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  • Have You Ever Fallen Asleep At The Wheel?

    We have all felt sleepy while driving. It doesn't matter if you are on a long journey to visit Grandma for the holidays, or a 15 minute trip to work. There are times when we just do not get enough rest, and when we get behind the wheel, it can quickly become tiresome and we get drowsy.

    Hundreds of people are injured or perish from falling asleep at the wheel. You can purchase a simple Nap Alarm to keep you awake. This little device hangs off over your ear and sounds a loud beep, when your head starts to nod forward, waking you and keeping you alert.

    There are so many new gadgets and gizmos on our cars now to help prevent accidents and keep us safe. There is no reason to help protect yourself, as much as possible too. Don't leave it all up to the auto engineers for your safety.

  • Use Surprise!

    Surprise is your best defense when you are confronted with a would be attacker. If you simply pulled out a gun, or a can of pepper spray, your attacker can see it coming and set up his own defense against it.

    You can carry covert looking items in your pocket or purse, like a Knife Comb. Take it out of your pocket like an ordinary comb and keep it in your hand. Then if you need to, you can surprise your enemy, by quickly pulling off the comb end and the handle now becomes a secret weapon in your hand.

    You can achieve the same results with Pepper Sprays disguised in a Lipstick Holder, a Cell Phone Stun Gun, which looks and feels like an ordinary cell phone, but carries 12 million volts of electric shock. There are hundreds of items on the market today to keep your self defense options varied.

    Carry covert items everywhere. Put one in your car, on your boat, in your purse. Keep a variety of items in your house. Why not throw a Comb Knife in your bathroom drawer? You never know when you may be surprised by an attacker or burglar. You don't need to feel insecure, and I am certainly not trying to be an alarmist, but you do need to be prepared at all times.

    These are bad times we are living in now. No longer are the days when you could leave your doors unlocked, or windows open at night. Burglars have become bolder and bolder in their attempts to rob you blind. They have become more violent, and feel no remorse at harming you, in order to steal your things.

    Do all you can to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. Surprise your attacker, before he surprises you!

  • Who Doesn't Like A Little Humor?

  • Don't Use Pepper Spray Gel On A Dog!

    So, I was in a local, big box sporting goods store, that is going out of business. I heard an older guy inquiring where their pepper spray section was, and watched him mosey on over to the aisle.

    Since I sell pepper sprays also, I decided to see what kinds they had and what they were charging for them. There was the sales guy, trying to sell this poor old man a can of pepper gel, since that was the only kind left on the shelve. Of course, it was also well over priced, but I didn't even get into that.

    I hear the older customer saying that he needed the spray for when his daughter is on a walk, and wants to keep dogs away. Apparently there is a dog that harasses her, and she is concerned of a possible attack. Any how, there is the sales clerk, telling him the pepper spray gel is the best thing to deter a dog.

    Well, I near lit up! I just couldn't stand there and listen to this poor clerk, trying to make a sale, and supposedly teach this older customer about the "best" product to fend off an animal. I opened my mouth and gave that young clerk a piece of my mind!

    NEVER spray an animal with pepper spray gel! I know you want to protect yourself and keep the dogs away, but gel is probably the cruelest thing you can spray on a dog. The gel sticks to their fur like glue, and the first instinct a dog will do, is to try and lick it off. Of course he cannot get it off, and now he has it all over his tongue too.

    You can be charged with cruelty to animals, even if the dog is attacking you. I cannot express enough how awful it is to spray a dog with pepper gel. You only want to get the dog to run away from you, not harm them unnecessarily.

    Here at sandssafetystore.com, we have a Mace Dog Repellent that will effectively stop an attacking dog, in a much less harmful formula. You can also try an Electronic Dog Repellent. This little device will emit a high frequency sound, that is inaudible to humans, but dogs find it offensive and stop in their tracks.

    But please, please, do not use pepper sprays, unless absolutely necessary. And please, do not use pepper gel at all. There are better ways to stop a dog. I worked 14 years for the postal service. There is a statistic that every mail man will be bit at least once. I can say, I have never been bitten by a dog, despite several close calls.

    Just use common sense. If a dog starts to run up to you, and appears aggressive, simply stop. Do not stare the dog in the eyes. Don't show your teeth, as they might take that as an aggressive maneuver. Back away slowly, while talking in a soothing and assured voice, that you are not there to harm him or invade his territory. You can also tell him in a firm voice to sit, or stay.

    If you have something in your hands, like a book, or purse, use it to block the dogs path to you. If it is a heavy item, like a back pack or large purse, use it to hit the dog in the head, or ram your knee up into the dogs chest. Just use your head and stay calm. Usually the owner hears the ruckus and will arrive shortly to call off their dog.

    I hope these tips help and I hope you heed my advice and never use that gel on an animal!

  • Happy and Safe Memorial Day

    I know you hear it all the time, but I would like to remind you again, that this weekend isn't about the start of the summer cook out season and parties. Let us all take a few minutes and remember all those men and women who have died serving our country bravely, allowing us the opportunity to have freely have those cook outs and parties.

