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About Us

Welcome to Sands Safety Store

We are an online, family operated, self defense store, started in 2016, owned by husband and wife team, Steven and Sandra Brodziak. We were originally from the Buffalo NY area, but migrated to the warmer climate of SC in 2011. We had been over the road truck drivers for 11 years and finally decided to gear down and look for other opportunities to stay closer to home. Our two rescue beagles, Huck and Cleo, plus our stray cat Ninja, couldn’t agree more!

How we got started

As truck drivers, we had no way to defend ourselves while on the road. Most companies have strict no gun policies, so even if you have your cwp, you are still not allowed to carry and protect yourself. We decided to find a way for truckers, and people like you, to feel safer when traveling.

We began our journey with face to face sales to fellow drivers, then found there was such a great interest and need for all kinds of self defense products, that we dove in and started sandssafetystore.com. All of our products are non-lethal and effective for your personal safety and home security.

Our Goal

We strive to provide an alternative, non lethal way to protect not only yourself, but your family as well. We especially want to empower you to feel safer, in a world where there is an ever increasing risk of becoming a victim to crime.

We are committed to providing good educational guides to help keep you safe. Feel free to contact Steven or Sandra any time, with your personal safety questions or needs.


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