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  • How To Keep Your Packages From Theft.

    Package theft has become a common theme, every Christmas season. Thieves become more and more bold, as they get away with stealing your things, right off your own porch.

    Don't be a victim. Do something now, to protect yourself and your valuables.

    Many people cannot afford a whole house, wired camera system to watch over their property, but there are many alternative and cheaper options, which can still catch your thief in the act. At the very least, you can get a good picture of him, to be used for identification and evidence in court.

    Here's a few ideas for you:

    • Hang a hidden camera on your porch - You can get a few decent pictures of your thief, without them even knowing they are on camera. Try a Hidden Thermometer Camera. These things look just like a real thermometer, and work as one as well, but contain a small hidden camera eye, which can monitor your property. Set it on motion setting and it will run all day, but only snap pictures when it senses movement.  Simply download the images on your computer, when you return home.
    • Install a Motion Detector Alarm - Here is another easy to install device, that will help ward off thieves, or alert you that there is some one on your porch, that may not belong. You simply hang the device on your outside wall. If any one enters the protected area, the unit will emit a loud alarm, not only alerting you to their presence, but scaring off your would be thief as well.
    • Ask your neighbor to collect your package - Most delivery companies, like UPS, Fed Ex and the Postal Service, all offer a tracking service. You should know, most of the time, approximately what day and time your package will be delivered. If you will not be home, then perhaps one of your neighbors can watch for it, for you. It never hurts to get to know a few kind neighbors, so you can keep a better eye out, and help protect each other.
    • Have the package delivered to a side porch, or back porch - Try and keep all packages from street view, where they become easy pickings for thieves. Get to know your delivery personnel, or call your local branch and tell them where you would like your parcels placed, upon delivery.
    • Try a Dog Barking Alarm - Now most thieves do not like any sort of noises, or lights, but they especially do not like noisy, barking dogs. This easy to use security device, simply sits on a shelf, or table, near your exterior wall, and will detect motion outside, and "bark" at your would be intruder. Have your thief believe that his presence will be detected at any second, and watch him run off.
    • Install Dummy Cameras - Now you may not get any pictures of your thieves, with these easy to install devices, but they may be enough to scare them off in the first place. No burglar wants to have his face on film, so, if he sees that your property may be protected by cameras, he will likely just head on down the road, to a less protected home. Place them on your eaves, or in an area, where they can be visibly seen from the road.

    I hope you find these tips helpful, and have a safe and fun filled Christmas season.

  • Tornado Safety

    Well yesterday was an exciting day. We don't receive very many tornado warnings here in my little town in the upstate South Carolina area, mostly just hurricane warnings. But we had a huge cool front come through the area and multiple tornadoes did indeed touch down.

    What makes this a notable storm to me, is that a tornado actually touched down in the same neighborhood, that had been struck just a few weeks ago. My sons brother in law actually had his house struck twice! Now what are the chances of that? The house across the street was completely demolished.

    I just found this quite ironic and thought I would share it with you all, plus, it made me think of what I would do in such a situation. I was sitting here in my house as the warnings came in, and looking around for the best place to ride out the storm, if it should strike my house.

    I decided the hall closet would be my best spot to stay safe. Then I got to thinking of how dark it would be in there, once the power went out. So, my next thought is that I need to keep some essentials in there.

    How about a good rechargeable flashlight? And I do have 2 dogs and a cat, so they might get scared at all the noise out there and want to bolt. I probably should keep some sort of carrier, or at the very least, a few leashes to secure them. My dogs are all microchipped and wear tags with the microchip number, address and my phone number too. You never can be too safe.

    Now, I am assuming I probably wouldn't be trapped in my closet for long, but who knows, so I am thinking even a bottle of water or two won't hurt. How about a whistle, hanging on a string, just in case you need to be located under all the debris? A rain jacket hanging on a hook won't take up much room, so, I would suggest keeping one in there too.

    Can you think of anything else? These were just items that I came up with, in a few minutes of thought. You want to keep your family and pets safe. The key to safety, is to plan ahead. Think if all the scenarios that can occur in and around your home, and be prepared.

    Keep charged flashlights around the home, in a variety of spots. Keep candles and put some dry wooden matches in sealed plastic containers, in several rooms. I always feel that you cannot have enough weapons around the house either. This doesn't necessarily mean loaded guns, but an array of stun guns, knives, bats or clubs and pepper sprays.