    I know many parents of fallen soldiers, who find this a long and difficult weekend. Stop in and chat with them. Let them tell their stories about the child they have lost, serving our country. Give them the respect they deserve.

    Take your children to your local cemetery and lay flowers or say a prayer over a soldiers grave. Let them understand that the weekend isn't all about parades and fun. The parades honor those that returned from foreign countries and they celebrate the freedoms and sacrifices of those that did not return, gave to us.

    We need to teach our children to respect our veterans and all servicemen and their families for what they give to us every day.....freedom!

    Have a good day and be safe out there traveling on the roadways. Show respect and courtesy on the highway too. Remember, we are all trying to get to our destinations in a hurry and would all like to get there in one piece!

  • Do You Have Spring Allergies?

    I was reading this article in my local newspaper today and found the information to be very valuable, so I thought I would share some of the tips with you here. Many of us suffer from Spring allergies, but I noticed that since I have moved south, they are twice as bad. So let me offer you some tips to control a little of the itching and sneezing in your life!

    *Leave the pollen outside: Take your shoes off at the door as much as possible to keep from spreading pollen throughout the house. Not only have you stepped on pollen and it is stuck to the bottom of your shoes, but it is probably attached to the top and your shoe laces as well, especially if you have cloth type shoes.

    *Close your windows and doors, and dust your fans: I realize the weather is nice and we all want to air out the house, but you are also letting all that pollen into your house as well. Give your ceiling fan a good spring cleaning as well, since much dust and allergens can be lurking there also. Replace the air filter in your home and car often too.

    *Do a thorough spring cleaning: Wash down your walls, pictures and ceiling fixtures. Get rid of all the clutter, wash your sheets and comforters, dust and clean your blinds and curtains. Move the furniture and get all the baseboards and floors too. This will control dust mites and roaches also, so you are getting more benefits than just controlling pollen.

    *Build up your immune system: Eat fresh, organic and healthy foods. Avoid junk foods and fatty sodas. Be active and walk, or exercise regularly. The healthier you are, the better your immune system can fight the histamines that are invading your body.

    *Take note of the pollen count daily: Most local news stations will announce the pollen count during the weather report. You can also go online and search what the pollen count is in your area. Remain inside, if possible, especially in an air conditioned zone. You should try to stay out of the pollen infested areas, as much as you can.

    *Drink warm beverages: Herbal teas and steamy drinks, help to clear congestion and keep you hydrated. Drink plenty of water too.

    *Wear a mask: purchase one of those cheap paper masks to cover your mouth and nose, when you are doing yard work, especially mowing, where the grass and pollen is stirred up all over. The less pollen you breath in, the better you will feel later.

    I hope these tips help you to endure the spring allergy season. With all these trees and flowers blooming, I know I have been sneezing up a storm and will surely take advantage of some of this good advice.

    Have a safe day

  • Rain, Rain, Rain!

    So, I took a little time off from all the Gun Shows on the weekends, so I could relax and enjoy some of the spring weather and get some things done around the house.

    I don't know where you all live, but it just has been raining like crazy here in SC.  I am glad that I don't have to water my plants, but gees, it is either dry as a bone, or over saturated with water. There is no middle ground around here!

    So, I get to look out my window, as I type and glory at all the deep dark brown tree trunks and dirt, covered in the splendor of a sea of greens, in all different shades. I love working from my kitchen table, which I now consider my work desk. I have a large picture window, overlooking the back yard, which is all just woods.

    I get to watch the cardinals and blue jays, always in pairs, searching for food and or twigs. I usually have a lizard or two that like to hang out on my cement stairs. Squirrels eating nuts and berries all day. You just have to love living in the country!

    I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful day. Enjoy your day, no matter what the weatherman gives you. There is always something to see, or be grateful for, you just have to look and find it.

  • My Great Dog Security!

    So last night, I was awakened by some sort of crash noise, which alerted my two furry companions too. Now these are some vicious watch dogs here! One is a Beagle mix, Cleo, and the other is a Beagle hound, Huck.

    Whenever they hear anything suspicious in the house, they will bark and carry on, even growl, but no one is going to get off that bed to investigate, but me! So, there I am, at 1 am, with my 25 caliber Taurus in one hand and my Covert Stun Gun Flashlight in the other, looking like something from one of the girls in Charlies Angels!

    Well, I guess I am showing my age here, and perhaps you youngsters have no clue who I am talking about, but picture an undercover police officer raiding a house, looking for intruders that might be lurking in every corner! I turn on the lights. I creep around the corners. I stop and listen for any further noises. Check all the doors and windows. And of course, there is nothing there. I am assuming at this point, that my cat Ninja, was on the prowl and probably fell off from something too high, or, he dropped something. Argh, aren't animals great?!

    So, this got me to thinking on what I should have done, and what security precautions we should keep by our bedsides.

