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Alaska Guard Effective Bear Stream - Lower Priced

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Guard Alaska® Bear spray

Extra hot and formulated to repel any bear. Large 9 oz can sprays up to 20 ft. Completely safe for the environment

Bear spray works just as well on fierce grizzlies, just as it does on fierce muggers! The Oleoresin Capsicum in Guard Alaska will temporarily burn a bears eyes, experience trouble breathing and cause a burning sensation on its’ skin.

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This is the most proven effective and powerful bear pepper spray on the market. Endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation and registered with the EPA as an excellent repellent for all types of bears.

Contains no flammable or ozone depleting substances, making it completely environmental safe. Plus, the effects of the spray are non-lethal to the bear, but will repel it, giving you time to escape.

Guard Alaska Spray never expires and works great even on wet bears, since the specific gravity of the carrier is heavier than water.

Large 9 oz can sprays up to 20 ft.

Nylon Belt Holster sold separately


How Far Does Bear Spray Shoot?

Guard Alaska brand Bear Repellent will spray a bear up to 20 feet away. Does Bear Spray work? You bet! It is best to avoid spraying a bear, if possible, but if a bear is charging, just grab your can of spray, extend your arm out into a shooting position, as far from your body as possible and aim for just below the face area. Give a warning shot first and see if the bear retreats. If not, then wait until it gets within 15 to 20 feet and spray away. Even if you have not hit him directly, the smell from the spray that has dispersed into the air, should still effect the bear and slow him down. The can will empty in 9 seconds, giving you plenty of time to spray and retreat.

What Are The Chances You Will Encounter A Bear?

The risk is low of running into a bear while out on a hike or camping. Most bears prefer to avoid areas with people, but you must also take measures so as to not attract them either.

Here are several tips to keep bears away:

1. Make some noise while you are out walking or camping, to alert a bear that you are in the area. You certainly don’t want to surprise a sleeping bear!

2. Keep your food in secure containers, high up off the ground and away from your campsite.

3. Do not fog the area with Bear Spray to ward off bears like mosquito spray. Bears may actually be curious of the smell and stop by to check it out.

4. Recognize the signs of bear activity and avoid the area

5. While out hunting, recognize that the deer you just killed for your meal, might also appear to be free fast food for a bear too. He will not be amused it you are trying to take it away.

Is Bear Spray More Effective Than A Gun?

Well, it sure can be. Yes, you could carry a loaded gun and hope to just shoot a charging bear, which would seem much more effective, but it takes several accurate shots to put a charging bear down, and I am not so sure you could be that good of a shooter, with a bear running towards you. If you missed, or only wounded the bear, it will be even more angry and become more aggressive. Bear Spray can certainly to the trick, with a wider area of exposure and less aim.

Are There Bears In My Area?

Generally speaking, you probably don’t have to worry about aggressive types of bears in most areas of the country. Black bears can be found in practically every state, usually in deep wooded areas. Overall, they are timid and prefer to avoid humans, but if they know there is a good food supply in the area, like a dumpster in a campground, they will patrol the vicinity. It is best to avoid these areas at night, since that is when most bear activity occurs.

Grizzlies and Polar Bears are found mostly in Northwest Canada, Alaska, Northwestern Washington, North Utah, Northwest Montana and Yellowstone National Park. So, unless you live around one of those areas, your most likely to only ever encounter a black bear.

Other Bear Safety Tips:

1. Always carry your bear spray in a holster, to avoid it accidentally discharging. Plus it makes carrying easier and finding it in an emergency simpler.

2. Avoid hiking or camping in deep wooded areas during the fall season, when bears are most active seeking food and shelter

3. Keep your dogs leashed, so they do not disturb a bear and her cubs, while your dog is exploring the area

4, Do not run or panic. Stay level headed

5. If you encounter a bear, speak calmly and try to back away slowly. Give the bear some space and let him pass through.

6. Climb a tree, if possible. While bears can climb too, they generally will not follow you, feeling less threatened with you out of the way.

7. Bear Spray does work. Always carry a can with you on your nature trips

Be safe on your outdoors journeys. You can enjoy nature, but you don’t have to be afraid of it. Just use common sense and carry the right safety tools with you. Start with a good can of Guard Alaska brand Bear Spray holstered to your side!

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