of hot pepper spray, is to panic, when the choking feeling becomes over whelming. Try to remain calm. Coughing is natural, as the body tries to rid itself of the offensive material, but try to breath steady and wait for the effects to pass.

    Now you can see why pepper spray is so effective, as a non-lethal alternative to an attacker. It will give you plenty of time to escape the situation and seek help. Pepper spray will also work the same, against vicious animals as well. The best area to target is the face, but any spray in the general vicinity will be effective, as it can still be ingested in the air and will cause a burning sensation on any skin area it reaches.

    Pepper spray comes in a variety of sizes and strengths. I would suggest using the Wildfire brand, which has been rated by Fox labs as the hottest pepper spray on the market. Wildfire has 18% hot pepper and contains 3 Million Scoville Heat Units. It is made from a finer grain, so it is effective faster than other brands.

  • Heat Stroke vs Heat Exhaustion

    Well after spending the last week outside all day at motorcycle rallies, and now back home, I can say I am pooped from all the heat. The temperatures ran up into the 90s all week, with very high humidity.

    I set up my canopy in a fairly shaded area, but with that kind of heat, there really is no cover that is sufficient. My biggest challenge was drinking enough water and keeping it cold enough in my cooler. The ice was melted before I had a chance to close the lid! Haha, not really, but you can certainly imagine it!

    So, I decided we all needed a reminder of the difference between Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion.  With heat stroke, you can feel faint, have excessive sweat, cool pale and clammy skin, you may feel nauseous, have rapid or week pulse, and muscle cramps may occur, in extreme instances.

    At this point, grab a cold bottle of water and get into a cooler shady area. You can also take a cool shower, or use cold compresses. Rest and wait for the symptoms to pass. Take your work slower and keep plenty of fluids handy.

    Heat Exhaustion on the other hand is a more serious condition, which can certainly cause death. You may feel a throbbing head ache, there will be no sweat, your body temperature will rise above 103 degrees and you will notice red, hot skin. You will again feel nauseous, have a rapid, strong pulse, and could lose consciousness. At this point you will need to contact your local emergency personnel.

    The heat here in the south can be especially troubling, so take care of your health. Watch for  the warning signs. You certainly do not want your ill health to turn in to a self defense situation. It is sad, but people like to prey on those that appear weak.

    Don't forget to carry a small key chain size pepper spray at all times!

  • What Do You Need To Start A Campfire?

    When you go camping or hiking, you should always have some sort of fire starting materials with you, even if you only plan on going out for a few hours. Who knows what accidents or emergencies may arise, that you may need to spend a night or two. You will need a fire for warmth, it will keep wild animals and bugs away from your site, dry your clothes, and it will provide a nice hot area to cook on.

    You can carry around some wood matches in a baggie and a handful of newspaper, but that certainly can become quite cumbersome. You are limited on space and weight while your are traveling, so why not carry something smaller and compact to get your fire going? Why worry about your matches and papers getting wet and becoming useless to you?

    We carry a Campfire Starter Kit to make your outdoor life easier. You will have a dry sealed case with pretreated tinder, which can be easily ignited with your wood handled flint striker. It is designed to light in any weather conditions, so there is no more worrying about wet matches or damp papers.

    The next handy item in your campfire starter kit is a packet of dry kindling. You need small shards of very dry wood or papers to get that hot fire going. Scour the area for other dry twigs and grasses to further grow your fire, adding larger and larger pieces, until you have a good roaring fire,

    In the kit, you will find instructions on fire starting techniques, for those of us, who may have grown up in the city and have never had to start a fire from scratch. All of these items come in a nice handy burlap bag, that can be stashed in a camper drawer, or hung from a backpack.

    Why not make your outdoor adventure easier? Check them out here today, as well as all the other camping and survival gear we have.

    Have a safe and fun camping and hiking season

  • Motorcycle Rally

    Well, I just attended my first ever motorcycle rally, only as a vendor though, in Newberry SC. I can say it was a wonderful experience and I certainly learned a lot from this event.

    Usually when people hear bike rally they picture loud tattoed, beer swigging and lots of loud bikers. Quite the opposite here. These were just a bunch of older, nice folk, who brought out their bikes for riding contests, light contests, games and some good eats.

    It was certainly a great boon for this small community. Most of the participants and the vendors were dining in the local restaurants, and shopping in the small down town businesses. The only hotel located in the town was booked. I hope we all left with as good an impression with this quaint little town, as we were happy to visit.

    I brought all my self defense and survival gear to sell. Most of the bikers seemed to agree that the most popular item was my pepper spray, stun guns and expandable steel batons, to fend off loose dogs. Bikers are more vulnerable to dog attacks than other drivers, due to the open nature of the vehicle they are driving. A person in a car stopped at a stop sign is completely contained in the vehicle and will not draw unwanted attention from a vicious dog, but a biker is much like a walker or runner to a dog.

    All in all, it was a wonderful event and I will certainly attend more bike rallies over the rest of this summer. You should check one out and meet some great down to earth people.

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