    -A gun. I don't care if it is a small hand gun, or a larger long gun, but have one nearby. I will have to admit, that I have a 22 cal right under my bed as well as my 25 cal, in my night stand. Now, some of you are either afraid of guns, can't own one, or just don't plain want one in the house. That is your prerogative. I can only suggest, what I think is best. You decide what is best for you and your family.

    -A fully charged Stun Gun Flashlight. First off, the flashlight can come in handy, in case there is a power shortage, or if a burglar should enter your room, you can simply shine the bright light in his face and temporarily blind him. Second, the Stun Gun can be used to shock anybody that may enter your private space, especially in close range circumstances.

    -Pepper Spray. I keep a Key Chain Pepper Spray on my purse strap, so I just make sure my purse is close by my bed, before I retire. It is also a good idea to keep your purse near you, when you sleep any how, just in case a burglar does enter your room. They will find it harder to simply grab your purse and dash back out of the house.

    Adding to that, I would also suggest installing a simple and inexpensive Door Alarm to every entry point in your home. One magnetic side is adhered to the frame, and the other side goes on the door itself. Pull out the safety pin at night, and if some one tries to open the door, a loud 120 db alarm will sound, alerting you that someone has intruded into your private space. It will give you time to arm yourself, and call for help.

    Most invaders will retreat when they hear the alarm go off. Burglars don't like noise, and they don't like lights. Take advantage of both.

    I would also suggest another inexpensive option. Get a few Motion Activated Alarms to further arm the inside of your home. If an intruder does manage to get in your house, the Motion Sensor will go off, as they enter any room or hall that you have placed one of these easy to install devices.

    For more complete home security options, you may want to consider a full Home Surveillance System. While they may seem costly at first, you will certainly feel safer and be able to catch your thief on camera, which can later be used in court, to prosecute them.

    Any how. I hope you will use some sort of protection in your home and on your person. Don't wait until it is too late and wish you had protected your home and your family. Do something about it now!

  • Happy Mothers Day!!

    My first greeting arrived this morning at 5:30 am, from my lovely step daughter. What a refreshing way to start the day! She is now a mother herself, with two lively, and I must say, cute little boys, turning 1 and 3 this year. Those little grand babies can really steal your heart!

    After attending church this morning, and hearing all the Happy Mothers Day greetings to each other, I found myself pondering why we only do this once a year! My mother has been long gone 9 years now, but I still talk to her and hear her voice in my head. I wish I had told her more often how much she was loved. Can you ever really tell your mother enough times?!

    I received a beautiful card with a lovely, well thought out message from my step son and his wonderful wife. Plus he sent me a text this morning.

    My day was complete, when my son called to say I love you and wish me a good day. My little one year old grandson was fussing in the background. Oh, how I miss those little grand kids. They are all 800 miles away, up in the Buffalo NY area. I can't wait to sneak a trip up there and squeeze all those little guys!

    I called my mother in law and had a lively chat with her. She is suffering alzheimers and dementia, so you never know if she will be on her game when you call or not. She is a wonderful woman, and fills in nicely as a second mom. I am truly blessed.

    So, if you haven't already, call your mom. Send her a note. Send her a text message, if she has text on her phone. But best of all, stop on by and take her to lunch. See if she needs a trip to the grocery store. Tell her you love her. Ya, she knows it, but tell her anyhow. It is still wonderful to hear the words.

    If you don't have much money, and cannot afford to take mom out, just visit any how. See if she needs help mowing the lawn, or fixing a gutter. Moms don't like to ask for help all the time, because they know you are busy and don't want to be a burden. There are so many ways you can show your mom you love and appreciate her. Don't wait until it is too late!

    So have a nice day today. And remember, Fathers Day will be a month away. Start thinking now, what you can do for Dad too!


  • How Self Defense Lessons Helped A Woman Fight Off Her Attacker

    Here is a great story of a very courageous woman, who had just learned how to defend herself, only 3 weeks prior.  You don't always need a self defense device like a Stun Gun or Pepper Spray in your hand, though it sure would have helped her from being hurt. She did the right thing and acted quickly and used her head.

    She paid attention to her surroundings, and immediately recognized that there was danger, and acted as best she could to escape. Not only did she get away, with only minor bumps and scrapes, but she saved her life, did not suffer any severe trauma, like rape. She also took it one step further and locked the perpetrator in the bathroom, until police arrived.

    I am impressed at her actions, and I figured you would be too. Let us learn from each others triumphs over evil and mistakes. We need to instruct each other on the best ways to not only prevent harm, but to thwart off an assailant, if we find ourselves in similar situations. Remember, it can happen to any of us , at any time. No one is immune. There are some very evil people in the world, that will go to many different extremes to satisfy their sick cravings, or rob and plunder your home.

    Stay safe out there. Purchase and use good self protection tools, like Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Kubatons, Monkey Fists, and any other self defense weapon that you feel comfortable carrying. Always be prepared. Always be alert. Always take note of your surroundings, and do not be distracted. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

    Have a good day every one and I hope this little video, courtesy of ABC News, will inspire you, as it has inspired me...

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