    You can never be sure who, or what may enter your home, or where they may enter, so a wide array, situated in many rooms is your best defense.

    Be careful out there. Watch your news alerts and take heed. Tornadoes and safety are not to be messed with, so do all you can to protect you and your family.

  • Hitting The Trail

    I just took an awesome trail hike today in Linville Falls NC. I am not getting any younger, nor have I hiked in years, so this was definitely a fun challenge.

    What a beautiful day to enjoy the fall foliage and waterfalls. We took all 4 trails, for a total of a 5 mile hike. Thankfully we hit the strenuous trails first, or I would never have survived the full 5 miles. It was well worth the hardy climb over boulders and semi muddy paths.

    What made me laugh, was my preparedness for the day hike, based on my knowledge of survival and safety from all the research I do, to enhance this site, as well as teach others while I sell at gun shows and my family and friends.

    I brought a small whistle, which got a chuckle out of our guide. Even though he understood why I brought it, he did assure us that he wouldn't let us out of his sight, so we certainly would not get lost, or fall off a cliff and need it.

    Then there was my snacks. I always carry snacks! Several apples, granola bars and cheese and peanut butter crackers. Well, even though every one said they wouldn't need any, I did find myself digging in my trusty day pack several times, to pull out treats for the trail to share.

    Of course, I didn't forget band aids! Never leave home without at least a few band aids. You never know when you may catch a scrape or scratch or two.

    Tissues! Oh now there is something you can never use enough of, especially when trekking around out doors. I rarely get caught without a tissue in my pocket, but outdoors is definitely some where that I do not want to be tissue free.

    I also tossed in a good can of pepper spray, not only for the slight chance that we may encounter an attacking wild critter, but many people did bring along their own pet dogs, which do have a tendency to get a little excited with all those crowds and other dogs walking around. And who knows, there just might be some unsavory person lurking around out there too. Why not be extra prepared? That little can certainly didn't take up much room in my bag.

    And lastly, a trusty pocket knife. Heck, not only could that come in handy to cut some brush, my apple, or cut a strip of cloth for a tourniquet, but it can be used for self defense too.

    So long and short, never be embarrassed about bringing safety or self defense products with you on any hike, whether it is a popular spot, or off the beaten path. Just be prepared. I only brought a few necessary items with me. I can certainly think of a hundred more that I should have kept handy with me, but I must admit, we were at most, only about 1/2 mile from the visitor center at all times, so there would have been little problem finding help, if needed.

    I am sure you could think of a ton of items that would enhance your out door adventure too. Take time and enjoy nature, especially at this time of year.

  • The New RV

    So, I have entered the world of RV drivers on the road. I don't know why I never purchased one earlier! Well, actually I do know why......needs and wants! Plus, I never could afford one.

    I stumbled upon a nice little 21 foot Trail lite camper, that I am absolutely in love with. It does take a bit to get used to, with the extra weight and wind resistance, plus the lack of view on the back side.

    And that is where this blog is going. To the rear view. It is amazing how much space is sucked up by that huge portable living space behind the drivers seat. I carefully back up to some curb or wall, and when I get out to see how much room I have left, there is a football field of space left behind me! Ha ha, well, not really that much space, but it sure seems like it.

    I decided it would be prudent to purchase a rear camera of some sort, to not only aid in backing up this large vehicle, but also add an eye witness view of any potential accidents from behind.

    Our Rear View Mirror 1080P HD Camera with Built in DVR was the answer for me. This thing works great, and it was fairly easy to install too. Not only will it record the rear of your vehicle, but, keep an eye and record what is happening ahead of you.

    You can protect yourself from law suits, from greedy people, who lie for their own self gain. Or, you will make a great witness for those that are involved in an accident in front of you.

    The camera system can also be set,  for when you park your car in a parking spot. The camera will record 30 seconds of footage, after any impact, so you will now know who scratched or tapped your bumper while your were gone.

    The front camera installs right over your existing rear view mirror. The rear camera can install next to your license plate, or on the back window.

    I now cannot imagine my life without this great driving safety tool. The uses are endless. Check them out here and let me know what you think

  • Military Lanyards

    So, as I was sitting in the doctors office and flipping through the endless supply of mindless magazines, I noticed a picture of military personal with, what appears to be, a paracord lanyard decorating their uniform.

    This intrigued me, so I looked into it further. I was thinking to myself that it is quite a good and practical idea to include a strip of paracord as a uniform badge, since it can also be a safety tool, that could very well save an infantryman's life, or the life of his fellow companions.

    The United States Army Infantry division is the only branch that is authorized to wear the Blue Infantry Cord on their shoulder, of any Army uniform. The Army Shoulder Cord is intended to be worn on the Class A dress green or dress blue uniform jacket or Class B shirt

    Other colored cords, worn by other army branches, can be authorized to be worn, by unit commanders for particular events, but the blue cord is the most commonly worn shoulder lanyard.

    The shoulder cord is worn on the right shoulder and is passed under the arm and over the right shoulder under the shoulder loop, and secured to the button on the shoulder loop. In order to attach the cord, officer personnel will attach a 20-ligne button to the right shoulder seam, 1⁄2 inch outside the collar edge

    Looking into this further, I noticed several other countries use a paracord shoulder lanyard on their dress uniforms also. I found this quite interesting, and will certainly look into the origins and representations of what these cords mean to all the different branches and military units.

  • Do you practice safety at home?

    I do some of the stupidest things, without even realizing it was stupid, until it is too late. So, I am trying to be more conscientious of practicing what I preach.

    Monday is trash day, and I was heading out the door first thing in the morning with the last of my household trash for pick up. Since we still have not changed our clocks back, it is very dark in the wee hours of the morning, and I have a very long and wooded driveway.

    I was about half way out to the road, when I finally woke up and put my thinking cap on! I had absolutely no protection on me. No stun gun flashlight, pepper spray, or even my trusty 25 caliber Taurus. Nothing.......

    Now we do have a lot of, shall I say untrustworthy people in my neck of the woods, that do have a habit of walking down the road, at all hours of the night. On one occasion, my next door neighbor actually saw one of these nice upstanding citizens, pushing a lawn mower down the road at 4 o'clock in the morning! Ya, right......I'm sure he was just on his way to mow a lawn!

    So, anyhow, back to my story. I realized my mistake and turned around, with my little bag of trash, and headed back towards the house. I ultimately jumped in the car, held it out the window, and drove up to the end of the driveway, and disposed of it as I left.

    You can never be too careful. Now how silly would it look, if I was harmed, or robbed? They could easily have dragged my old fanny up in to the woods and raped me, then entered my home and taken everything.

    We need to practice vigilance at all times. Now, I certainly don't mean we should be scared of the dark, or scared to take out our trash, but do it smartly. Carry some sort of self protection at all times. Lethal or not.

    Some states regulate personal safety products more than others. See what self protection items are available in your area, and use it. Keep the batteries charged in your stun gun flashlights. Make sure your pepper spray is handy and not expired.

    Check your non lethal self defense tools on a regular basis, just as you would your guns. Always have them ready and know where they are and how to use them.

  • Hurricane Irma

    I would like to take a second to pray and hope all those in the path of Hurricane Irma have reached a safe place to hunker down for this terrific storm. I pray that your homes survive the storm and your pets all remain safe also.

    This is one heck of a storm, affecting many, many people across several and countries. I am sure we will be cleaning up from this one for many years to come.

    I am feeling pretty safe and secure here in upstate South Carolina. We were initially advised to be ready for hurricane force winds, but luckily, in my case, the winds have shifted west and I have no fears here.

    My safety advice would be to carry your stun gun flash light. Make sure it is charged and ready! I love the Covert and The Mobile Charger Stun Guns, because they can be charged in the car with a using the cigarette lighter port. Mine is always ready to go! A nice feature on the Mobile Charger Stun Gun, is that it can also be used to charge your phone up, as an emergency quick boost for your cell phone.

    Make sure you carry plenty of water, blankets, and a first aid kit. Drive carefully, and remember driver courtesy as you head north. The highways are a real snarl out there, but try to be nice. Every body is in the same mindset......get north to safety. Let's not kill each other trying to get there!

  • Labor Day

    Well Labor Day sure kicks off many new school years, plus the official end of summer fun. Now we have to look at closing up those swimming pools, raking leaves and winterizing our lawn mowers.

    Where did the summer go? Soon the days will be shorter and the temps unbearable. Seasons come and seasons go. And for me......Gun Show season officially begins!

    Even though I work several shows over the summer, they really don't kick in full time until September rolls around. I have expanded and now carry a large array of products for your self defense and home security needs.

    This has been a wonderful company to work with and I have certainly learned a lot over this past year. Yes, it has been one year since I started on this new journey. I started by selling stun guns to my fellow truck drivers and expanded to the flea market, a web site and now gun shows. This journey has been amazing, and continues to grow every day.

    And so, as we have all celebrated our Labor Day, I can say I have labored and made it work for me. I celebrate all my hard work and how it has paid off. I encourage you to work hard to and your dreams can come true too.

    Let us all think about living and working safely.

  • Do You Have Any Survival Gear?

    After watching all the flooding going on in Texas, and now Louisiana, it makes me think......Are you prepared for an emergency? Do you have a survival kit handy? What would you do if you were caught off guard and stuck on the interstate, by flooded waters?

    No one could possibly be ready for the devastation that occurred after Hurricane Harvey, but there are simple steps we can take to prepare ourselves for smaller emergencies, or accidents that may occur.

    We carry a nice line of survival gear to help you in a large variety of situations. Will you use all the items in the kit? Probably not, but wouldn't it be nice t have even just one of those items in that kit, when you need it?

    Our largest Survival Kit includes the following items:

    • 2 - 6" light sticks
    • 1 - button compass
    • 1 - emergency whistle
    • 1 - spark wheel
    • 2 - emergency ponchos
    • 2 - survival towels
    • 1 - mini flashlight
    • 1 - signal mirror
    • 2 - wet fire tinder
    • 2 - emergency blankets
    • 1 - carabiner knife
    • 1 - instruction sheet

    Will you need a compass during a flood? I doubt it, but you may find it useful if you are boating and lose power, or are on hike and find yourself lost. These are simple items to keep and carry with you in your car, boat, or RV.

    I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! How about you?!

  • Are You Watching The Eclipse?


    Here is a great article from the KGW TV station out of Oregon City, Oregon, about the dangers of viewing the Total Eclipse, with the naked eye.

    OREGON CITY, Ore. -- An Oregon City man is warning people to be extra careful on the day of the eclipse.

    “It’s going to be over real quick and it’s not worth taking a chance,” said Lou Tomososki.

    Tomososki and a friend viewed a partial eclipse outside Marshall High School back in 1962.

    “The sun at that time, at 3:30 p.m., was in the one o’clock position,” said Tomososki. “I said to Roger, ‘If you stare at it long enough the brightness goes away.’”

    What seemed like a silly dare at the time turned into one of the biggest mistakes of their lives. By nightfall, both Tomososki and his buddy were having vision problems.

    “It doesn’t get any worse and it doesn’t get any better,” said Tomososki.

    Both Tomososki and his friend, now 70 years old, have vision problems to this day.

    “You know how the news people blur a license plate out,” said Tomososki. “That’s what I have on the right eye, about the size of a pea, I can’t see around that.”

    A doctor later told Tomososki his retina was burned during the partial eclipse. An eye expert told KGW you do not want to look at the sun without protection for even an instant during the total eclipse.

    “I think anytime is too much,” said Dr. Brandon Lujan of the Casey Eye Institute. “Anytime looking can do damage.”

    Tomososki is living proof of that. He is excited about the eclipse on Aug. 21, but he will not be looking towards the sky.

    “I’m going to go out and enjoy it,” he said. “But I’ll stand and watch

    I purchased, and sold eye glass eclipse viewers at my local flea market. I am glad to say that I did indeed sell out of them, but I sure wish I had purchased more. I had no idea there would be a shortage of them, and I would sure be glad to ensure that everyone had safe eye protection.

    Yes, it could also be construed as a great money making venture, but I was more concerned with obtaining pairs of glasses for my family and friends. I only charged $1 for the extra pairs that I had purchased, but see now on sites like Ebay, they are going for up to $20 a set! Wow. I could have gotten rich! Haha.

    All kidding aside, please be sure to wear safety approved eclipse viewing glasses. Or use the old cardboard method and construct your own viewing device, using instructions that can be easily obtained online, on sites like You Tube.

    Make sure you have appropriate ISO approved viewing glasses and make sure there are no scratches or holes in them. Just keep them in the cellophane wrapper, until you are ready to view, and you should be fine.

    Use extra care, to not stare at the sun for long periods. Just glance occasionally, until the eclipse is over. Enjoy the view. Many of us will not be around for the next one. These are once in a lifetime experiences, and should be treated as such.

    So find yourself a good place to park, grab a good pair of viewers, and look up!

    But be safe!!!

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